Manly Dam Catchment Bibliography

(Compiled by Ken Higgs, last partial update 2017)



This list of references, containing information and data related to the Manly  Dam Catchment, was originally prepared for the Save Manly Dam Catchment Committee.  It has been extended and published as a research aid to others  studying the area. It includes references to historical, environmental and development issues. Many of the reports are held by either Warringah Council staff, Manly Dam Reserve staff, Manly Environment Centre, Manly Library, Warringah Library at Dee Why, the Water Reference Library at Manly Vale or the Save Manly Dam Catchment Committee. It is not claimed to be complete.

General References

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Ardel Site References


Warringah Council (1993). Development Control Plan No.19 - Allambie  Heights, Adopted 31 August 1993.

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Biosis Research (2000). Independent Assessment, Ardel Site, Manly Dam, NSW, for Environment Australia, 2000.

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Australian Wetlands (2001). Operation and Maintenance Manual for Allambie Heights Water Quality Control Pond, prepared for Ardel Ltd, March 2001.

Ardel Site L&EC Appeal.  27 February - 6 March 1995

Ardel Ltd v Warringah Shire Council, Case 10606 of 1994

Regarding site Subdivision.

For Ardel Ltd

  • Robert Luke, Bushfire Control
  • JH & ES Laxton, Water Quality at Allambie Heights, December 1994.

For Warringah Council

  • Hal Cogger - Schedule 12 Herpetofauna, (Frogs) and Mammals, February 1995
  • Greg Britton, Sediment and Water Quality Control
  • Ann Clements, Flora, February 1995

Justice Pearlman, Record of hearing, Judgement and Conditions of Consent, 3 May 1995.  Available via Austlii Web site

Ardel Site L&EC Appeal.  17 November - 1 December 1997

Hassell Pty Ltd v Warringah Shire Council. Cases 10427 & 10428 of 1997.

Regarding site Subdivision.

Reports for Ardel Ltd/Hassell Pty Ltd

  • Rick Morse. WQCP
  • Stuart Harding, Town Planning
  • Wayne Braithwaite, Flora and Fauna
  • Michael Doherty, CSIRO, Duffys Forest Vegetation Community, November 1998
  • Roger Lembit, Environmental
  • R.H. Luke, Bushfire Management Strategy

Reports for Warringah Council

  • Greg Britton - Soil and Water quality Control, October 1997
  • Hal Cogger - Frogs, etc
  • Jillian Sneyd - Town Planning October 1997
  • Anne Clements - Flora review October 1997
  • Craig Geddes - Fire Report

Justice Sheahan and Assessor Brown, Record of Hearing, Judgement and Conditions of consent 19/03/1998.  Available via Austlii Web site

Ardel Site L&EC Appeal.  19-21 January 2000

Warringah Council v Ardel Limited and Anor, Case 40006 of 2000.

Regarding whether a permit is required for excavation of the Creek.

Reports on water matters as used in February 2000 appeal

Justice Talbut.  Record of Hearing and Judgement, 25 January 2000.  Available via Austlii Web site

Ardel Site L&EC Appeal.  21-28 February 2000

Hassell Pty Ltd v Warringah Shire Council, Cases 106739-106741 of 1999.

Regarding further subdivision of superblocks.

For Warringah Council

  • Paul Mitchell, Planning issues, January 2000
  • Gillian Eckert, Aquatic Ecology, January 2000
  • Dr Steve Perrens, Hydraulics of WQCP, January, 2000
  • Rod Wiese and Malcolm Brown, WQCP, January 2000
  • David Robertson, Environmental Resources Management, Flora and Fauna, January 2000

For Hassell Pty Ltd

  • Rick Morse, Soil, water and pond
  • HJ Bavor, Wetlands, February 2000
  • Stuart Harding, Planning, February 2000

Justice Sheahan.  Record of Hearing, Judgement, and Conditions of consent, 12th May 2001.  Available via Austlii Web site


NSW Legislative Council, 12 October 1994, Questions without notice, Sale of bushland adjacent to Manly Dam, Richard Jones and Robert Webster.

NSW Legislative Assembly, 16/17 November 1994, Questions and answers No. 1708, Pam Allen and Minister for Land and Water, P1823.

NSW Legislative Council, 22 June 1999, Questions without notice, Ardel Site, Allambie Heights, Richard Jones and John Della Bosca

NSW Legislative Assembly, 22 June 1999, Questions without notice, Ardel Site, Allambie Heights, Brad Hazzard and Andrew Refshauge

NSW Legislative Assembly, 13 September 1999, Brad Hazzard, P298-299.

NSW Legislative Assembly, 21 October 1999, David Barr, Bob Debus and Brad Hazzard, P1832-1835.

NSW Legislative Assembly, 28 October 1999, Manly Dam Ardel Site, Motion, Debate, David Barr

NSW Legislative Assembly, 28 October 1999, Manly Dam Ardel Site, Division, Speaker

NSW Legislative Assembly, 12 April 2002, Mermaid Pool Restoration, Private members statements, David Barr


Various audio records are available but no-one has had time to put them on this site. A few examples are as follows.

12/12/1997 Ken Higgs talking to Richard Glover on Radio 2BL about Heritage listing

??/05/1998 Ken Higgs talking to Graham Richardson on Radio 2GB about Ardel


  • 20/08/1999 Burkes Backyard.  Galaxias fish in Manly Dam Catchment.
  • 31/10/1999 Save Manly Dam Video, entry in Short Black Video Contest
  • 21/02/2000 Totally Wild.  Galaxias fish in Manly Dam Catchment.
  • 21/03/2000 Totally Wild.  Galaxias fish in Manly Dam Catchment.

Press Reports

MD = Manly Daily A = Article
NBW = Northern Beaches Weekender, L = Letter
SMH = Sydney Morning Herald N = Notice
NH = Northern Herald E = Editorial
DT = Daily Telegraph C = Cartoon
SH = Sun-Herald D = Drawing
BM = Barrier Miner (Broken Hill)      
CH = City Hub      
EN = Evening News      
WT = Warringah Times      
WCN = Warringah Council News      
Uniken = University of NSW Uniken      
OzG = Oz GREEN Newsletter      
KH = Ken Higgs scrapbook      

Some articles are available on line at eg National Library of Australia (NLA) and the Manly Daily (MD) web sites. Click the underlined link in the Ref. (References) column. Other sites such as the Sydney Morning Herald and Shorelink Index (SL) sometimes have further information.

