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Apple IIgs spreadsheet

The Byte Works, long the dominant company for Apple II development tools, has entered the productivity tools arena with a new Apple IIGS spreadsheet. Quick Click Calc is the perfect solution for:

   * Grade books
   * Balancing checkbooks
   * Weekly, monthly or yearly budget plans
   * Figuring car or house payments
   * Savings plans for college or retirement
   * A super calculator
   * Charts and graphs
   * Tracking coin or baseball card collections
   * Statistical analysis

Spreadsheets are amazing tools.  In fact, it was the spreadsheet that really got the computer revolution going back in the late 70s.  Why?  Because the spreadsheet was the first tool on a personal computer that just worked better than any of the other ways of doing the same job.

Usually, when you compare spreadsheets (or any other program), you quickly get into a feature war.  This spreadsheet has 53 functions, and that one 75, and so on. Who cares?  Sure, Quick Click Calc has the glitzy features found on the Mac and PC, but the real story it what you can do with them.

For example, you can keep a grade book on a spreadsheet. Unlike a paper grade book, a computer grade book can do things like average your grades.  Quick Click Calc knows that (A+C)/2 is B, for example.  You can draw a pie chart showing how many people are getting As, Bs and Cs, or draw a graph showing how Ebenezer is doing at working and playing well with others.

Of course, with a computer grade book, there's always the possibility that Cain will hack into the computer to change Abel's grades.  But not with Quick Click Calc, because you can protect your files with password encryption.  Without the password, the file just can't be read.

Our manual helps you use Quick Click Calc for it's abilities, rather than features, too.  Oh, we have the catalog of features that you need in any good reference book.  But we also start off with a chapter that shows you how to use a spreadsheet, too.

Using our spreadsheet cookbook, you'll learn by doing, and create your own checkbook and grade book in the process.
You'll see how to use a spreadsheet as a super-calculator to calculate loan payments for your dream house.

If you've used spreadsheets, you know that little things can be very annoying.  For example, scroll bars are supposed to help you get from one end of a document to another.  The problem is that most spreadsheet programs have 1000 or so rows and 700 columns, but most spreadsheet documents only have a few dozen rows and columns.  The scroll bar gets hard to use.  Quick Click Calc lets you set the size of the spreadsheet.  You tell it how big the spreadsheet actually is, and suddenly the scroll bars make sense for your spreadsheet.

Whether you want to keep a multi-row header in one place or compare two widely separated parts of your spreadsheet, you'll quickly get to like our true split screen controls. They literally cut the spreadsheet in half, so you can scroll two different parts of the same document in the same window.

Quick Click Calc introduces one of the most useful new features to come out of Apple to the Apple IIGS:  Publish and Subscribe.  And a spreadsheet is the perfect program for it, too.

Publish and Subscribe is like copy and paste, but it works between documents.  You can create separate spreadsheets for your checkbook and your spouse's, then create a third spreadsheet for family finances.  With Publish and Subscribe, the family finances spreadsheet taps into all of the other spreadsheets that you use for finances.  When you enter a new check in your checkbook spreadsheet, then open your family finances spreadsheet, you see the new totals--without manually copying numbers from one spreadsheet to another!

Formatting is what makes one document easy to read, while another with the same information is hard to follow.  That's why other Apple IIGS spreadsheets can show negative numbers in red.  But Quick Click Calc does much more.

Of course you can change the width of a cell, but you can change the height, too.  That's important, since you can set the font cell by cell, using  big bold fonts for titles, and small fonts when you want to see a lot of  information in a small space.  You can use color, too, both for text and for the background--and you can use different colors in different cells. Heck,  you can even get rid of the default grid and create your own, with custom  line widths.

Of course, this makes your spreadsheets a lot easier to read, and that's what's important.  Just don't tell anyone
how much fun you're having when you are supposed to be working!

Spreadsheets are wonderful tools for holding and analyzing information.  Modern spreadsheets are also pretty good at displaying it.  Quick Click Calc gives you more ways to display your information than any other Apple IIGS spreadsheet--and more than any spreadsheet we've seen at it's price  on any machine.

You can pick from pie charts, bar graphs, and line drawings. There are several styles and lots of options for each, too, so you're likely to find just the right way to express yourself.

You might be surprised at just how many ways you can display information.  Lots of spreadsheets give you simple bar graphs or line drawings, but Quick Click Calc lets you plot multiple data in more than one dimension.  A bar or line graph can display more than one thing, so you can compare information with a graph.  Some spreadsheets limit you to a single dimension, but Quick Click Calc plots up to 3 dimensions at once.  And you can even fit a line or surface to scattered data points using liner regression!

Quick Click Calc is the perfect program for all your number crunching and graphics needs.  Get yours today!

We accept Visa and MasterCard orders online or by phone, and personal checks or school purchase orders by mail.

Please include $5 for shipping in the U.S. and Canada.  For credit card orders, we can charge exact shipping for our overseas customers.  If you need to know oversees shipping in advance, send your name, address, what you are ordering and how you want it shipped (air or surface), and we'll be happy to calculate the shipping charges.

For a printed product brochure with pictures and a special update offer, send us your mailing address.  Ask about our product list showing other Apple IIGS programs, too!  We'll also let you know about other new Apple IIGS programs and special offers in the months to come.

Price:  US$60
Manual:  101 pages; includes index and Spreadsheet Cookbook
Requirements:  System 6.0.1, 1.125M RAM
Also supports:  Hard drives, networks, printers, accelerator cards

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