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Bonsai in Philippines

The 5th National PBSI Bonsai Open Competition and ExhibitionThe 5th National PBSI Bonsai Open Competition and Exhibition
May 3rd, 2008, the GATEWAY MALL and Coliseum Parking Lot (Red Gate), Araneta Center, Quezon City
This annual exhibition is organized by the Philippines Bonsai Society, Inc. which will be celebrating its 35th founding anniversary. This show presents the best of Philippines bonsai annually coming from members and other bonsai clubs.

Bonsai in the PhilippinesBonsai in the Philippines
The Philippines has a small but growing number of Bonsai enthusiasts, some of whome have been producing some excelent Bonsai. Most of the trees used for Bonsai in the Philippines are local trees like Ficus, Kalyos (Streblus Asper),Orange Jasmin, (Muraya Paniculata), Philippine tea, Bantigue (Pemphis Acidula), Lantana, Tamarind, Camagong (Philippine Ebony), Camachile (Pithicolodium Dulce), Bignay, Yangya, Pyracantha, Bouganvilla, Lemoncito. Many of these are collected trees and trained as Bonsai

The Philippine Bonsai Society Inc. (PBSI)The Philippine Bonsai Society Inc. (PBSI)
This is the main club that represents the whole Philippines and meets on the first Saturday of every month at 2 pm at the Barangay Hall of Horseshoe Village, Sunset Drive, Quezon City, Philippines.

Bonsai Clubs and Societies in the Philippines

Suiseki in the PhilippinesSuiseki in the Philippines
Natural Stone Society - Felicidad S Gupit is the President of the Natural Stone Society of the Philippines, which although a relatively young but dynamic organisation is dedicated to the awareness of natural stone collecting in a country rich with the splendor of rugged mountains and winding rivers. Those who are interested to join her, or invite her to speak about Suiseki, can call 721-7818 or 724-0429.

Modesto ManglicmotModesto Manglicmot
Bonsai Park - View some of Modi's Bonsai Trees
The Bonsai Park owned by Mr Modesto Manglicmot (Modi) has been relocated to the UPD’s Bonsai Garden.

UPD Bonsai Garden
University of the Philippines-Diliman, Quezon City
The Bonsai garden is a collection of over 200 bonsai trees donated by Modesto Manglicmot, former president of the Philippine Bonsai Society and the Philippine Horticultural Society.

Free. Every Saturday, 10am to finish

The Bonsai Garden of Mr Ceballos - Caloocan CityThe Bonsai Garden of Mr Ceballos - Caloocan City
Mr Ceballos has created a beautiful garden of sculptured topiary combined with Bonsai which is certainly worth looking at if you get the chance. The Bonsai garden is open to the public but those interested must contact Mr Ceballos first. If he is available, he will invite you to come and visit the garden.

Froilan B. Samala - PampangaFroilan B. Samala - Pampanga
Click on this link to have a look at his Bonsai and Web page.

Pictures from the Megabonsai '99 in the Philipines - Abu Hassan

Bonsai and Suiseki - Trees and Stones in Harmony
1st Philippine Bonsai book published

Ang bansot na halamang makahoy
The art of miniaturizing trees, Philippine context.

As the art of Bonsai reached other places it was redefined according to the priniciple or philosophy of a country. In the Philippines, bonsai’s counterpart is bansoy.

Bansoy follows a principle that shaped itself into something far different from bonsai. It also espouses a design philosophy that can only be identified as Filipino.

Bansoy produces rainbow branching which is normal in deep-rooted trees of tropical countries. In rainbow branching, bansoy branches grow in a circular shape allowing its viewers to see its full-view.

More Information about Bonsai in the Philippines
additional information, Bonsai Nursery & Suppliers, links and experiences from all over the Philippines

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