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The Qinling Plank Roads to Shu web site has MOVED!




The information available at this web site has been moved to a new and better place. At first the two sites will remain identical but in the future only the new site will be updated and developed and later when its traffic has stopped, this old site will be removed. The new site name is:


The new name emphasises how the site aims to provide information about the history and happenings around China's ancient Shu roads with special emphasis on the difficult tracks through the Qinling Mountains between the Wei River Valley and the Han River Valley. The domain category 'org' emphasises how the site aims to provide information for research and interest and is not-for-profit. Please update bookmarks and any references to material you have used in the past. The material on the old site will all remain for some time but new work and revised materials will ONLY be added to the new site. Welcome to the new site and good luck in your research or travel!


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