Melbourne Town
|Dm	|C	|G	|	|Dm	|C	|G	|	|

||:Dm                 |C                |G              |              |
    1.I see the sky is turning grey this afternoon

|Dm                           |C                        |G       |       |
  The local football crowd has gone home defeated once a-gain

|Dm                        |C             |G            |                |
  Good job I don't hitch my dreams to fine weather           For it'll be

|F              |                     |G           |          |F         |
 raining         it'll be raining here soon             win or lose
                                  ___________  __________________________
                                 |1.         ||2.
|                    |G          |          :||          |Am             |
 I'll have rain on my shoes                            in Melbourne town

|	|G	|	|                          |        |Am          |
                         I hear the late night taxi cabs     whistle by
|	|G                               |             |Am      |      :||
         I hear the bell of the last tram       heading home
|         |Am                |           |G         |          |Am       |
        in Melbourne town
______________________________  ____________________
|         |G        |        :||        |Am              |               |
                                      in Melbourne town     right here in

|G                |          |Am          |              |G              |
 Melbourne town                                  Good old Melbourne town

|         |Dm        |         |          |        ||

2.This wind that blows knows me now too damn well
  I must have been blown to a hundred different places, who can tell
  But if I just keep walking under this faithful sky
  There'll be a place for me sometime, it might be tonight
  Could be right here tonight, I could hang up my wings
  Do a good thing, in Melbourne town

3.And I'm walking along with my two best feet ahead of me
  And I'd like to think there's always something we can do
  To change direction in our lives
  Something we can do even in the next half hour
  We might do it in Melbourne town, we could do it in Melbourne town
  Admit no defeat, we can land on our feet

4.I know there's other places of sand and surf and sunny skies
  I know there's a million places money can sell or buy
  And I might be swimming against the overwhelming tide
  Of northern migration
  But I'll have rain, I'll have rain on my shoes, please
  Win or lose, rain on my shoes