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Date Paper Page   Writer/Photographer Title Ref.
13/10/1884 EN 6 L Civis Water for Manly NLA
15/10/1884 EN 7 L George Pile Water for Manly NLA
25/10/1987 SMH 9 A   Manly Water Supply NLA
12/11/1891 SMH 8 A   Manly [Council, fish to Manly Reservoir] NLA
05/02/1892 EN 4 A   Ministerial visit to Manly [Dam] Water supply NLA
27/021892 EN 1 A   Manly Water Supply NLA
28/08/1902 SMH 7 A   Alleged pollution of the catchment area. NLA
07/05/1903 SMH 4 A   Water and Sewerage Board NLA
08/10/1905 SMH 8 A   The Teachers' Protest [water usage] NLA
09/02/1906 SMH 4 A   The position of Russia [vegetation and usage] NLA
23/02/1906 BM 2 A   Short of water, Sydney NLA
15/03/1906 SMH 6 A   Commercial education [usage] NLA
28/07/1906 MD 20 A   Manly Water Supply  
18/09/1906 SMH 6 A   Wooloomoolooo Wharfage [dam overflowing] NLA
24/02/1914 EN 4 A   Curl Curl Reservoir Empty NLA
01/03/1916 EN 1 A   Water in Manly Dam ... unfit for consumption NLA
02/03/1916 EN   A   Manly water not condemned NLA
02/08/1916 SMH 12 A   Water Supply. Effect of the rain. NLA
03/08/1916 SMH 8 A   Water Supply. Manly reservoir has benefited NLA
10/08/1916 SMH 6 A   Water shortage. [Position atManly reservoir] NLA
05/01/1917 SMH 7 A   Water supply position never better NLA
26/07/1918 SMH 8 A   Late rains. Nearly whole state benefited NLA
07/11/1918 SMH 6 A   Water supply. Manly Reservoir NLA
31/12/1918 Sun 6 A   Manly's 40 days NLA
03/01/1919 SMH 6 A   Manly's predicament. Water supply steadily disappearing NLA
06/01/1919 Sun 2 A   Manly's Water, Storm of litle benefit NLA
27/02/1919 SMH 6 A   Water for gardens restriction removed NLA
22/05/1919 SMH 7 A   Catchment area. [Manly reservoir full.] NLA
05/11/1919 SMH 10 A   Water supply. Summer outlook. fears NLA
04/12/1919 SMH 8 A   Catchment area. Over six inches recorded NLA
22/01/1920 SMH 6 A   Dams overflowing. Sydney water supply NLA
16/06/1920 SMH 6 A - The rain. at Manly Dam NLA
01/10/1920 SMH 8 A   Water shortage possible. But not famine. NLA
16/11/1920 SMH 8 A   Manly water supply. No extension of mains NLA
27/11/1920 SMH 15 A   Water shortage. Manly's plight. NLA
09/12/1920 SMH 1 A   Summary. Rainfall NLA
02/03/1922 SMH 10 A   Water supply. No shortage this year. NLA
10/10/1922 SMH 9 A   Skeleton found in bush NLA
07/11/1922 SMH 9 A   Manly mystery. Skeleton found. Identified NLA
08/11/1922 SMH 13 A   Manly mystery. Human remains. NLA
04/07/1923 SMH 14 A   Water supply. Restrictions continue. NLA
12/07/1923 SMH 8 A   Water supply. Splendid results NLA
09/08/1923 SMH 8 A   Removed. Water restrictions, position safe NLA
11/09/1923 SMH 1 A   Summary. Manly reservoir overflowing. NLA
30/04/1925 SMH 8 A   Water supply. Economy urged. NLA
27/05/1925 SMH 15 A   Catchment area NLA
28/05/1925 SMH 9 A   Water storage "Quite satisfactory" NLA
16/07/1925 SMH 12 A   Reservoirs overflow NLA
20/04/1927 SMH 14 A   Catchment areas. Heavy registrations NLA
21/04/1927 SMH 10 A   The reservoirs. Water storage increases NLA
21/06/1928 SMH 9 A   MWSDB Manly Reservoir cleaning NLA
13/12/1928 SMH 15 A   Water Storage NLA
10/01/1929 SMH 5 A   Manly Reservoir. Depleted storage. Restrictions proposed NLA
15/01/1929 SMH 1 A   Summary. Reservoir almost dry NLA
15/01/1929 SMH 10 A   Dry water-taps NLA
15/01/1929 SMH 10 A   Water supply failure in Manly NLA
15/01/1929 SMH 12 AD   Northern suburbs water service NLA
14/02/1929 SMH 10 A   Water storage. Manly restrictions to remain. NLA
21/02/1929 SMH 10 A   Water supply. Restrictions removed at Manly NLA
12/12/1929 SMH 11 A   Water Supply for northern suburbs. Improvements NLA
31/12/1929 SMH 9 A   Water for Manly. Big supplementary supply NLA
09/01/1930 SMH 12 A   Water supply demands being met NLA
29/01/1930 SMH 10 A   Warringah. Improved water service NLA
25/02/1930 SMH 9 A   Water consumption not a record NLA
12/04/1930 SMH 15 A   Reservoirs benefit NLA
12/04/1935 SMH 13 A   Incinerator site. Town Plan Assoc Objects NLA
24/10/1935 SMH 6 A   Water Board. [Proposal to sell catchment] NLA
12/11/1936 SMH 8 A   Manly Park proposal NLA
08/05/1937 SMH 23 A   Manly Lagoon. Flush out. NLA
30/07/1938 Sun 3 A   Five Days Water Supply NLA
27/08/1940 SMH 12 AP   Old Manly Reservoir NLA
30/10/1940 SMH 13 A   Water Board obligations NLA
31/10/1940 SMH 9 A   Water problem graver NLA
15/11/1940 SMH 4 L   Water shortage. Manly reservoir NLA
15/11/1940 SMH 8 A   Use of Manly Reservoir NLA
28/11/1940 SMH 9 A   Loss of water. Evaporation exceeds runoff NLA
25/12/1940 SMH 6 A   Water supply restrictions. No removal yet NLA
17/05/1941 SMH 10 L   Raise the height of Manly Dam NLA
13/06/1941 SMH 8 A   Water wasted. Manly Reservoir NLA
07/08/1941 SMH 7 A   No water for gardens. New restrictions NLA
08/08/1941 SMH 4 A   Water Board's duty NLA
15/08/1941 SMH 8 A   Use of Manly storage NLA
21/08/1941 SMH 7 A   Reservoir to be used. Manly supply NLA
22/08/1941 SMH 7 AP   Reservoir to be connected to mains NLA
26/12/1941 SMH 3 A - Manly Dam to be used NLA
03/01/1942 SMH 7 N MWSDB Metropolitan WS&DB. Use of Manly Dam NLA
23/01/1950 SMH 8 A   Junior fine games trial [swimming] NLA
11/04/1950 SMH 4 A   Body in bush NLA
19/11/1950 SMH 16 A   Lifesaving carnival at Manly Reservoir NLA
21/01/1953 SMH 3 AP   Water skier takes to the water NLA
16/11/1953 SMH 5 A   Boy drowned in Narrabeen Lakes NLA
11/01/1954 SMH 5 AP   Water ski enthusiasts at Manly NLA
20/03/1954 SMH 16 A   Week-end fixtures today [water skiing] NLA
22/03/1954 SMH 1 AP   Water ski clown takes a fall NLA
22/03/1954 SMH 11
  Look no hands in water-ski run NLA
22/03/1954 SMH 12 A   Fine water ski victory NLA
27/03/1954 BM 4 AP   Faulty jump [water skking at manly Dam] NLA
28/07/1954 SMH 1 A   Column 8. [Trees planted] NLA
23/08/1954 SMH 6 A   Picnickers ruin acacia park plan NLA
06/08/1964 CT 1 A   Fire near spastic hostel NLA
01/05/1967 SMH 8 A   Afloat in the air at Manly Dam  
23/05/1968 MD 25 A   Water ski spectacular for Barnardo's Homes SL
11/02/1969 MD 1 A   Out 'croc' - large eel? [Manly Dam legend]  
01/02/1970 SMH 33 A   What's his line? [trout in Manly Dam]  
24/04/1970 MD 1 A   American trout introduced to dam SL
05/08/1970 SMH 16 A   Brook trout are now ready to bite  
17/02/1971 CT 31 A   Water ski club success in titles NLA
02/10/1971 CT 1 AP   Bushfires flare in ideal conditions in NSW NLA
24/11/1971 SMH 30 A   More trout released  
10/02/1978 SMH 25 A   Permanent orienteering course  
06/12/1978 SMH 11 A   Boy 16 drowns at Manly Dam  
01/12/1979 SMH 10 L   Ban on power boats  
16/07/1983 MD   A   Golf course project 'is causing damage' SL/KH
09/03/1986 CT 4 A   Wet win for Kenny NLA
01/12/1986 CT 3 A   Bong race snuffed by scouts NLA
19/02/1988 MD 3 A   Dam site set for facelift SL
07/04/1988 SMH 72 A   Manly Dam keeps pace with times  
11/05/1988 MD 2 A   No plan for use of dam  
30/07/1988 MD 11 A   Dam is a treasure SL
20/10/1988 NH 68 A   Threat to dam from toxic algae  
19/05/1989 MD 5 A Marj Belessis Golf Club to put up $60,000 bond [Wakehurst]  
09/10/1989 SMH 3 A   Close call for homes in bushfires  
10/05/1990 MD 3 A Patti Steeples Making a dam site better SL/KH
18/08/1990 MD 17 A Sheriden Kelly Water supply under threat, Blade installed to kill off algae KH
07/01/1991 SMH 5 A   Search for boater SMHI
09/01/1991 SMH 4 A   Body identified  
30/03/1991 MD 5 A Sharon Brettkelly Council give away 'will save us cash' SL
06/04/1991 MD 1 A Michael Wilkins Manly fury at dam fee SL
01/06/1991 MD 10 A - Entry fee to dam reserve dropped KH
31/08/1991 MD 9 A Jason Brown Hunt to seek out detergent dumpers KH
08/01/1992 MD 9 AP Tim Gill Singlings, mingling: Export fish find a home SL/KH
19/02/1992 MD 5 AP   'Boats danger on dam' [speedboats] KH
12/03/1992 SMH 49 A   Manly test [20lm swim]  
16/03/1982 SMH 41 AP   Long Distance Swimming Championships  
