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More Information about Bonsai in Korea

Korea Bonsai Nursery Co-op
Korea Bonsai Nursery Co-op provides the following bonsai trees: Sosa, seashore pine tree, pine tree, Chinese quince, baby apple tree, maple, royal azalea, etc. These trees are popular ones for Bonsai and suitable for the Korean climate
ADDRESS: 84-23, Poongsan-dong, Hanam City, Kyonggi, Korea. TEL: 82-347-794-5082 FAX: 82-347-794-5101

In Cheon Bonsai Nursery Exporter
It is no exaggeration to say that the landscape of Korea itself is a bonsai, in other words, the Korean climate is ideal for bonsai as well described in Yanhwhasork by Kang Han almost 500 hundred years ago.
ADDRESS: #405-290, 398, Susan-dong, Namdong-ku, Incheon City, Korea
E-mail: TEL: 82-32-463-6376 FAX: 82-32-469-8870

Yoju Bonsai materials Products Membership Club
ADDRESS: 575, Sangpum-Ri, Sanbuk-Myen, Yoju-Gun,kyunggi-Do, Korea TEL: 82-337-4542, FAX: 82-337-84-4543

B&B Bonsai Nursery - Masan, Kyungnam
Our farm is located in Masan, Kyungnam. famouse port city, specialized in raising potted plants. You can find diverse potted plants and will get an opportuinty to learn how to cultivate our potted plants.
Tel: 0556) 673-6114 - Fax: 0556) 673-6115 - E-mail:

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