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Greenlink is a $1 million community based collaborative project, supported in part by Natural Heritage Trust (NHT) funds, that aims to establish a link between areas of remnant vegetation in the Warringah, Pittwater and Manly Local Government Areas of Sydney by co-ordinating the on-ground works of volunteer groups and other organisations. The project had funding allocated for the period 1999 to 2001.

The inspiration for Greenlink came from the Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils' Green Web-Sydney: A vegetation Management Plan for the Sydney Region. The plan identified areas of existing remnant bushland and proposed revegetation sites along corridors, aiming to increase the habitat areas and allow for movement and genetic exchange of flora and fauna. This document has recently been adopted to a blueprint for the distribution of grant funding throughout Sydney.

Greenlink also seeks to develop links and co-operative relationships with industry, schools, Councils and communities in the area. The publicity, education, recruitment and liaison are important facets of the project. Highlighting Greenlink's status as a true community project is the fact that the proponent, Northern Beaches Envirolink, Inc (NBE) is an entirely voluntary organisation with no external funding or administrative support.

The project area stretches from McKillop Reserve, Harbord in the south to the Warriewood Wetlands in the north. It follows the lines of Dee Why and South Creeks, the north shore of Narrabeen Lagoon and includes the Warriewood Wetlands area.

The key objectives of the project are to:

  1. Amalgamate the efforts of community groups, Councils and private land holders into one project with compatible priorities
  2. Halt the degradation of remaining natural bushland remnants by the removal of weeds, revegetation and regeneration.
  3. Extend these areas by reclamation of degraded / cleared land or reconstruction of natural waterways
  4. Facilitate the development of community groups, both existing and through recruitment and establishment
  5. To facilitate the involvement of local industry with schools and state departments to control environmental problems at the source
  6. To link up remnant bushland on the Green Web, such as the Warriewood Wetlands and the Bicentennial walk incorporating Pittwater, Warringah and Manly Councils.

The Greenlink project components have involved a range of rehabilitation, restoration and revegetation activities throughout the Northern Beaches area. Almost all of these activities have been conducted by volunteers, with the support of the local councils. The Natural Heritage Trust funding has enabled these groups to continue, expand and consolidate their work by providing for contractors, tubestock, fencing and other essential items.

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