08/08/1992 MD 1 A Warwick Ponder Spastic Centre's land sell-off bid SL
08/08/1992 MD 4 E   A plan that brings hope  
25/08/1992 MD 3 A Warwick Ponder Park proposal 'dam-ned' silly SL/KH
19/09/1992 MD 25 L RA Brookes Park addition supported [Garigal] KH
23/09/1992 MD 4 L Darren Jones No rhyme or reason for new control KH
10/10/1992 MD 9 A Warwick Ponder Battle looms on dam idea: MP's come under fire SL/KH
14/10/1992 MD 5 A Warwick Ponder Give shire control of site: MPs KH
05/12/1992 MD 6 N Warringah Council Draft LEP land adjacent Spastic Centre  
23/01/1993 MD 3 A Jason Brown Dam out of park proposal [Garigal] SL/KH
25/02/1993 MD 5 A   Land swap deal saves heathland  
27/03/1993 MD 3 A   Dam 'unsafe' -  algae SL/KH
29/03/1993 SMH 4 A   Algae outbreak SMHI
11/05/1993 MD 6 A   Row over housing plan  
12/05/1993 MD 39 N Spastic Centre Proposed sale of land at Allambie  
19/05/1993 MD 2 A Warwick Ponder Company fights housing scheme  
02/06/1993 MD 3 A Warwick Ponder Allambie land rezoning row SL
02/06/1993 MD 4 E   Harbord Heathland and Allambie  
02/09/1993 MD 2 A Jason Brown New deal on townhouses SL
__/__/1993 NH   A   Rezoning debate  
15/04/1994 MD 5 A Jason Brown Warringah keeps grip on dam park KH
20/04/1994 MD 3 A Jason Brown I'll investigate land deal  
04/06/1994 MD 3 A Peter Alexander Dam project dropped: Housing plans withdrawn SL
08/06/1994 MD 3 A Francesca Hodge Council 'run-around', girders,  rubbish dumped in reserve KH
18/06/1994 MD 1 A Francesca Hodge Manly Dam at Risk SL
05/07/1994 MD 4 L Valerie Hutt Say 'No' to housing plan  
27/07/1994 MD 4 L Doreen Stradbrook Protest over reserve land  
13/08/1994 MD 9 A   Swamps to protect dam SL
26/08/1994 NBW 6 L Doreen Stradbrook Lost Bushland  
27/08/1994 MD 14 L Ron Stradbrook Developer sold a pup  
06/09/1994 MD 5 A Tim Lake Threat to rare plants  
14/09/1994 MD 4 L Ron Stradbrook Help stop land grab  
16/09/1994 NBW 2 N SMDCC Save Manly Dam [Meeting]  
16/09/1994 NBW 8 L Peter MacDonald Catchment protection  
17/09/1994 MD 7 A Tim Lake Public meeting to save dam SL
21/09/1994 MD 3 A   Save dam land call  
23/09/1994 NBW 3 A   Catchment housing opposed  
23/09/1994 NBW 6 L Doreen Stradbrook Add to Dam Reserve  
24/09/1994 MD 10 A   200 reject housing proposal  
24/09/1994 MD 21 L Robin Mudie Cost too high for lagoon  
27/09/1994 MD 3 A Marj Belessis Crown land homes bid a 'problem'  
30/09/1994 MD 7 A Marj Belessis Denied plea to State  
07/10/1994 MD 4 L Ken Higgs Confusion over rezone  
07/10/1994 NBW 4 L Andrew Humpherson Manly Dam - facts distorted  
07/10/1994 NBW 6 L Ken Higgs Allambie Clarification  
08/10/1994 MD 20 L Anne Sharp Chance left to save site  
14/10/1994 NBW 6 L Edwick Flavin Men with Vision  
14/10/1994 NBW 11 A   Gallery warned in homes plan debate  
15/10/1994 MD 6 A Tim Lake New Twist in dam land row SL
21/10/1994 NBW 1 A   Controversial housing decision still on hold  
21/10/1994 MD 3 A Marj Belessis Fears for fauna SL
22/10/1994 MD 9 A Marj Belessis New light on plan [old map]  
26/10/1994 MD 5 A Marj Belessis Group's first target, Allambie land  
15/11/1994 SMH 8 A Danielle Cook Housing plan a threat to bush in Manly SMH
15/11/1994 MD 3 A Allison Bone Koala has MP urging a rethink  
17/11/1994 MD 1 A Marj Belessis Land Battle 'No' to Allambie scheme  
18/11/1994 NBW 3 A Brian Pratt Planning Chairman attacks developer  
25/11/1994 MD 4 L Peggy Pool Let's hear from Manly  
01/12/1994 MD 5 A Marj Belessis Spastic Centre row  
02/12/1994 MD 4 L Val Hutt Humpherson under fire  
06/12/1994 MD 2 A   Foxes win [bandicoots, etc] SL/KH
07/12/1994 MD 4 L A Foley & H Webb Follow-up is crucial  
09/12/1994 MD 6 AP   Tiny start for big prize [bass] KH
16/12/1994 MD 4 L WD Scott Reminder to Humpherson  
17/12/1994 MD 21 L John Horsey Humpherson under fire  
17/12/1994 SMH 46 A   Shelly's dam warm-up for The Gong [swimming] SMHI
17/12/1994 CT 56 A   Taylor-Smith warms up [swimming] NLA
24/12/1994 MD 13 L Andrew Humpherson Questions for Green  
30/12/1994 MD 4 L Andrew Humpherson Interested in answers  
07/01/1995 MD 5 A Marj Belessis Call for road in park  
12/01/1995 MD 3 A Peter Alexander Tourist, 83, savaged in dog rampage  
14/01/1995 MD 17 L T Baker Park road not the way  
26/01/1995 MD 5 A Marj Belessis Hoaxer behind housing scare  
27/01/1995 MD 4 L John Horsey Leave Park as it is  
29/01/1995 SH 25 A Debbie Neilson Anger over dog attacks SMHI
31/01/1995 MD 4 E   Reserve protection  
31/01/1995 MD 5 A Marj Belessis Green vows to fight reserve proposal SL
01/02/1995 MD 4 L John Akhurst Road scheme under fire  
01/02/1995 MD 4 L Hugh Zochling Shame on Government  
04/02/1995 MD 6 N Warringah Council Development Proposal - Crown Rd and Park  
07/02/1995 MD 5 A Marj Belessis Green 'at odds with Carr', row over reserve plan SL
07/02/1995 MD 3 A Fiona West Girl saves man from drowning SL
07/02/1995 MD 7 A Tim Lake Development check to save koala  
10/02/1995 NBW 6 L R Stradbrook Manly Dam Meeting  
11/02/1995 MD 4 A Peter Alexander Government approves dam extension [McComb] SL/KH
17/02/1995 MD 4 L R Stradbrook Meeting on Heights bush  
17/02/1995 MD 4 L A Humpherson Questions on rezoning  
18/02/1995 MD 6 N Warringah Council Development Proposal - Crown Road and Park  
21/02/1995 MD 3 A Marj Belessis Anger over dam reserve development SL
21/02/1995 MD 3 A   Freeway 'ludicrous'  
22/02/1995 MD 2 A   Dog owners fined over attacks SL
22/02/1995 MD 4 L Brian Green Crown Land Controversy  
23/02/1995 MD 3 A   Govt may buy up trust land SL
28/02/1995 MD 2 A Marj Belessis Exemption to dual occupancy rules is closer SL
28/02/1995 MD 4 L Val Hutt Rezone land around dam  
04/03/1995 MD 10 A   Labor would expand parks  
04/03/1995 MD 16 L M Richardson Last Straw for unique area  
07/03/1995 MD 7 A   Time to recall World War II  
15/03/1995 MD 4 L Ron Stradbrook For the record  
22/03/1995 MD 3 A   Hartcher supports environment Study  
24/03/1995 NBW 8 A   Spastic Centre land assessment  
04/05/1995 MD 3 A Bede Carmody Buy bushland back: Green [Ardel] KH
26/05/1995 MD 4 L Michael McGrath Sacrifice to developers  
09/06/1995 Uniken 11 A   Students pleased with environmental ruling [UNSW]  
16/06/1995 SMH 2 A   Manly Dam Reserve SMHI
19/07/1995 MD 3 A Marj Belessis Illegal waste being dumped at tip [Wakehurst]  
21/07/1995 SMH 3 AP   So small yet they can stop building [Red Crowned Toadlet] SMHI
02/08/1995 MD 5 A Marj Belessis Legal advice sought over fence [Ardel]  
03/08/1995 MD 1 A Marj Belessis Blind Eye to club's landfill [Wakehurst] KH
09/08/1995 MD 15 AP John Morcombe When wooden pipes kept peninsula alive KH
11/08/1995 NBW 1,9 AP   Ready, aim, fire! [bushfires] KH
17/08/1995 MD 4 L Ron Stradbrook Reneged on promises  
25/08/1995 NBW 15 A Michael Mapstone Venturers sign of quality [scouts]  
07/09/1995 MD/W 3 A   Council votes to save spastic site [Ardel]  
07/09/1995 MD/F 3 A   Rezoning ploy to save land  
08/09/1995 NBW 6 L Ron Stradbrook Allambie Mystery  
19/10/1995 NH 2 A   Water quality gets push SMHI
28/10/1995 MD 7 A   Illegal dumping inquiry by EPA [Wakehurst GC] KH
03/11/1995 MD 1 AP Marj Belessis Allambie 'disgrace' KH
04/05/1996 MD   AP Peter Alexander Residents to study revised plan [Bantry]  
14/05/1996 MD   L   Levy could be used to save bush  
03/08/1996 MD 3 A Marj Belessis CSIRO 'Support' for Spastic plan  
08/08/1996 NH 3 A   Fox hunt for Dobroyd Point SMHI
19/08/1996 DT 7 AP Simon Benson $5m toad battle [red crowned toadlet]  
23/08/1996 ND 4 L Tony Theunissen Ratepayers to foot bill?  
27/08/1996 MD 5 A Lorna Knowles Last Chance to save bushland  
04/09/1996 MD 4 L Sue & Colin Lennox Rezone Manly Dam land  
04/09/1996 MD 4 L Yvonne Carter It will die if we don't help  
10/09/1996 MD 5 A Lorna Knowles War of words over 'boycott'  
