China's Qinling Plank Roads to Shu - 秦蜀栈记

Lueyang or ancient Xingzhou








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Selected Qinling Shu Road Documents:

Introduction to the Shu Roads

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The Chinese name for Australia

Sir Eric Teichman and the Tangluo Road


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法顯傳終(ca. 400 CE)

Completed ACC Shu Roads Project

Australia-China Cooperation to Enhance the Knowledge and Impacts of Historical Culture through 3S Technologies in the Hanzhong Area of Western China.

中澳合作 在中国西部汉中地区应用3S技术促进历史古迹研究,提高历史文化影响

This collaborative project ran between 2006 and 2009 with the Australian activity supported by the Australia-China Council (ACC). In China it was supported by Provincial and local Governments and carried out in cooperation with the Hanzhong City Museum and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Soil and Water Conservation at Yangling in Shaanxi Province.

The project demonstrated how modern technology can support historical research, help preserve history and be used for the development and promotion of historical and adventure tourism in the Qinling and Ba Mountainous regions crossed by China's ancient Shu Roads.

The original Project outcomes are summarised in the Final Summary Report and in the Project acquittal reports accessed via the Link below. Support for the project in China has continued and further outcomes can be found in the Main Menu, in the central links or under "What's New".

Project Final Acquittal & References