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Below are some pages all about the Domestic Ferret. Information on keeping your little mate safe and sound.

Text Box: The Domestic Ferret as we know them have been around for many years. They have been very popular for Rabbiting, as Pets, or even in the Manufacturing Industry.

About Ferrets

Evidence of the domestic ferret in history is widely documented. On this page there is just some of the facts we have come across in our research.

Ferret History

Text Box: Health is very important for all critters, but the domestic ferret does need regular care, and maintenance, more than the average pet. On this page is some information we have found to be extremely important to help you succeed with keeping your ferrets healthy and well.

Ferret Health

Text Box: Ferrets are Cute and Cuddly Little Critters. On this page you will find some Interesting Information on keeping them.

Keeping Ferrets

Some more Information on Housing your Fuzzy Critters.

Housing Ferrets

Ferret Information