Good Light In Broome

Capo on 5th fret
|Am             |G              |F              |C              ||:Am              |
                                                         1.I was   hanging round in

|G            |F          |C           |Am           |G          |F                |
 Sydney    and I was going down     I'd done too many parties  my money was runnin'

|C           |Am           |G          |F          |C             |Am              |
 out          Then I met an old man who lived all a-lone        He had two dogs for

|G          |F            |C                   |F         |C            |Am        |      
 company and that's all he owned         He was saving his pension for a one  way

|G            |F            |C           |Am            |G           |F            |
 fare     Said when he had e-nough he was getting out of there               I said

|C            |Am          |             |             |             |G            |
 "really, what are you gonna do?"                       He smiled and said "there's

|F            |C             |Am           |G           |F           |C            |
 good light in Broome"
 ___________________________________________________  _____________________________
|1,3.                                               ||2,4,5.
|Am          |G           |F           |C          :||G            |               |
                                                      Good light in Broome and I'll

|F         |C         |G          |           |F          |C          |G           |
 be  there  soon         I know ex-actly  what I'm a gonna do            Sit on the

|            |F           |C            |Am         |G               |F            |
 beach        Stare at the moon          Haven't you heard    there's good light in

|C           |Am           |G            |F            |C            |Am           |
                            _____________  ____________
                           |1,2.         ||3.
|G           |F            |C           :||C           |Am           |G            |

|F           |C            |Am            |G           |F            |C           ||

2.I went out to Queensland working in the sheds
  Met a girl in Quilpie and we got wed
  Moved up to the Gulf had our first born
  We were livin' in a caravan I was working on the prawns
  I came home from a stormy sea
  She'd up and gone left a note for me
  On it she wrote "I'm sick of you"
  That's when I felt there's good light in Broome

3.I headed down south couldn't take the hint
  Saw a lot of pubs had a lot to drink
  I was running pretty ragged I didn't hardly eat
  I was thinking about her and what she did to me
  There was a road and a hair-pin bend
  Then I woke up in a hospital bed
  "How do you feel?" said a voice in the gloom
  I gave the answer "There's good light in Broome"

4.I went trucking out of Melbourne back and forwards to Perth
  It didn't take long and it seemed like a curse
  My eyes were on the road but my mind was somewhere else
  When I pulled in to a Nullarbor roadhouse
  Waitress came over and she's there looking at me
  She asked me how I was I said "bit ordinary"
  She said "I thought that might be your tune"
  I said "don't tell me there's good light in Broome"

5.Well when I get to Cable Beach
  I'll fall right out of the truck and into the sea
  With my clothes still on I'll plunge under the waves
  And all the dirt will drain away
  And just like Bunjil I'll get two dogs
  And every evening I'll walk them along
  On the edge of the country take in the view
  Just like I heard there's good light in Broome