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The Yun Xiu Yuan (Garden of Beauty)

The Yun Xiu Yuan is a Suzhou style penjing garden located on the grounds of the Chinese garden. One of the gardeners said the collection contains over a thousand Bonsai, a figure I can agree with. These are nearly all tropical specimens (Singapore is at 1 degree N latitude and the weather was certainly tropical 30C and humid). The Bonsai on display were from China, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. There were many podacarpus and many ficus species (you would go crazy over the aerial roots). The two species I found extremely intriguing were Baeckia frutescenes which looks a lot like a Cedrus libani and Pemphis acidula which has a marvelous small leaf and crusty black and white bark. There was also a near ultimate escape tree a ficus where the roots had gotten out of the pot, down over the stone stand, and into the ground the tree is still well trained.

The trees on display ranged from moderate to good, all were interesting and presented in an interesting environment.

There was also a large display of rock Penjing, and a stunning collection of collected viewing stones and Saikei.

Singapore is a wonderful place to visit. It is very easy to get around with good mass transit, low cost taxis (impossible to catch on a rainy day I've heard), and most signs in English which is very useful to those of us who are language impaired. Hotels are not cheap, but food was reasonable.

The weather is warm and humid (30C and 90% relative humidity was quite a shock). This makes plants grow everywhere even over the buildings - The most popular event in the Chinese Garden is the annual Lantern Festival, which attracts over 150,000 visitors over a 2-week festival period in September each year.

The Chinese and Japanese Gardens are located at Jurong Park Yuan, Ching Road. It is a short walk from the Chinese Garden Station of the MRT (subway). The garden is open from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm (6:00 pm is last admission) and costs Sing$4.50

This article was written by Marty Weiser who kindly allowed me to edit and present it here

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The Yun Xiu Yuan (Garden of Beauty)

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