Special Treatment
||:Bm            F#m        |G          D      |Bm         A         |D              |
 1.Grandfather walked this land in chains      A land he called his own

|Bm      F#m    |G     D        |Bm         A       |D               |
 He was given an-other name       And taken into town__        He got
                                                                     2/4      4/4
|G        D              |G        D              |Bm    A            |G       |
 special treatment he got special treatment he got  very special treat-ment
 _____________  ________
|1,2,3,4.     ||5.
|D           :||D          |G        D              |G        D              |
                     We got special treatment we got special treatment we got
                   2/4      4/4
|Bm    A            |G       |D       ||
  very special treat-ment

2.My father worked a twelve hour day       4.Mama gave birth to a strangers child
  As a stockman on the station               A child she called her own
  The very same work but no the same pay     Strangers came and took away that child
  As his white companions                    To a strangers home

3.Mother and father loved each other well  5.I never spoke my mother's tongue
  But together they could not stay           I never knew my name
  They were split up against their will      I never learned the songs she sung
  Until their dying day                      I was raised in shame

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