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Bonsai in Malaysia

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It was evident when I was in Malaysia recently that Bonsai is strongly supported by a good number of dedicated enthusiasts, some species which are used in Malaysia for Bonsai are various Ficus species, Juniperus, Triphasia trifolia, Senai, Ehretia microphylla, Pemphis acidula and the Wrightia religiosa which is the most popular plant used for Bonsai in Malaysia.


I would call this Wrightia religiosa the king of Bonsai for this region, it can be used for all styles and sizes, and is so adaptable that I saw it shown in full leaf, completely leaf trimmed, and in full bloom. In this warm tropical climate it will flower and bloom in 2 weeks if completely leaf pruned, and when flowering it is completely covered in small hanging white blooms that give off an exotic scent.

I am also told that it is quite popular among the more rural towns folks to plant and grow Bonsai. There are a number of Bonsai nurseries around the country, and a number of places that sell Suiseki. Bonsai can also be found in some of the Chinese Temples in Batu Pahat (a town in Johor state). Batu Pahat (a town in Johor state).

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