12/09/1996 MD 4 L Malcolm Fisher Pity algae can't vote  
13/09/1996 NBW 3 A Michael Mapstone Community fights new dam threat  
26/09/1996 MD 4 L George Champion Dam rezoning catastrophic  
26/09/1996 MD 4 L Janine Cairns Reserve is irreplaceable  
08/10/1996 MD 4 L Jenny Howes Put Manly Dam first  
12/10/1996 SMH 30 AP Leo Schofield Urban bushland under siege  
20/10/1996 SH 5 A   The thin line SMHI
25/10/1996 MD 3 A Lorna Knowles Club ordered to test for contaminants [Wakehurst]  
09/01/1997 MD 5 A Peter Alexander Land sale row looms  
22/02/1997 SMH 32 A Leo Schofield Malcolm Fisher, web page SMHI
01/03/1997 MD 6 A Lorna Knowles Dam protection plan 'hypocritical'  
04/03/1997 MD 4 L Geoff Thorsen Manly Dam review [speedboat danger]  
08/03/1997 SMH 15 AP Murray Hogarth Sydney's Kakadu 'under threat from housing project' SMHI
08/03/1997 SMH 32 A Leo Schofield A plea for Luna Park SMHI
25/03/1997 MD 4 L Ken Higgs Help fight Ardel's artificial wetland plan  
25/03/1997 MD 8 A Lorna Knowles Dam group blasts bushland sell-off  
12/04/1997 MD 6 N Warrigah Council Manly Dam planning workshops  
16/04/1997 MD 4 L Sue Anderson Say 'No' to further development  
07/05/1997 MD 4 L   Vandalism  
08/05/1997 MD 4 L Malcolm Fisher Manly Dam free-for-all  
09/05/1997 NBW 3 A   MP confident of heritage listing SL
15/05/1997 NH 1,4-5 AP Luisa Bustos It's a dam dilemma - Waiting game - Battle for Manly Dam SMHI
15/07/1997 MD 3 A Marj Belessis Ardel faces new battle  
17/07/1997 MD 6 A Marj Belessis Bushland battle on two fronts  
01/08/1997 MD 7 A Peter Alexander Manly Dam wins heritage listing  
02/08/1997 MD 18 A   Tours shed light on night animals  
07/08/1997 NH 7 A Gretchen Miller National Estate tick for Manly Dam SMHI
09/08/1997 MD 6 N Warringah Council Exhibition of LEP for Lot 2782  
29/08/1997 MD   N Land & Water Cons Draft land assessment  
08/11/1997 MD 22 A   Shock tactics ruled out for carp  
13/11/1997 NH 3 A Gretchen Miller Builders, protesters to vie in court SMH
20/11/1997 NH 3 A - Correction [to story on proposal by Ardel P/L] SMHI
12/12/1997 DT 27 AP Simon Benson Leave the dam land alone [Heritage]  
13/12/1997 MD 3 AP Tim Rumble Dam listed but  
16/12/1997 MD 1 A Tim Rumble Land claim shock (Sunnyfield, Lot 2782)  
16/12/1997 MD 4 E Steve Stickney Editorial - Re land claim  
18/12/1997 MD 4 L Brian Brook Warringah fought for dam  
18/12/1997 NH 2 A Gretchen Miller Manly Dam on National register SMHI
07/01/1998 MD 4 L Ken Higgs No amazing coincidence  
16/01/1998 MD 4 A   Dam fine too!  
18/01/1998 SH 10 A   Manly bushfire (various articles) SMHI
19/02/1998 NH 3 A Col Allison Possums die early due to cats, foxes near dam SMHI
13/03/1998 MD 5 A   Protest at $5.5m lab upgrade  
13/03/1998 MD 8 A   Protest at swim ban [dog swimming]  
14/03/1998 MD 6 A   Windfall for environment SL
21/03/1998 MD 2 A - Ardel project gets the nod SL
25/03/1998 MD 1-2 A   Block Ardel access to site - MP  
25/03/1998 MD 4 E   Ardel access  
25/03/1998 MD 4 L Jan Cooke Petition for dog owners  
28/03/1995 MD 22-23 AP   heritage value  
31/03/1998 MD 4 L Leonie Cowan A Sinister editorial?  
02/04/1998 MD 4 L Andrew Lo Ardel threat to dam reserve  
02/04/1998 MD 4 L Val Hutt Damage can't be reversed  
11/04/1998 MD 22 L M Fisher Upset Ardel's 'victory'  
11/04/1998 MD 22 L Y Carter Write to save Manly Dam  
07/05/1998 MD 6 L Sue Anderson What chance do they have?  
23/05/1998 MD 5 A Tony Kelly Sunnyfield wins land claim SL
06/06/1998 MD 7 A Amanda Sheppeard Fresh call to halt bush subdivision  
13/06/1998 MD 7 A Amanda Sheppeard Call for land swap for catchment  
16/06/1998 MD 2 A   Bomb warning  
24/06/1998 MD 5 A   Backing Sunnyfield centre  
24/06/1998 MD 8 A   Dog paddling gets OK at Manly Dam  
26/06/1998 MD 6 A Peter Alexander Rezoning just first step for centre  
24/07/1998 SMH 22 N Scientific Committee Duffy's Forest final determination  
06/08/1998 MD 3 A   Sunnyfield project hits another hurdle  
22/08/1998 MD 6 A Peter Gladwell Council says 'No' to crown land offer  
17/09/1998 MD 2 A   $4 million claim upsets councilors  
19/09/1998 MD 9 A Amanda Sheppeard Vet warns on jaw traps  
02/10/1998 NBW 8 L Paul Wilson Dam not saved  
07/10/1998 MD 10 L Peter Wilson Who'll save the dam?  
16/10/1998 MD 1-2 AP Christina Salzano Now the bulldozers - Road swap clears way for Ardel  
20/10/1998 MD 4 L Ann Sharp Act before it's too late  
29/10/1998 MD 3 A Peter Gladwell Minister in dispute on Ardel [Amery]  
10/11/1998 MD 6 A Amanda Sheppeard Ardel protesters vow to fight on  
12/11/1998 MD 5 AP Malissa Milligean Ardel protest hits Parliament House  
17/11/1998 MD 8 A Malissa Milligean New twist in Ardel land wrangle  
18/11/1998 MD 4 L Andrew Lo Ardel protest no game  
18/11/1998 MD 4 L J Wilson Toothless Tigers  
18/11/1998 MD 4 L Colin Lennox Protect bushland  
20/11/1998 MD 2 A Marj Belessis Proposal to change Manly Dam's status SL
20/11/1998 NBW   A Michael Mapstone Dam to become Regional Park  
21/11/1998 MD 18 L Ann Sharp Still time to save bushland  
25/11/1998 MD 4 L D Seeney Move Ardel development  
25/11/1998 MD 7 A   Boost for disabled  
29/11/1998 SH 31 A Andrew COnway Weekender. Pedal power SMHI
22/12/1998 MD 10 A Marj Belessis 'Madness' to sell part of park SL
07/01/1999 MD 2 A   At sixes and sevens over No. 2s?  
08/01/1999 NBW 6 L Ken Higgs Endangered Vegetation  
12/01/1999 MD 4 L Ken Higgs Stop beating around bush  
13/01/1999 MD 5 A Malissa Milligean Blow in Ardel fight  
13/01/1999 MD 4 E   Contrasting policies  
15/01/1999 NBW 3 A Michael Mapstone Council defends dam decision  
29/01/1999 MD 4 L Ken Higgs Many Species 'vulnerable'  
01/02/1999 WT 3 A Ken Higgs Save Manly Dam Catchment Committee  
03/02/1999 MD 7 A   Bubble trouble  
06/02/1999 MD 6 N Warringah Council Proposal Manly Dam Regional Park  
11/02/1999 MD 4 L David Seeney Differing stands on development  
20/02/1999 MD 1-2 A Marj Belessis Bid for $3m to save Ardel site SL
20/02/1999 SMH 10 AP Murray Hogarth Wish list pressure for city greenery SMHI
23/02/1999 MD 4 L John Caputo, Mayor Just for the record  
11/03/1999 MD 3 A Marj Belessis Land council drops claim  
25/03/1999 MD 3 A Marj Belessis Rumbles of dissent over park deal  
01/04/1999 MD   L George Champion Rewriting a bit of history  
03/04/1999 MD 14 L Ann Sharp Astonishing attitude to Manly Dam catchment  
09/04/1999 MD 4 L Ann Sharp Committee excluded  
09/04/1999 NBW 13 A Michael Mapstone Dam becomes Regional Park  
17/04/1999 MD 5 A   Meagre reaction to sci-fi invaders  
21/04/1999 MD 6 A Marj Belessis War Memorial man seeks students' help  
21/04/1999 MD 11-12 A John Morcombe Slight to memory of war dead/Memorial wrangle  
30/04/1999 MD 2 A   Workers teed off [Bantry Reserve]  
01/05/1999 MD 1 A   Dam is declared off-limits [Blue-green Algae]  
01/05/1999 MD 5 A   Memorial flak [name change]  
07/05/1999 NBW 2 A Michael Mapstone Reserve Parcel stays in park  
11/05/1999 MD   A Malissa Milligean Golf club forced to halt fill trucks  
14/05/1999 MD 7 A   Firm on war park name  
25/05/1999 MD 4 L Dorothy Blake Lest we forget Diggers from Manly  
26/05/1999 MD 8 A Gabriel Fowler Fighting words over war park  
27/05/1999 MD 2 A Malissa Milligean 11th-hour plea to halt Ardel scheme SL
27/05/1999 MD 4 L George Champion Veterans condemn park name change  
28/05/1999 MD 3 A   Sutton to lead charge to put Manly on map  
29/05/1999 MD 6 N Warringah Council Development application, Ardel housing  
29/05/1999 SMH 4 A Geraldine O'Brien Putting profits before heritage - Dam fears SMHI
03/06/1999 MD 2 A Marj Belessis Park regains Manly share of title SL
04/06/1999 NBW 1 A - Dam group seeks help  
04/06/1999 NBW 3 A Michael Mapstone 'Manly' to be reinstated in park name  
08/06/1999 MD 3 A Marj Belessis Last-ditch stand to stop bulldozers SL
09/06/1999 MD 1-2 AP - / Martin Lange

