Far Away
|G	|Dsus4/D     |C       |G       |C       |G       |Dsus4/D     |         |

|C      |G      |C      |G       |C       |G       |Dsus4/D      |            |
                                                                    1.It was a

||:G       |D                 |C            |G            |C                 |
   '65 Ford Falcon ute that we took to go up north   and I burnt my right arm

|G                 |Dsus4/D      |              |C                    |G         |
 driving across the desert            but it was better than a package tour  or a

|C            |G              |C         |G              |Dsus4/D     |           |
 picnic at the rock for we had to see the country for our-selves             Far a-

|C       |                   |G        D|C         |         |G                 |
 way   be-yond the Queensland border          Far a-way    to-wards that western 

|Dsus4/D      |          |G            |D        |C                 |G           |
 sky            well if I ever take you out  to a dusty northern town   kiss good-
                                  ___________  _____________________________
                                 |1          ||2.
|        |D            |C        |          :||         |G        |D        |   
 bye        your former life       2.I was in

|C      |G      |C      |G     |Dsus4/D    |       |C      |G      |C       |

|G      |C      |G       |Dsus4/D    |       |Am               |C        |
                                              3.Every man needs a job to

|G              |D          |Am             |C          |G         |D              |
 earn his weekly bob  but it doesn't mean he has to be      be tied down  if he can

|Am             |C            |G              |Bm           |Am                 |
 live out in the scrub  in the country that he loves  he may never feel the need
____________________________________________________  ________
|C        |G               |D       |              :||        ||:G       |D        |
            to come to town          4.Well can you

|C        |G        :||Rpt ad lib

2. I was in Alice for a day
   But I didn't ever want to stay
   Cos to me it's just become a tourist town
   I'd rather head off way outback
   Where the road becomes a track
   And your car's the only thing to let you down

4. Can you drive me for a while
   Because my eyes are getting tired
   And the lights upon the hill make it hard to see
   Just leave the window down
   I know we'll never go back down south
   Cos there's a thousand insect voices calling to me

Dsus4/D = ad lib between Dsus4 and D chords

Suggested fingering for G chord throughout song: EADGBE