The origin of Twenty20 Cricket,
Dr George Christo
s 1997

media release, 5 Jan 2009

article in the West Australian Newspaper, 6 Jan. 2009
[Dr Christos was in constant contact with the ICC and the EWCB
during the period 1996-2000 about the one-day cricket rain rule,
so it is preposterous to suggest, as the ICC does in this article,
that they receive lots of letters and do not remember
the letter of 2 May 1997 from Dr Christos.]

The idea of 20/20 cricket was actually put forward to the ICC and the EWCB in a letter dated 2 May 1997 by Dr George Christos, a mathematician, at Curtin University, Perth, Western  Australia.  His letter, not only puts forward the idea of 20/20 cricket, but clearly outlines why it will be a huge success. Dr Christos, came up with this idea while working on a rain-rule for one-day 50-over cricket (called the ‘wicket-averaging method’), which was considered by the ICC, but who chose to stay with the Duckworth-Lewis method. Dr Christos was motivated to come up with a game (20/20 cricket) in which there would be no need to use the Duckworth-Lewis method.

original letter to the ICC (copy to EWCB) in May 1997

reply from ICC to this letter, May 1997

reply from the EWCB, June 1997

In a recent letter to the ICC, Dr George Christos writes to seek recognition of his intellectual property, Dec. 2008
page 1 of letter 2008
page 2 of letter 2008
page 3 of letter 2008

link to article published in "The Cricketer", December 1998 regarding his 'wicket-averaging method' rain-rule proposed to the ICC, which is simpler to understand and play with, than the Duckworth-Lewis method, and is cost free, unlike the Duckworth-Lewis method, which requires software, updates to tables, and personnel.
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link to correspondence in "The Cricketer", January 1999, regarding the Duckworth-Lewis system.

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Dr George Christos, DPhil(Oxon)
theoretical physicist, mathematician, & neuroscientist

research: theretical elementary particle physics 1979-1886 (QE II Fellow 1985), polymer physics/computer simulations 1986-1989, chaos theory 1990-1992, neural networks 1991-2002, mathematics 1991-2004 (senior lecturer in mathematics Curtin Univ. 1991-2004, neuroscience 1999- (author of "Memory and Dreams: The Creative Human Mind", Rutgers University Press 2003, UNSW Press 2004), semi-retired 2003-

other notes
inventor of 20/20 cricket
set wafl fixtures over many years
forced change in afl finals in 2000
originator of foetal memory dream theory, SIDS.

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