Ancient fishf furore [Galaxias]

09/06/1999 MD 4 E   Red Crowned toadlet, water quality  
10/06/1999 MD 3 A Marj Belessis Urban revolt  
10/06/1999 MD 3 A   Rain saves bush for the day [Ardel]  
11/06/1999 MD 2 AP - Ardel stopwork rejected  
11/06/1999 NBW 1 AP Michael Mapstone Bushland fight reaches critical point  
12/06/1999 MD 1 AP Marj Belessis Green ban call, Union looks at stopwork on Ardel site  
12/06/1999 MD 14-15 A Marj Belessis Ardel site's sorry saga began way back in 1922  
13/06/1999 SH 20 A Miranda Wood Fight to protect ancient fish [Galaxias]  
15/06/1999 MD 5 A Marj Belessis Abbott asked to support buy plan  
15/06/1999 DT 11 A Piers Akerman Green ban tests Labor hypocrites  
16/06/1999 MD 3 AP Marj Belessis No mere fence-sitter, MP says he's confident of federal aid for Ardel buy-back SL
17/06/1999 MD 1,3 AP Marj Belessis Ardel blow, Ardel confrontation SL
17/06/1999 MD 1 A   Hazzard furious about meeting snub  
17/06/1999 SMH 6 A   Police move protest from urban forest SMHI
18/06/1999 MD 1,2 A Gabriel Fowler Six arrested at site, Why they feel so strongly  
18/06/1999 MD 4 E   Ardel claims "enormous wins"  
18/06/1999 NBW 1 AP Michael Mapstone Bulldozers move in [Ardel]  
19/06/1999 MD 3 A Marj Belessis Mass protest tomorrow [Ardel] SL
19/06/1999 MD 8 N Manly Council Manly Dam Catchment [Mayor's Message]  
19/06/1999 MD 12,13 A Gabriel Fowler Protesters and propagators put it on the line  
19/06/1999 MD 24 O   Opinion  
19/06/1999 MD 25 C Meldrum Dept for the Perpetuation of Really Dumb Acts  
22/06/1999 MD 1 AP Marj Belessis Ardel protest rally SL
22/06/1999 MD 2 A Marj Belessis 600 in Ardel protest, Barr's great divide SL
22/06/1999 MD 4 E   Expected clearing [Ardel]  
22/06/1999 MD 4 L Andrew Lo It's now or never  
22/06/1999 MD 4 L Manly Laoon Comm Warning was spot on  
23/06/1999 MD 1 AP Kerrielyn Sutton We'll fight on  
23/06/1999 MD 10-11 A John Morcombe Threat to ancient species/Creek is last home for survivor from Gondwana  
24/06/1999 MD 5 AP Marj Belessis Too little, too late, Powers that be pass the buck SL
24/06/1999 MD 5 A   Jones not having a bar of MP's site remarks  
24/06/1999 CH   A Tracy Sorensen Stressed out climbing fish on death row  
25/06/1999 NBW 1 AP Michael Mapstone People's will ignored  
25/06/1999 NBW 2-3 AP Michael Mapstone Ardel saga: How the battle has been fought  
25/06/1999 NBW 4 N Warringah Council Appeal to NSW Premier on Ardel  
25/06/1999 DT   A Kelvin Bissett Government offer to save Manly Dam  
26/06/1999 MD 2 A Marj Belessis Candlelight vigil at site [Ardel]  
26/06/1999 MD 6 N Warringah Council Mayor appeals to NSW Premier over Ardel site  
26/06/1999 MD 20 E   United group  
26/06/1999 MD 21 C Meldrum Ardel Proceeds, tough titties for galaxias  
29/06/1999 MD 2?5 A Marj Belessis Candlelight vigil, Feelings still running high about [Ardel] site SL
30/06/1999 MD 2 A   8 years in front line [Mackellar Girls]  
01/07/1999 MD 6?7 AP Marj Belessis Chained to the cause [Ardel] SL
01/07/1999 MD 6 A   Chika on the case [Ardel]  
02/07/1999 MD 6 AP   Students' march is a message  
02/07/1999 NBW 1 A   Rage maintained  
02/07/1999 NBW 4 A Doona Henson 'Flimsy approach' to site  
02/07/1999 NBW 4 A   Fish in Carr's face  
03/07/1999 MD 3 A   Protest moves to Carr backyard  
03/07/1999 MD 7 A Danielle Teutsch 'Use cash to save Currawong' plea  
03/07/1999 MD 16   Opinion Much scorn poured on Ardel development  
03/07/1999 MD 16     When are we going to get really angry  
06/07/1999 MD 6 AP - / Michael Allen Protest on Carr's home turf  
08/07/1999 MD 3 AP Kerrielyn Sutton Protesters want case dropped/Buy back challenge  
08/07/1999 CH 3 L David Parsons Open letter to Bob Carr  
08/07/1999 CH 4 A Tracy Sorensen MP calls for Land & Environment Court reform  
08/07/1999 CH 5 A Lee Rhiannon A cold slab and no hanky  
09/07/1999 NBW 2 A Michael Mapstone Call for moratorium  
09/07/1999 NBW 10 L David Parsons Action Needed  
10/07/1999 MD 8 AP Gabriel Fowler Approach on Ardel 'flimsy'  
13/07/1999 MD 4 L R D Hewitt Ardel: both parties fail  
23/07/1999 MD 5 A   Ardel squad fights on  
23/07/1999 NBW 3 A Michael Mapstone Council asked to buy back Ardel land  
24/07/1999 MD 7 AP - 'Flying squad' in action  
27/07/1999 MD 2 A   Buyback campaign [Ardel]  
28/07/1999 MD 6 A   Toxic pill scheme for feral cats  
29/07/1999 MD 3 A   'No' to bid for money  
29/07/1999 MD 6 A   Poster packs a punch  
30/07/1999 MD 8 A Marj Belessis Protesters vow to fight on  
30/07/1999 NBW 2 A Michael Mapstone 'No' to Ardel buy back  
31/07/1999 MD 1 A Malissa Milligean Ardel mass rally, Greens join in last-ditch bid SL
31/07/1999 MD 6 N Warringah Council The facts of the 'Ardel Site' at Allambie  
01/08/1999 WT 1,7 A Ken Higgs Save Manly Dam Catchment Committee Report  
01/08/1999 WCN   A Warringah Council The 'Ardel site' at Allambie  
01/08/1999 OzG 6-7 A Sue Lennox Save Manly Dam Catchment  
06/08/1999 MD 5 A Marj Belessis Urban Bushland 'at risk'  
06/08/1999 NBW 6 A - Ardel issue 'not dead yet'  
07/08/1999 MD 5 A Danielle Teutsch Caputo seeks another term  
07/08/1999 MD 16 L K Foster Caputo ducks the goose  
10/08/1999 MD 7 A Marj Belessis Musos to play the blues over green crises  
11/08/1999 MD 4 L Andrew Lo Bushland investment in green future  
12/08/1999 MD 4 L Sigrid Drinkrow How Eva's Track got its name  
13/08/1999 MD 6 A   Jam for Dam to attract a multitude  
13/08/1999 NBW 2 A   Green groups 'Jam for Dam'  
13/08/1999 NBW 4 N Warringah Council NSW Government slams the door on buyback  
14/08/1999 MD 5 AP Marj Belessis Pressure on to buy back the Ardel site SL
17/08/1999 MD 1 AP   1000 rally to protect what they hold dear SL
17/08/1999 MD 8-9 AP Malissa Milligean Demonstrators call for planning laws to be revised  
17/08/1999 MD 4 L Gwenda Davies Don't let the facts ruin the glossy ad  
17/08/1999 MD 4 E   Leaders don't listen  
18/08/1999 MD 2 A   Drop Ardel charges: MP  
19/08/1999 MD 5 A Marj Belessis Buyback turnaround [Ardel]  
19/08/1999 MD 5 A   Protest charges stood over  
20/08/1999 NBW 1 A Michael Mapstone Ardel resurrected  
21/08/1999 MD 2 A   Arson suspected  
24/08/1999 MD 8 AP /Simon Cocksedge Ready for flare-up  
25/08/1999 MD 4 L Peter Forrest Paying lip service to Ardel site  
27/08/1999 MD 4     Correction to Peter Forrest  
27/08/1999 MD 16 A   Focus on Jam for Dam  
28/08/1999 MD 20 L John Caputo Press for a rethink  
28/08/1999 MD 22 L Malcolm Fisher What an experience [Jam for the Dam]  
31/08/1999 MD 4 L Michael McGrath Appalled at $1m dept  
01/09/1999 MD 6 A Malissa Milligean Move for enquiry into court Sl
02/09/1999 MD 1 A Marj Belessis Ardel offer is made SL
02/09/1999 MD 2 A Marj Belessis Drama at Warringah SL
02/09/1999 MD 4 L Malcolm Fisher Critic cans Caputo's capitulation  
03/09/1999 NBW 1 A Michael Mapstone Council calls in cops  
08/09/1999 MD 16-17 A John Morcombe How laboratory grew into leading centre of research [WRL]  
10/09/1999 NBW 4 N Warringah Council Meeting clears way for further investigation  
10/09/1999 NBW 11 A   Valuations sought on Ardel  
11/09/1999 MD 6 N Warringah Council Meeting clears way for further investigation of Ardel  
14/09/1999 MD 6 E   New councilors, Ardel butback  
16/09/1999 MD 3 A   Team's dream is alive [Mackellar Girls]  
16/09/1999 MD 5 A   Protesters would do it again  
21/09/1999 MD?   L Ann Sharp Carr and CO lack forefathers vision  
24/09/1999 MD 7 A   Dogged by problems [dog swimming]  
24/09/1999 NBW 2 A - Ardel Buy back  
30/09/1999 MD 3 A Kerrielyn Sutton New study stalls D-day for Ardel  
01/10/1999 NBW 2 A (Michael Mapstone) Ardel deferral  
01/10/1999 NBW 6 L Edwick Flavin Intolerable  
02/10/1999 MD 14 N SMDCC In Manly Dam Safe?  
05/10/1999 MD 4 L Timothy Bidder Red Hill plan rivals Ardel  
05/10/1999 MD 4 L Gerard Smith No recipe for council conflict  
05/10/1999 MD 5 A Malissa Milligean Ardel buyback goes begging  
14/10/1999 MD 2 A Kerrielyn Sutton Outrage at in camera Ardel briefing  
21/10/1999 MD 4 L Malcolm Fisher Brusqueness undeserved  
22/10/1999 MD 3 A Lynda Fallon Buyback?  Forget it.  Debus rules out bid for Ardel site  
22/10/1999 MD 7 AP - Barr's concerns over Ardel water  
22/10/1999 NBW 3 AP   Manly pays, not Warringah  
22/10/1999 NBW   L Malcolm Fisher Save Manly Dam  
26/10/1999 MD 7 A   Sauce of discontent  
28/10/1998 MD 3 AP - Sausage sizzle hits a snag at Warringah  
29/10/1999 MD 7 AP Danielle Teutsch A green tinge to Short Black [video]  
29/10/1999 NBW 3 A Michael Mapstone Ardel 'bridges swept away'  
30/10/1999 MD 11 A Marj Belessis Ardel report cost offer rejected SL
