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Bonsai Nurseries in Taiwan & Taipei

Recently I spent about 2 weeks in Taiwan. I had the opportunity to visit Mr. Chang-Hsing Ho's Bonsai nursery in Taipei. This is on the north side of the city, in a very pretty area not too far from the Grand Hotel. It was raining when we visited and there was no information available to describe the Bonsai. Although the people there were very friendly I wasn't able to learn much about the trees. The Bonsai were massive and impressive, with lots of deadwood. My wife took about two dozen pictures but these do not convey the size and strength of these beautiful trees which you can see on my Web Site. There were several other nurseries in the area and we were able to stop in one of them briefly. This information supplied by Richard Feldman, click the link below to visit Richard's site and see all of his photo's.

Mr Chang-Hsing Ho's Bonsai nursery is located at #486, Section 5, Chung-Shan North Road, Taipei.

I found Mr. Chang-Hsing Ho's Bonsai nursery as detailed above near the Grand Hotel. The Bonsai were super and their prices were thousands of USA dollars! The hotel people suggested another nursery that turned out to be around the corner and 0.5-0.75 mile from the first. The trees here were smaller (one or two man bonsai), but larger ones also were present. The variety of styles and species of trees were extensive. The prices were about one third of those in the first nursery. Because of the language problem, names, addresses and telephone numbers were not obtainable. However, everyone seems to know where things are found so that reliance on the hotel concierge is a necessity in Taiwan, and also remember that almost nobody here speaks English. This information supplied by Walter Chavin who visited Taiwan in 1998.
You can see some of these Taiwan Bonsai by clicking on this link.

Links to many Bonsai Growers in Taiwan - all in Chinese

Bonsai World is at 235, Chengde Rd, Sec. 5, Beitou, Taipei.
The phone number is (02) 2828 8022.

Bonsai Article from the Taipei Times

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