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Bonsai in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

Thanh Tam Nursery - Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)
I visited Ms. Hoang Ni at the Thanh Tam Nursery. The place is a gem. Some very fine bonsai are displayed and are for sale. Could not help myself and purchased several trees but they apparently were lost in shipment prior to their arrival in the USA.The address as far as I can determine is: 8/2 Thuan Kieu Hamlet (Tan Thoi Nhat Village - Hoc Mon); Tel. 920779.
This information supplied by Walter Chavin who visited Vietnam in 1998, you can see some of these Bonsai by clicking on the above link.

Bonsai and Silk Embroidery Pictures - One place in Saigon that is worth visiting has displays of Bonsai and Silk embroidery pictures. Make sure you ring first. The address is: A13/32 Hung Vuong, An Lac, Binh Chanh Ho Chi Minh City. Phone:87544345 or mobile:090805545

Bonsai Garden in Sa Dec - Head south from Ho Chi Minh City and spend the morning strolling through a garden of unusually sculptured shrubbery and Bonsai plants.

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