03/11/1999 MD 1 A Marj Belessis Heading for fight, New turn in Ardel saga SL
03/11/1999 MD 4 E   History of mistakes  
05/11/1999 MD 2 AP Danielle Teutsch Now for court battle, New twist in Ardel saga  
05/11/1999 MD?   A Marj Belessis Battle looms over ABC site, Council rejects  
05/11/1999 NBW 3 A Michael Mapstone Ardel legal battle looms  
05/11/1999 NBW 2 A   ABC subdivision rejected  
09/11/1999 MD 8 A Marj Belessis Now for round 2 on Ardel SL
12/11/1999 MD 1,3 AP - Salute to the fallen  
12/11/1999 NBW 2 E   Ardel court case [L&EC]  
12/11/1999 NBW 3 AP Michael Mapstone Feb court case on Ardel  
16/11/1999 MD 13-14 AP Sue Hoban The price of taking a stand  
17/11/1999 MD 4 L Ann Sharp Comments don't help the issue  
25/11/1999 MD 5 AP Marj Belessis Boost for buyback, Report backs federal funding SL
26/11/1999 NBW 13 A - Case for Ardel buy back  
30/11/1999 MD 30 A   Youngsters were pretty dam quick [swim]  
01/12/1999 MD 7 AP Marj Belessis Poison for rabbits, pet owners warned KH
03/12/1999 MD 8 A   Dam rabbit control  
04/12/1999 MD 6 N Warringah Council Rabbit Control Program - around Manly Dam  
04/12/1999 MD 13 AP Danielle Teutsch Dry argument, Greenies blame developer as creek's flow ends  
09/12/1999 CH 4 A Mick Daley Land and Environment Court gives Developers the Green Light  
11/12/1999 MD 2 A   Pond not big enough [Ardel]  
17/12/1999 NBW 1 A Michael Mapstone Fisheries 'abrogating responsibility'  
18/12/1999 MD 8 A   Pond row [Ardel]  
24/12/1999 NBW 2 A - Pond a 'fait accompli'  
24/12/1999 NBW 2 A - Green dedication praised  
24/12/1999 NBW 5 AP   Schools meet the test [Streamwatch]  
01/01/2000 MD 13 A   Currawong divides a community  
07/01/2000 MD 2 A   Action at the Dam [model sailboards]  
07/01/2000 NBW 1 A   Fight is not over  
07/01/2000 NBW 7 L Malcolm Fisher Manly Dam  
08/01/2000 MD 18 L Toni Brown Dam the expense  
08/01/2000 MD 18 L Malcolm Fisher Shark attacks  
11/01/2000 MD 5 A Marj Belessis Ardel foes on alert SL
12/01/2000 MD 5 A Marj Belessis Ardel told to get a permit SL
13/01/2000 MD 4 L Steve Dunn Permit has its merits  
14/01/2000 NBW   A - Ardel pond on hold  
14/01/2000 NBW 11 L Steve Dunn Ardel Site Pond  
14/01/2000 NBW 11 L Leonie Cowan Adding insult to injury  
15/01/2000 MD 14 L Leonie Cowan Such a dam shame  
15/01/2000 MD 19 L Vincent De Luca Actions must match the words  
18/01/2000 MD 4 L Tony Wheeler Agents of 'progress'  
19/01/2000 MD 3 L Richard Hewitt Pythons in the creek [Ardel]  
20/01/2000 MD 3 A Marj Belessis Ardel permit issue in court  
21/01/2000 NBW 6 L David Hall Councillor prepared to sue  
22/01/2000 MD 7 A   Ardel pond work still on hold  
26/01/2000 MD 3 A Gabriel Fowler Blow for greenies [Ardel WQCP]  
27/01/2000 MD 4 L David Parsons Pond permit a murky mess  
27/01/2000 MD 5 A Gabriel Fowler The war's not over, Campaign shifts focus  
28/01/2000 NBW 12 L David Parsons Another "Dunn" deal  
29/01/2000 MD 24 C Meldrum Court bulldozes protestors  
03/02/2000 MD 7 AP Marj Belessis Deputy in the hot seat  
05/02/2000 MD 4 A Marj Belessis Anger over court ruling SL
05/02/2000 MD 10 L Pat Parsons Don't be so patronising, Ardel  
08/02/2000 MD 2 AP Marj Belessis Councillor denied access to Ardel site SL
11/02/2000 NBW 1 AP Michael Mapstone Locked out [Cr Forrest, Ardel]  
17/02/2000 MD 4 L Paul Farnill Urban village concept more of a threat  
23/02/2000 MD 10 L A J Thompson Don't shoot messenger  
24/02/2000 MD 5 A Marj Belessis MP plans move to exclude Ardel site SL
29/02/2000 MD 6 AP Marj Belessis Taking a closer look: Land court inspects Ardel SL
03/03/2000 NBW 3 A   Golf Classic [fund raiser]  
10/03/2000 MD 12 A   Pouring over the bush [bush tucker]  
11/03/2000 NBW   A   Vital dam study [Mackellar Girls]  
23/03/2000 MD 6 AP   Golf goes green for a cause  
24/03/2000 NBW 17 AP - Dam Golf  
25/03/2000 MD 7 A Malissa Milligean Baits back to control fox plague  
29/03/2000 MD 3 A   Student project catches attention  
30/03/2000 MD 6 A   Peace monument a step closer  
31/03/2000 NBW 3 A   Peace park  
01/04/2000 MD 8 N JH, Manly Mayor Save Manly Dam Golf Classic  
01/04/2000 SMH   N   The diary, Save the dam  
05/04/2000 MD 6 A Marj Belessis New twist in Ardel saga, Buyback option revived SL
07/04/2000 NBW 18 L Brian Penny To Mr T Abbott, MP for Warringah  
11/04/2000 MD 5 A Malissa Milligean MP welcomes review  
14/04/2000 MD 14 AP   Fairway to heaven [golf classic]  
15/04/2000 MD 11 AP -/Simon Cocksedge Saviours on par  
19/04/2000 NBW 7 AP - Ardel fighters praised  
19/04/2000 NBW 13 N SMDCC Thank you to sponsors of Golf Classic  
20/04/2000 MD 9 A   Swimming days over for pooches  
22/04/2000 MD 8 N Mayor Jean Hay Save Manly Dam Golf Classic  
22/04/2000 MD 10 N SMDCC Thank you to sponsors of Golf Classic  
28/04/2000 NBW 4 A   Doggone dam [dog swimming ban]  
05/05/2000 NBW 3 A   Council pledges $1m for buyback [Ardel]  
05/05/2000 MD 28 AP   Golfers tee-off for environmental cause  
06/05/2000 MD 3 A   Caution on Fox baiting  
06/05/2000 MD 4 A Marj Belessis Ardel back on the table SL
09/05/2000 MD 4 L Michael Allen Time to act on Manly Dam  
10/05/2000 MD 5 A Malissa Milligean Waste of time - mayor  
12/05/2000 MD 1 A Danielle Teutsch Last ploy to save bushland  
13/05/2000 MD 1 A Malissa Milligean Blow to hopes of buyback SL
13/05/2000 MD 14 E Editor Partial buyback [Ardel]  
13/05/2000 MD 16 L Tim Bidder Persistent effort appreciated  
16/05/2000 MD 3 A Malissa Milligean Buyback causes split [Ardel]  
19/05/2000 MD 4 L David Parsons Buyback plan just tokenism  
19/05/2000 MD 4 L Ken Higgs The good news, Thank you  
19/05/2000 NBW 1 A Michael Mapstone Ardel work proceeds  
19/05/2000 NBW 3 A   Buyback help sought [Ardel]  
23/05/2000 MD 3 A Marj Belessis Bushland buyback in the balance  
24/05/2000 MD 7 A Marj Belessis Ardel willing to sell 'at a price' SL
26/05/2000 MD 5 A Marj Belessis Council wants land sale postponed  
26/05/2000 NBW 22 L Andrew Lo Manly Dam  
26/05/2000 NBW 22 L David Parsons Re: Ardel  
27/05/2000 MD 17-19 A Marj Belessis Chamber Wars  
22/06/2000 MD 7 A Marj Belessis New buyback blow [Ardel] SL
23/06/2000 MD 3 A Kerrielyn Sutton Budget 'lean and mean', Warringah courts surplus  
27/06/2000 MD 4 A David Parsons Look beyond the dollar signs  
07/07/2000 MD 9 AP Marj Belessis Eight blocks on wish list [Ardel]  
13/07/2000 NBW 8 L David Parsons Dollar Signs  
13/07/2000 NBW 8 L Malcolm Fisher Democracy?  
19/07/2000 MD 4 L G Garrick Two faces of outrage  
19/07/2000 MD 14 A   Equipment cheque list  
20/07/2000 NBW 8 A   Well Received [donation]  
26/07/2000 MD 3 A   Wandering koala killed  
27/07/2000 MD 2 AP Marj Belessis Hecklers put Ardel buyback in doubt SL
27/07/2000 MD 4 L Brian Penny Site is circled by rare bushland [Ardel]  
27/07/2000 NBW 3 A David Hulsman Meeting moved  
27/07/2000 NBW 7 AP   Breaking science barriers [UTS]  
28/07/2000 MD 4 L Phil Colman Attack was ill founded  
28/07/2000 MD 6 A Marj Belessis Buyback in the balance  
29/07/2000 MD 4 A Marj Belessis Macdonald fuels talk of comeback  
01/08/2000 MD 3 A Marj Belessis Buyback hopes dashed SL
01/08/2000 MD 5 A   Call for koala signs  
02/08/2000 MD 3 A Marj Belessis Hecklers told to butt out  
03/08/2000 NBW 1 A Doona Henson End for Ardel  
04/08/2000 MD 1 A Malissa Milligean Heritage threat  
04/08/2000 MD 5 A Marj Belessis War of words hots up  
04/08/2000 MD 13-14 A   Going out on a limb simulated forest creation  
08/08/2000 MD 4 L Jack Tilburn Heckling part of process  
08/08/2000 MD 4 L Malcolm Fisher Why we feel betrayed  
09/08/2000 MD 4 L David Parsons Control theories a joke  
10/08/2000 MD 4 L ML Spratt Heckle-driven policy zone  
10/08/2000 NBW 4 A - Manly Dam under microscope [UTS]  
10/08/2000 NBW 10 A - Preserve catchment  
12/08/2000 MD 15 L Leonie Cowan Heckled on both sides of politics  
12/08/2000 MD 15 L John Buckingham Keeping a watch on the watcher  
12/08/2000 MD 15 L Hugh McConnell Keeping a watch on the watcher  
16/08/2000 MD 4 L Helen Kvelde Shame on councillors  
17/08/2000 MD 6 N Warringah Council Extraordinary Council Meeting  
18/08/2000 MD 2 AP Marj Belessis Ardel back on table  
18/08/2000 MD 4 L Pat Parsons No wonder they heckle  
19/08/2000 MD 7 A   Ardel development 'is inevitable'  
22/08/2000 MD 2 A   Legal eagles spark Ardel reprise  
22/08/2000 MD 4 L Tom Webster Last hurrah for Ardel?  
23/08/2000 MD 4 L Gloria Coroneo Well done, Mr Moxham  
23/08/2000 MD 4 L Paul Couvret Fed up with grandstanding  
25/08/2000 MD 3 A Marj Belessis Ardel row turns into farce  
25/08/2000 MD 4 E   Ardel, point scoring  
26/08/2000 MD 14 L Sigrid Drinkrow Thank you  
