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Bonsai in Singapore

Singapore Penjing & Stone Appreciation SocietySingapore Penjing & Stone Appreciation Society
Singapore Penjing & Stone Appreciation Society's previous body was the Singapore Bonsai society. It was founded in 1977, with the aim of promoting the art of bonsai and stone appreciation in our smalI island of Singapore. Through exchange between members, locals & foreign enthusiasts help to popularize this Chinese culture. Our clubhouse has a small library and bonsai nursery for our members to use.

Our society's activities include: talks, demonstrations & buying trips for pots, tools and bonsai materials, organize exhibition or competition every 1 or 2 years & publish our magazine, visit or participate in the exhibitions of the nearby foreign countries;
services of bonsai tree consultation and styling design.

President: Mdm Chua Kwei Foon - V. President: Lim Keow Wah
Members Meet in Singapore every Sunday 2 to 6pm at 200 Turf Club Road,Turf City(near Car Park C), Singapore 287994. Tel: 65 97363710

Singapore Garden Festival - 25 July to 1 August 2008Singapore Garden Festival - 25 July to 1 August 2008
The first garden show in the tropics to bring together and showcase creations from the world’s top award-winning garden and floral designers under one roof at the Suntec City Convention Centre. This pre-eminent event has been established as a top international flower and garden show in the tropics, further enhancing Singapore’s reputation as a garden city in the tropics.

Mr Lim Keow Wah's Homepage - Bonsai, Stones, Pots & AntiquesMr Lim Keow Wah's Homepage - Bonsai, Stones, Pots & Antiques
Mr Lim Keow Wah (Lim is my family name) has been practicing this hobby for about 20 years now. He is a member of the Singapore Penjing (Bonsai) & Stone Appreciation Society. I has conducted classes on Bonsai in Tanglin Community Club and done training for the staff of Botanical Gardens of Singapore.

The Yun Xiu Yuan (Garden of Beauty)The Yun Xiu Yuan (Garden of Beauty)
The Yun Xiu Yuan is a Suzhou style penjing garden located on the grounds of the Chinese garden. One of the gardeners said the collection contains over a thousand Bonsai, a figure I can agree with. These are nearly all tropical specimens (Singapore is at 1 degree N latitude and the weather was certainly tropical 30C and humid). The Bonsai on display were from China, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. There were many podacarpus and many ficus species (you would go crazy over the aerial roots). The two species I found extremely intriguing were Baeckia frutescenes which looks a lot like a Cedrus libani and Pemphis acidula which has a marvelous small leaf and crusty black and white bark. There was also a near ultimate escape tree a ficus where the roots had gotten out of the pot, down over the stone stand, and into the ground the tree is still well trained. - more

Japanese Gardens of SingaporeJapanese Gardens of Singapore
Opened in 1973 to create a space of beauty in an increasingly crowded Singapore, this 32-acre Japanese-style garden is larger than any on the island of Japan. These picturesque gardens were constructed in the style reminiscent of a period approximately 800 years ago, during which Japanese gardening artistry was at its height. A Zen Buddhist state of peace and simplicity are produced by the quiet and serenity of the gardens. A minimalist attitude is also reflected, with shrubs representing mountains, and with changing views along the broad, landscaped garden paths. The water elements include a small and large pond, over which traditional bridges transport visitors from a guest house on one island, to a summer house on the other. A conspicuous wisteria trellis adorns the southern shore of the small pond.

Gardens of SingaporeGardens of Singapore
Singapore has labeled itself "The Garden City," and has worked hard to live up to its slogan. Although this Asian metropolis is intensely crowded, gardens and parks may be seen throughout the city. These green areas, which contain trees and foliage imported from around the world, soften the edges of the many concrete structures in this tiny but well-populated island. Thanks to Singapore's hot, tropical climate, its garden areas bloom year-round, offering a perpetual spectrum of bright flowers and vibrant greenery. - more

Hua Yi Secondary School - Bonsai Garden
Every Hua Yi student is taught to appreciate Bonsai culture. The 30 year old bonsai garden is in fact the pride of the school and is integrated into the school's character development programme to help students cultivate patience and perseverance.
Located at 60, Jurong West, Street 42, Singapore (649371)

Bonsai on Kusu Island
Kusu means "turtle" and there are several legends surrounding Kusu Island and turtles rescuing shipwrecked sailors. There's a great old temple here (Tua Pekong Temple) that acts as a turtle sanctuary. They also have several gigantic snakes and a fine collection of Bonsai trees. Kusu and St John's are two of the 60 isles that belong to Singapore. There is a ferry that travels around Sentosa Island and 40 minutes later stops at Kusu, then takes 15 minutes to reach St John's before returning to the World Trade Centre.
Taoists make an annual pilgrimage to the Tua Pekong Temple during the ninth lunar month, cramming themselves onto tiny Kusu. (Don't even think of visiting Kusu Island during this, the first visitors are up at the ferry terminals before dawn, they aren't called devotees for nothing)

Ferry information: Singapore Cruise Centre, World Trade Centre (270-3918)
Monday to Saturdays: 2 services - 10 am and 1.30 pm
Sundays and public holidays: 6 services - 9.45 am, 11.15 am, 12.45 pm, 2.15 pm, 3.45 pm and 5.15 pm.

Candy Greenhouse and Flowers Pte Ltd
An area which has nursery plants and nursery items also have some Bonsai. A short walk through this limited area will provide an idea of the quality and species of trees available. The best bonsai nursery was in this area and is part of a business specializing in cut flowers. The bonsai, numbering in the hundreds, are a hobby of the owner. The sizes range from trees taller than a man (six man bonsai) to those which will easily fit into the palm of a hand . The director, Ms. Sharon Goh, is very pleasant and a delight to chat with.
Candy Greenhouse is located at 567 Thomson Road, Singapore 298183; Tel 256-6788 - open 7:30am - 6pm

Bonsai Gallery
Come experience the beauty and art of bonsai at our garden in the heart of Bukit Timah. Our collection of thousands of bonsai encompass over 50 different species from China, Japan, Taiwan and Malaysia.

200 Turf Club Road, P13 Turf City, Singapore 287994
(Garden in front of Seafood Restaurant)
Telephone Number: 67631180 - Fax: 6463 8565

Cheng Tai NurseryCheng Tai Nursery
Here at Chengtai Nursery, we appreciate and understand the ancient art of Bonsai, we have a large range of bonsai in our nursery, therefore no matter whom you are, bonsai beginner or expert, you will be able to find a bonsai that fit your requirements.

Large Bonsai and Pots for sale, they are happy for you to browse and photo Bonsai - ask for Andrew - MRT to Choa Chu Kang then get Bus #175

Useful information about Bonsai in Singapore
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