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Last updated 21st July, 2007

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Neil Murray is one of Australia's finest songwriters. In the late 70s he left his home in Victoria to work in an outback Aboriginal settlement in the Northern Territory. He soon became totally immersed in desert life, and was an integral part of the legendary Warumpi Band.

After the breakup of the Warumpi Band he returned to city life, and has continued with a solo career, interspersed with the occasional Warumpi reunion. In 1995, Neil was awarded the APRA Song of the Year for "My Island Home", an old Warumpi song reworked to become a hit for Christine Anu.

In October 2000, Neil officially retired from the Warumpi Band. Neil's final performance with the band was at Broome's Stompem Ground Festival on October 13th.

June 2007 brought the sad news of the passing of the legendary Warumpi's lead singer from lung cancer.

For more detail on Neil's life in the outback and the Warumpi Band, his book "Sing For Me Countryman" (1993 Hodder & Stoughton) is highly recommended. Andrew McMillan's "Strict Rules" (1988 Hodder & Stoughton), the story of the Blackfella/Whitefella tour with Midnight Oil in 1986 is also recommended reading. The last few copies of "Strict Rules" were available from Skinny Fish Music. - possibly now sold out - I'm not sure.

"Sing For Me, Countryman" and Neil's book of poetry "One Man Tribe" can be purchased direct from Neil - details are on the official website (go to the Discography page, and they're rght at the bottom!)

Current Activities

Neil's new album, Overnighter, has been released, and can be purchased online via Neil's official website.

Earlier in the year Neil also released Spoken, which as the title suggests is a recording of Neil performing some of his spoken verse. The CD can also be purchased via the official website.

For more details, visit the Official Neil Murray website at This site also has the latest tour info, sound samples, pictures and more!

Neil's back catalogue and the Warumpi Band CD's are now available through

Neil Murray management:
Paul Minshull
Fuzzy Bear Publicity, Promotion and Management
TEL: 0395091080 MOB: 0417018399

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