26/08/2000 MD 14 L Anne Lanham Libs ill informed on bushland transfer  
30/08/2000 MD 6 A   All hope for Ardel snuffed out at meeting  
31/08/2000 MD 4 L Richard Hewitt Partners please for the Ardel foxtrot  
31/08/2000 NBW 1 A   Ardel funds toilet block  
02/09/2000 MD 15 L Ron Buckridge Time to wake up on dam  
13/09/2000 MD 7 A Kerrielyn Sutton Final bow for Ardel  
14/09/2000 NBW 3 AP /Michael Allen A dam good award [Community Service]  
05/10/2000 MD 5 A Marj Belessis Baits have foxes on the run  
07/10/2000 MD 1-2 AP John Morcombe Suburbs on fire [bushfires] KH
07/10/2000 MD 3 A Danielle Teutsch Protective ring at dam [bushfires]  
/10/2000 SH   AP Sarah Blake & Kathy McCabe A welcome drop [fires] KH
10/10/2000 MD 1,3 A John Morcombe Glowing praise for the firies SL
10/10/2000 MD   AP - Injury parade after the fire  
11/10/2000 MD 4 A   Community rallied in fires  
14/10/2000 MD 3 A   Funds call for fire bill SL
18/10/2000 MD 7 A Kerrielyn Sutton Fox warning [baits]  
20/10/2000 MD 7 A   Memorial takes shape  
27/10/2000 MD 3 A John Morcombe Berlin Wall gibe [Ardel award]  
28/10/2000 MD   L David Parsons Time to think again on environment awards  
31/10/2000 MD 3 A Marj Belessis Secrets settled in sediment  
02/11/2000 MD 1 AP Marj Belessis School protest, New twist in Ardel row [Mackellar] SL
02/11/2000 NBW 10 A   State of the Dam [UTS]  
03/11/2000 MD 2 A Marj Belessis Councillors boycott awards  
04/11/2000 MD 2 A Marj Belessis Award fracas  
04/11/2000 MD 11 C Meldrum Ardel up for big environment award  
09/11/2000 MD 4 L Brian Dunphy School protest praised [Mackellar Girls]  
10/11/2000 MD 4 L Malcolm Fisher Encouraged at what cost?  
10/11/2000 MD 4 L Katika Funnell Students made their own decision [Mackellar]  
11/11/2000 MD 4 A   Dam's lifeline  
11/11/2000 MD 14 L Andrew Lo Good on you, girls [Mackellar Girls]  
14/11/2000 MD 5 A Kerrielyn Sutton Too late for Ardel site: New powers for councils  
15/11/2000 MD 7 A   Anglers to rid dam of carp  
18/11/2000 MD 13 L Ann Sharp Environmental award a farce  
23/11/2000 MD 6 AP - Hypocrisy on harbor land  
24/11/2000 MD 47     Seize the carp day  
25/11/2000 MD 9 A John Morcombe Carp damned when fishos seize the day  
28/11/2000 MD 1 A   Down to bear essentials [carp catch]  
02/12/2000 MD 7 A Ellen McIntosh Yikes cowabunga! [Long necked Turtles]  
03/12/2000 SH 102 A David Lockwood Good news to carp NS
09/12/2000 MD 7 A   High Honour [Streamwatch]  
28/12/2000 MD 14 AP Lynsey Hughes Struggle after the flames KH
12/01/2001 MD 1-2 A Marj Belessis A cool $425,000 for slice of Ardel KH
18/01/2001 NBW 1 AP Dave Hulsman Ardel sale [housing lots] KH
25/01/2001 NBW 22,23 A   Madison: a new level of land subdivision  
01/02/2001 NBW 4 L Vincent De Luca Ardel sale [housing lots] KH
03/02/2001 MD 15 A Danielle Teutsch The Bush, then and now KH
10/02/2001 MD 2 N Warringah Council Aboriginal cultural walks  
10/02/2001 MD 41     Ardel estate draws buyer attention  
14/02/2001 MD 4 L Rob Thyer No ramp for ducks [Ardel pond] KH
15/02/2001 NBW 4 L Malcolm Fisher Misleading [Ardel advert] KH
22/02/2001 NBW 1     Going bush for Aboriginal history  
23/02/2001 MD 7 A   Heritage walks  
08/03/2001 NBW 15 A   Pristine beauty  
30/03/2001 SMH 6 A John Huxley Fish out of water has a metaphorical mountain to climb [Galaxias] KH/SMHI
02/04/2001 SMH 13 L Malcolm Fisher Out of their depth KH
03/04/2001 MD 7 A Marj Belessis Big courtroom spenders KH
05/04/2001 NBW 22 Ad Smart & Mckenzie Ardel lots for sale  
07/04/2001 MD 5 AP   Dam takes up place on national list KH
11/04/2001 MD 4 L Malcolm Fisher Lesson to be learned from Ardel KH
12/04/2001 MD 10 A   Take the family fishing  
27/04/2001 MD 7 A - Weeds blaze trail  
03/05/2001 MD 3 AP   Estate to be cleansed of Ardel stigma [Madison] KH
03/05/2001 MD 4 L Malcolm Fisher Please save our wildlife KH
14/06/2001 MD 4 L   Park not so public  
21/06/2001 NBW 9 A   Ardel street renamed KH
22/06/2001 MD 4 E   What's in a name.  Madison Way KH
22/06/2001 MD 9 A Marj Belessis Little street cred for Madison Way KH
28/06/2001 MD 4 L Andrew Lo Warringah's Pearl Harbour KH
28/06/2001 NBW   A   Ardel street renamed KH
28/07/2001 MD 39 A Bill Tibbals Madison is selling fast KH
02/08/2001 MD 6 A Melissa Milligean Uni study reveals pollution [UTS] KH
04/08/2001 MD 6 N Warringah Council Fox baiting program KH
11/10/2001 MD 3 A - Blue-green algal bloom closes dam KH
25/10/2001 MD 3 A   New warning on blue-green algae SL
31/10/2001 MD 5 AP Melissa Milligean Abbott says sorry [Ardel] KH
04/12/2001 MD 34 N DL&WC Proposal to dam and pump water for Wakehurst Golf Club KH
25/01/2002 MD 1-2 AP - / Simon Dean Drive to restore tainted pool [Mermaid Pool] SL
02/02/2002 MD 4 A Simone Richards Ducks force Ardel rethink KH
07/02/2002 MD 5 AP - Fond recollections of childhood oasis [Mermaid] KH
09/02/2002 MD 6 N Warringah Council Rabbit control program KH
01/03/2002 MD 40 N NSW Scientific Commi Duffys Forest and Red Crowned Toadlet KH
16/02/2002 MD 6 N Warringah Council Rabbit control program KH
April 2002 PLiv 16 A Jenny Springett Mermaid Pool cleanup  
04/04/2002 MD 3 A Simone Richards Fears for wildlife at pond [Ardel] SL/KH
17/04/2002 NBW 3 A Dave Hulsman Rehabilitation of idyllic waterhole  
27/04/2002 MD 28 A John Morcombe Heritage week 2002  
06/06/2002 MD 5 A   Students reflect on a global view SL
17/07/2002 NBW 8 A Dave Hulsman Protecting against bushfires  
29/03/2003 MD 8 A   Creek line to dam cleared 40 years on KH
01/04/2003 MD 5 A Jacinta Koch 'Harassment led to death' KH
20/06/2003 NBW 10 A Robyn Meehan Unflagging community spirit  
27/06/2003 MD 6 A   Fun day in honour of [Sir Roden Cutler]  
06/01/2004 MD 6 P - A bit too close for comfort [Madison] KH
19/02/2004 SMH 22 A Margie Blok Family Jewel. Up your street SMHI
07/05/2004 MD 10     Grand plan for dam put on show  
14/05/2004 MD 20 A   Charging dam fees a sin: MP  
21/05/2004 MD 6 A Marj Belessis Dissent on dam fees KH
17/06/2004 MD 4 A   Parking fees plan damned by Persson  
06/11/2004 MD 21 L Alan Turner-Morris The idea was to catch run-off  
03/03/2005 NBW 6 A Nicolle Fenech Aquatics fun for free  
18/03/2005 SMH 3 AP   Action afoot to stop the tarnish on a hidden treasure SMHI
10/05/2005 MD 7 A   Fears over dam levels  
12/05/2005 MD 9 LP Ken Higgs Dam dropping below safety level KH
05/07/2005 MD 5 AP Lisa Muxworthy Automatic checks on dam water KH
19/08/2005 MD 9 A - Time to go green at Manly Dam. KH
17/11/2005 NBW 10 A Lara Robinson Dam wild things  
17/08/2006 NBW 8 A Nicolle Fenech Students test the waters  
29/03/2007 NBW 4 A   Saluting Their Service T
01/11/2007 NBW 27 A Mark Kirkland Fishing competition  
15/11/2007 NBW 7 A Mark Kirkland Enjoy Manly's Great outdoors  
05/12/2008 MD 7 A John Morcombe Lawyers' picnic at Fisher Park [netball] MD
06/12/2008 MD 43 LP Malcolm Fisher Courting a run-off debacle (Aquatic Reserve) MD
26/11/2009 MD 16 L Kevin Levy Quick view: [Dog dies of snake bite] KH
30/12/2009 SMH   A Glen Morrison Battle of bipeds and bicycles  
16/02/2010 MD 7 A Brenton Cherry Outrage at MD track closure. Bike rider to defy ban MD
16/02/2010 MD 11 L Marcel van Schie Who decided this was a safe decision? [bike tracks] MD
17/02/2010 MD 1,4 A Brenton Cherry Backpedal on ban MD
18/02/2010 MD 4 A Brenton Cherry Hart backs biking ban KH
18/02/2010 MD 4 AP Brenton Cherry Hopes bushwhacked KH
18/02/2010 MD 12 LP Steve Smith Unacceptable slap in face [bike track closures] MD
18/02/2010 MD 12 L Scot Butler Bike tracks MD
19/02/2010 MD 13 AP Brenton Cherry Bushland conservation 'ignored' KH
20/02/2010 MD 6   Michael Regan Finding a solution for Manly Dam MD
20/02/2010 MD 46-47 AP Brenton Cherry Booming sport is fighting for 'freedom' KH
20/02/2010 MD 50 L Alan T Morris Ban puts council on a slippery slope MD
20/02/2010 MD 51 L Digby Hughes Bushwalking ban is beyond stupid MD
23/02/2010 MD 11 L Ed Wilson Dam ban MD
24/02/2010 MD 18 A Brenton Cherry Riders' call to amend bike ban MD
25/02/2010 MD 1,4 AP Brenton Cherry Welcome back bikers, bye-bye walkers KH
25/02/2010 MD 15 E   Wheels have come off the nanny state MD
26/02/2010 MD 3 A Brenton Cherry Walkers furious at dam ban KH
26/02/2010 MD 9 A - Volunteers may repair bike track MD
26/02/2010 MD 17 L Rob Chisholm Tragedy to ban either group KH
26/02/2010 MD 17 L Rik Hart Council is putting safety first at Dam MD
26/02/2010 MD 17 L Ken Higgs How dare they ban walking MD
27/02/2010 MD 6 L Michael Regan Dammed if we do, dammed if we don't MD
03/03/2010 MD 23 L Laurie Wilson Don't deny us a simple pleasure MD
03/03/2010 MD 23 L Jacqui Ross Cyclist and walkers can share MD
24/03/2010 MD


