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Our Children – God’s Children   by Rev C Bouwman

"With this article, I want to draw out that the children entrusted into our care are heirs of God’s kingdom; God has claimed these children for Himself in His covenant of grace, so that all His promises in Jesus Christ are for them. This royal identity implies that each of our children are exceedingly special to God. This identity in turn affects –even dictates– the way we treat our offspring."

Catechism Preaching – How I prepare Catechism sermons  by Rev C Bouwman

Antichrist and the Apostasy  by Rev C Bouwman.  Text of a speech held at the Women's League Day 2002

The Bali Attack – a Meditation - 1
The Bali Attack – a Meditation - 2
The Bali Attack – a Meditation - 3

A three part meditation on the recent terror attacks in Bali from a Biblical perspective  by Rev C Bouwman

Christocentric Preaching
Narrative Preaching

Two articles on preaching by Rev C Bouwman. These articles appeared in "Una Sancta" during 2002

Allah or Yahweh: an Introduction to Islam   by Rev C Bouwman

Press Review - Rev Peter Carnley   by Rev C Bouwman

Press review of an Easter meditation by Archbishop Peter Carnley, head of the Anglican Church in Australia. The tragedy is that this man-of-the-cloth does not proclaim the gospel, but leads Australians (as well as so many other preachers) astray.

The Sabbath – a Sign of the Covenant

Calvin on the Sabbath

Two articles by Rev C Bouwman on the Sabbath and the relevance of the fourth Commandment for us today

Agenda Item Five of Synod Launceston 1998   

An explanation by Rev C Bouwman of what happened at the 1998 Synod of the Free Reformed Churches of Australia in relation to Rev F vanHulst. 

Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification   by Rev C Bouwman

This article deals with the Joint declaration on the Doctrine of Justification that was signed by the Lutherans & Catholics in Augsburg on the 31st of October 1999, 482 years after  Martin Luther back in 1517 nailed his 95 theses on the door of the church in Wittenburg. 

Headship and Submission   by Rev C Bouwman

"What do Scriptures mean by describing the husband as "head" of his wife? And what concretely is expected of the wife in the instruction to "be subject"? Are these terms not impossible throw-backs to a long outmoded view of marriage? A closer look at what the apostle Paul writes in Ephesians 5 may provide for us some answers."