KansasFest 1995 Video press release
EGO Systems
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KansasFest 1995 Video Is Shipping!

EGO Systems is pleased to announce that The KansasFest 1995 Video is now shipping!
This video contains highlights (and lowlights) of the goings on at KansasFest 1995 and in it you'll:
HEAR - Roger Wagner's Keynote Speech!
SEE - Mike Westerfield demonstrate the laws of gravity... over and over again!
SMELL - The inside of a grocery bag!
TASTE - A 20MB hard drive!
FEEL - Very afraid as Joe Kohn gets right up in the camera!
In all this tape contains just over two hours of pontificating, bag biting, roasting, soldering, hard-drive swallowing FUN! (Actually, we started with over 10 hours of footage, but after we took out all the promotional stuff that Roger Wagner and Joe Kohn did, we had a pretty solid two hours!)
If you couldn't get to the 1995 KansasFest, this video will show you why you'll want to go to next year's KansasFest!  (And if you DID go to KFest 95, you need to get this video so you can remember all that stuff you did while you were, um, you know...)
Availability & Pricing
The KansasFest 1995 Video is shipping NOW. Limited quantities will be available the first few days (until we can "ramp up" production), but we're filling orders as quickly as we can!
The price for the KansasFest 1995 Video is US$20.  This price includes First Class shipping to the United States, Canada and Mexico and Surface Mail shipping to anywhere else in the world.  For Air Mail shipping, please include an additional US$3 (US$23 total).
And, as promised, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this video will go to help pay for the 1996 KansasFest!
How to Order
We accept Visa and Mastercard, or you can send us a check or money order (US funds only) for the proper amount.  EGO Systems moved to new offices on 11/15/95, so here's how to contact us:
EGO Systems
7918 Cove Ridge Rd
Hixson, TN 37343
Voice: 423-843-1775
FAX: 423-843-0661

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