Coolamon Moon

Andrew McMillan explains the origin of the song:

I came up with the chorus for "Coolamon Moon" out on the Mundi Mundi Plains west of Broken Hill in 1986. (A coolamon is a wooden bowl Aboriginal women carry seeds or babies in). In 1995 (when I was Northern Territory Literature Officer for 18 months '94-95) I did a songwriting workshops tour of the NT with Neil Murray. And in Tennant Creek no-one turned up because of a series of hilarious disasters not unconnected with the local coordinator. So I sang Neil the song, (he liked the chorus but didn't think much of the verses). And I'd already told him about the bus trips south to see (Andrew's then girlfriend) Gemma. She'd fly to Darwin one weekend, we'd meet halfway at the Larrimah pub the next weekend and the weekend after that I'd ride the bus 15 hours to Tennant Creek. Which got to be a bit much after a while. Neil and I finished "Coolamon Moon" off in Jabiru at about two in the morning a couple of days later.

(Thanks to Jill Sweetapple)