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NSW Ferret Welfare Society

 An organization that takes care of stray and unwanted Ferrets, also providing info on general care and maintenance

 For Enquires you can e-mail to the Ferret Welfare

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Below are a set of Links to Various Clubs, Societies, and Organizations devoted to the Welfare of Ferrets.

You will find some other Interesting sites to look at, & also some downloads.

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Ferret Resort: katrina@ferret.org.au


Ferret Welfare: info@ferret.org.au

The Ferret Shop

 The Ferret Shop is operated by the New South Wales Ferret Welfare Society and all profits go back into the organization to benefit the many ferrets that are surrendered or found.


Ferret Society of Canberra

 The Ferret Society of Canberra (F.S.O.C) is a non profit organization whose objective is to bring together a group of people who share a common interest and goal in protecting the welfare of all ferrets by combining experiences and sharing information.

 For Enquires you can e-mail to the (F.S.O.C)

Queensland Ferret Welfare Society

 The Queensland Ferret Welfare Society (QFWS) was formed in May 2004, to petition the Queensland Government to amend the Land Protection (Pest & Stock Route Management) Act to allow Ferrets to be kept in Queensland as pets.

 For Enquires you can e-mail to the QFWS

South Australian Ferret Association

 SAFA has, as its principle objective, the promotion of ferrets as pets and workers.

 For Enquires you can e-mail through the SAFA website.

WA Ferret & Ferreting Society

 The Western Australian Ferret & Ferreting Society is the oldest and largest ferret welfare organization in Australia. Founded in 1981, our club has members in all states of Australia as well as overseas. Our main reason for being is to provide education and assistance to our members and the general public on the health and welfare of ferrets.

 For Enquires you can e-mail to the WAFFS

Oz Ferret - Welcome to Oz Ferret

 Oz Ferret was started to bring together ferret enthusiasts from all over Australia. Just about all the states in Australia have their own ferret clubs and societies, however these are often limited by state boundaries as far as communication between members goes. For this reason we hope to build up an Australia wide ferret community so people can share their fuzzy love and have a central source of information.

The National Ferret Welfare Society

 UK web site, The National Ferret Welfare Society (NFWS) was formed in 1986 from the remnants of an earlier society and attempts to bring together those interested in improving the lives of ferrets, whether workers or pets, from all parts of the United Kingdom and the rest of the world.

American Ferret Association

 US web site, In 1987, a small group of ferret owners created a ferret club in Montgomery County, Maryland. As the club expanded, members began to organize ferret shows, "fun match" competitions and educational events. To reflect this growth, a new charter was written in 1990 and the club became the mid-Atlantic Ferret Association. The organization adopted a national focus and became the American Ferret Association (AFA) on January 1, 1991. Following this change, AFA was incorporated in the state of Maryland in April 1992 and received 501(c)(3) status in August 1992.

 AFA Goals are...To promote the domestic ferret, To protect the domestic ferret, To provide constant and up-to-date information about the domestic ferret. For Enquires you can e-mail to the AFA

Pathology of the Ferret

 US web site, This is a very Interesting medical web site, written by a Dr Bruce H. Williams, DVM. (Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Pathologists), which is full of Disease Information (for owners and their veterinarians)

The Black Footed Ferret

 US web site, Official Nebraska Government web site. This site is all about the American Black footed Ferret. A cousin of the domestic ferret.

The World Ferret Union

 General Site, This site is dedicated to ferrets all around the world.

The Ferret Owners Manual

 US web site, This site offers a PDF download of an American ferret manual. It is also viewable online.

Ferret Links

 This site is a small project being put together by the members of Ferret Village and Oz Ferret.

 Be sure to have a look at our sister site, Ferret Cards where you can send free e-cards to your friends for any occasion,149 websites listed.