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Pakistan Bonsai Society

The Pakistan Bonsai Society (PBS) was formed in 1998 with the aim of spreading interest in this ancient art. The society believes that the beauty of Bonsai is that it can be approached at a number of levels of interest and availity - as a fine art, a specialized type of horticulture, a consuming passion, a livelihood, or a hobby.

In Pakistan, Bonsai has its fair share of enthusiasts. Some have been training Bonsai, for over 20 years. This band of dedicated growers has over a period also been extremely successful in cultivating several species of Pakistan's most trees as Bonsai's. With a cumulative inventory of 1000 (Approx.) bonsai's. The range of experience among the members is 0 to 40 years, our current membership is 60 dedicated members.

PBS meets six times a year for workshop & meeting of members, and the society holds an annual exhibition & competition in August. Next year in the last week of feb.2002 we are getting a Japanese expert courtesy the Japanese Counslate in Pakistan.

The venue of the our meetings is usually at one of our members house, where the sponsoring member gives a demontration or conducts a workshop or at times simply displays and tells about his hobby.

Pakistan Bonsai Society (PBS)
7-10 Hina Palace, Civil Lines, Hoshang Road, Karachi - 75530. Pakistan.
Tel#: 5689823-25, 5685070 Fax#: 5685070 - e-mail to Mr Muhammad Ovais

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