6.1m Walkaround Plate Alloy Boat Build - Page 1
This page has been created to show the steps taken to complete a plate alloy boat kit, designed by CNC Marine, and built at home in my workshop, 12m x 6m.....
The kit is supplied profile cut from stock sheets of various thickness marine grade aluminium, and aluminium sections.
I have chosen to build a 6.1m walkaround Hardtop and the kit was delivered by hiab truck to my home, weighing about 1Tonne in total as a pack.
Each part has been CNC cut with a router and only requires small snips with a jigsaw to cut each part away from the sheet.
The bottom Plates, Port and Starbord...Tacking together
Cutting out frames and stiffners...
Installing frames and stiffners...
Installing more frames and stiffners..
The last of the frames took a little more time than the first 4 as the bottom plates had to be pulled in as you go..But not difficult.
I was pretty happy when i got the bottom plates together,and there was only 1mm difference, says alot for quality of cutting and layout..
Been a little busy the past few weeks getting the back yard ready for a pool and decking so not much progress on the boat. Managed to get the fuel tank mounts in and transom support plates marked out.
Transom support plates are in...
Put the chine's on today as well. Started from the bow, and worked back. When i was done they were flush with the rest of the platework. Very happy about that as it means everything is true and corect so far.
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