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Major Bonsai Exhibitions in Tokyo each year

The major Bonsai Exhibitions in Tokyo each year are:
Sakufuten - January, 2003 Daimaru Museum, Daimaru Department Store, Tokyo
Kokufuten - February, 2003 Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Ueno Park, Tokyo
Ryokufuten - May, 2002 Tokyu Green Club, Ueno, Tokyo
If you visit any of these Major Bonsai Exhibitions and fly by JAL they will give you a free admission ticket for each of these Bonsai Exhibition, contact to your nearest JAL office for more details.

Ueno Green Club and Kokufu-ten Bonsai Exhibition - Tokyo
The greatest Bonsai exhibition "Kokufu-ten" is held at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum in February. Kokufu-ten means "the exhibition of atmosphere in this country". It's difficult to translate into English though. It is very big. When the Kokufu-ten is held, many bonsai nurseries gather at "Ueno Green Club" and sell their wonderful Bonsai. They move between Ueno Green Club and the Art Museum by bus. The Ueno Green Club is a large shop which has three floors, 5 to 10 Bonsai exhibitions are held here each year and many other Bonsai shops gather and sell their good Bonsai.

The address of Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum is: 8-36 Ueno Park, Taito-ku, Tokyo. Ph. 03-3823-6921, The Ueno Green Club is at the back of Ueno station at: 3-42 Ueno-Kouen, Taitouku, Tokyo. Ph. 03-5685-5656

There are many other Bonsai shops in Tokyo. Most of them are small but sell many small Bonsai. There are nice Bonsai nurseries in Tokyo and more in Saitama Prefecture, this is the prefecture next to Tokyo.

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