Save Manly Dam Catchment Committee Web Site


This will be done properly when I get time to check the dates and details, meanwhile here is some preliminary information about who was and is responsible for the Save Manly Dam Web Sites.

The first web page was written by Malcolm Fisher and posted on the Peninsula Community Network site which no longer exists. I have resurrected it and posted it here PCN. Not very many people had access to the web back then.

Later, in about 1999, after the bulldozers had moved in to the Ardel site, Jodie Rowley and some of her student friends at UNSW set up a more comprehensive web site at Again, this site no longer exists. Most of the information came from a "Save Manly Dam Press Information Kit" prepared by members of the committee. Separate pages were added for the Red Crowned Toadlet, Climbing Galaxias, etc. After a while, Ken Higgs took over as web master and continued to update it.

The achiew site became unavailable so in 2001 Ken temporarily hung the site off his own web pages at ANS and continued to update it. Additional pages including the references page and links to the Ardel court cases were added. In February 2002, the committee set up a separate account for the Save Manly Dam web site at This was managed by Ken Higgs.

Later in 2002 the site was given a major overhaul and update by David Sawyer. He added the new Save Manly Dam Catchment Committee logo and did a very professional job, adding the menus and lots of additional material. Most of the photographs were provided by Michael Allen and the articles were written or edited by various people including Ken Higgs, Ann Sharp, Malcolm Fisher, Andrew Lo, etc. After that the site became dormant and in about 2007, the SMDCC stopped supporting the site. However, it was resurrected by Ken Higgs who once again "hung" it off his own site at Only minor changes were made for the next few years but at least the site was available as an archive.

In May 2011 Ken Higgs transferred the site to his new web provider at Again, only minor modifications were made to the pages except for the References section where a significant number of extra newspaper reports were added, together with links to on-line copies of some of them. The ANS site will remain temporarily but IINET will be the updated site.

Ken Higgs, May 2011.