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Thanks for taking the time to write to me about my site - I appreciate any feedback (good or bad - as long as it's constructive!). The feedback form is at the bottom of the page.

Want more videos? Articles? More blog stuff - or less? Want to comment on something I've written or just about the site in general? Got a new idea you'd like to see on the site? Maybe a forum?

Whatever it is, I'd like to hear it - I'm doing this site both because I enjoy it and because I want to make it a website that table tennis players find entertaining and useful. Plus it's fun to hear from people who are actually surfing my site!

So please, let me know what you think - I promise to get back to you as soon as I can to tell you I've received your feedback.


PS - The only field you have to fill in below is the comment area (not much point otherwise!) - the rest you can fill in or leave blank if you want to be anonymous. Make sure you include your email address if you want a reply though - I'm not known for my psychic powers!

PPS - Those of you who hate filling in forms can email me directly - it goes to my Hotmail account so please put 'TABLE TENNIS WEBSITE' somewhere in the subject line so I know it's not another piece of junk mail!

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