Free Reformed Church of Kelmscott
(Perth, Western Australia)
"Which is the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth." 
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Principles and Practice of Reformed Church Polity
"The Lord of the Church has revealed in His Word particular principles concerning the way He wishes His church to be governed. In the "Church Order" these principles get worked out into concrete regulations."
           Church Order 
    During the course of 1998 when Rev C Bouwman was minister of the Church of Kelmscott
    he conducted a fortnightly Post-Confession class in which he dealt with the "Principles and Practice of Reformed Church Polity." What follows are the notes taken by one of the "students". 

    A revised/improved book form edition of these notes entitled "Spiritual Order for the Church"is available from Premier Printing in Winnipeg.

Principles Behind Reformed Church Polity 1 
Principles Behind Reformed Church Polity 2
A Historical Overview Of Church Government
Development Of Church Polity In The Netherlands
Articles 1 - 15
Articles 16 - 27
Articles 28 - 50
Articles 51 - 68
Articles 69 - 79