Blind Eye
Bass riff thru verses:

|Bm             |Aadd9/B          |G/B            |               ||:Bm            |
                                                         1.When suc-cess is on your

|Aadd9/B         |G/B                   |                  |Bm                     |
 mind              The true direction is missing             You know the gods have
                                        _________________  ________________________
                                       |1.               ||2,3,4.
|Aadd9/B              |G/B             |                :||                        |
 lied but you're still smitten                   2.By the           3.You're almost

|Bm           |G7            |F#7                  |G              |Bm             |
 free                  Almost free to come and go                       Bed sitting

|G7                |F#7           |G            |D           |                     |
 room for ambitious prisoner              Walk a-way           Don't take no for an

|A                 |               |Bm                    |                    |
 answer                      Turn a blind eye to it all            Let sleeping 
|G                |Em7             |Bm              |Aadd9/B          |G/B         |
 dogs lie down the Queens way
 _______________________________________________________________________  _________
|            |Bm           |Aadd9/B        |G/B         |              :||Bm       |
                                                               4.Like a
 __________________________________________  ____________
|Aadd9/B        |G/B         |            :||Bm          |             |           |

|            |             |             |              |             ||

2.By the stars in your eyes
  I can tell you know where you are
  Smile sweetly and you'll be forgiven

4.Like a bulldozer chasing butterflies
  Down sad English streets you wander
  Over sleeping bodies you step lightly

5.All the snow on the ground
  Lets you pass by without a sound
  One last look before you disappear