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Bonsai in Pakistan

Pakistan Bonsai Society
The Pakistan Bonsai Society (PBS) was formed in 1998 with the aim of spreading interest in this ancient art. The society believes that the beauty of Bonsai is that it can be approached at a number of levels of interest and availity - as a fine art, a specialized type of horticulture, a consuming passion, a livelihood, or a hobby. click on link to read article

Bonsai Exhibition 2002 in Karachi, Pakistan
This annual exhibition held by the Pakistan Bonsai Society will be at Kekashan Park Clifton Block 5 Karachi, from 23rd to 25th aug 2002. There will be around 400 trained Bonsai`s on display and it will be inaugurated by the Corps Commander Sind Lt. Gen. Tariq Waseem Ghazi at 6.00pm on Friday the 23rd Aug. 2002. The next 2 days are open for the public and we expect to get some 10000 visitors.

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