A Peter Bodkin Council's dog act [Bantry] MD
26/03/2010 MD 1 AP Peter Bodkin Signs that put Manly Council in the doghouse [Bantry] MD
30/03/2010 MD 1 A Peter Bodkin Who let the dogs out? We did ... puppy power [Bantry] MD
30/03/2010 MD 10 E   Common sense gives every dog his day [Bantry] MD
19/06/2010 MD 6 N Warringah Council Manly Warringah War Memorial Park Plan of Management MD
07/07/2010 MD 20 L George Champion Questions go unanswered [war memorial] MD
10/09/2010 MD 17 L Bronte Lawyer Work together to preserve our dam KH
23/09/2010 MD 7 AP Brenton Cherry War memorial plea MD
24/09/2010 MD 3 AP Brenton Cherry Security cameras for war on memorial vandals MD
Sept 2010 PLiv 42 AP Tony Dawson Manly Reservoir KH
13/10/2010 MD 24 LP George Champion Original memorial ignored KH
16/10/2010 MD 36 Ad SMDCC How to revive a Mermaid KH
18/12/2010 MD 5 A Brenton Cherry Dam skiing threatened KH
13/01/2011 MD 7 AP Brenton Cherry Sport's future threatened [water skiing] KH
14/01/2011 MD 13 L Adam Bressington Water skiing on Manly Dam MD
15/01/2011 MD 7 A Brenton Cherry Keep the waterskiing status quo KH
15/01/2011 MD 34 LP Alex Mascarenhas Waterskiing should remain KH
15/01/2011 MD 34 L Denise Atkins [Waterskiing] MD
21/01/2011 MD 15 LP Toni Lynch High water linked to sport [waterskiing] KH
21/01/2011 MD 15 L Bob Giltinan Everybody entitled to enjoy Manly Dam MD
22/01/2011 MD 36 L George Citer Find waterskiers another home MD
25/01/2011 MD 11 LP John Gray Skiers take up space at Dam KH
13/05/2011 MD 19 L Paula Bryon Ban fishermen from Manly Dam MD
25/05/2011 MD 12 AP Peter Bodkin New minds learning to protect penguins MD
25/05/2011 MD P7 A   Slice of heavenly [Mermaid Pool] MD
11/06/2011 MD 5 A - Quick news: Bike track open MD
28/06/2011 MD 4 A Police 2. Lost at Manly Dam KH
23/07/2011 MD 4,5 AP John Morcombe Rain makes peninsula too dam soggy MD
02/09/2011 MD 16 AP John Morcombe Cash boost for Manly's Mermaid pool project KH
11/11/2011 MD 16 A John Morcombe Brave bid at rescue honoured MD
25/11/2011 MD 3 AP Carleen Frost Report backs new tracks for mountain bikers MD
03/12/2011 MD 12 AP Andrew Priestley Scouts ready for weekend camp at Manly Dam MD
17/12/2011 MD 13 A Gordon Aspinall Bike grief [accident] MD
12/01/2012 MD 4 AP Carleen Frost Swan family reunion MD
03/03/2012 MD 5 AP - Manly Dam poses no flooding threat KH
16/06/2012 MD 24 AP John Morcombe Mystery croc was a dam good yarn MD
01/09/2012 MD 16 A Gordon Aspinall 72-year old falls [mountain bike] MD
28/09/2012 MD 8 AP John Morcombe Protect native wildlife MD
06/11/2012 MD 11 AP Bryn Kay Dragons float boat MD
11/12/2012 MD 16 AP Bryn Kay Fun run along bush trail MD
01/02/2013 MD 14 AP Andrew Priestley Nip weeds in the bud MD
06/04/2013 MD 7 AP Boel Erikson Hooked swan free at last KH
03/05/2013 MD 3 A Steven Deare Parking metres on way KH
08/05/2013 MD 5 AP Steven Deare Caution over fishing after swans ingest deadly hooks  
10/07/2013 MD 16 AP - On track for upgrades  
14/03/2014 MD 5 AP -/Braden Fastier Manly Dam turns into film set for First Fleet KH
20/12/2014 MD 11 AP Steven Deare Mountain bike track revamp KH
23/04/2015 MD 3 AP /J Grainger Dam service to go ahead [Overtopping] KH
25/04/2015 MD 23 L Tony Burns Crack in the dam wall KH
25/04/2015 MD 23 P /Mark Evans Manly Dam overtopping  
30/04/2015 MD 7 A Steven Deare Sports site gets green light  
30/04/2015 MD 13 L Brian Pymont Dam wall crack is no cause for alarm  
08/05/2015 MD 11 L Malcolm Fisher What will be left  
15/05/2015 MD 15 L Ray Cox Ignoring nature will lead to our demise  
16/05/2015 MD - Ad Blackleys estate agents Seaforth Lot 1 Kirkwood [land sale]  
20/05/2015 MD 7 AP Kathryn Welling Prime site's big potential [land sale]  
21/05/2015 MD 8 A Amanda Sheppeard Sydney Water suspends sale after land concerns  
26/05/2015 MD 13 L Leonie Cowan Land should be given to the community  
16/06/2015 MD 10 AP Bryan Kay Team swap numbers for nature [Bushlink] KH
27/06/2015 MD 26 L Malcolm Fisher Lack of respect KH
14/07/2015 MD 13 L Sue Byrne Manly Vale Public School DA KH
17/07/2015 MD 3 A Steven Deare Plans for school growth KH
21/07/2015 MD 13 LP Malcolm Fisher Expansion threatens to destroy irreplaceable public asset KH
23/07/2015 MD 5 AP Bryn Kay Concern over colour [Ardel pond]  
24/07/2015 MD 3 A Steven Deare Plan puts species in peril [MVPS] KH
31/07/2015 MD 11 L Kevin McDonald Leave the school's bushland intact KH
04/08/2015 MD 13 L David Tribe Redelopment will erode eco policy  
05/08/2015 MD 17 L Ellin Byrne What sort of lesson does bush loss teach KH
06/08/2015 MD 15 L Conny Harris Bush destruction would be criminal KH
08/08/2015 MD 30 L John Gillings Holistic the key to school expansion  
13/08/2015 MD 10 L David Tribe Conditions at school KH
15/08/2015 MD 11 A Amanda Sheppeard Buyers vying for alliance site KH
21/08/2015 MD 8 AP   Sewerage scheme's side effect KH
06/10/2015 MD 13 LP Tony Backhouse Wildlife corridor neglected KH
19/12/2015 MD 11 A - Tenders for gym sought KH
11/01/2016 SMH   AP Lucy Cormack Manly Vale public school expansion threat SMH
02/02/2016 MD 13 L Ellen Byrne Respect the nature of our beautiful country [MVPS] KH
12/02/2016 MD 11 AP Julie Cross& Sarah Swain Beau survives a snake KH
19/02/2016 MD 24 A - Running events  
25/02/2016 MD 7 AP Ellin Byrne Schoolyard fight looms [MVPS] KH
03/03/2016 MD 12 L Zena Carter School's green status KH
05/03/2016 MD 30 L Helen Kvelde Preserve nature area KH
09/03/2016 MD 9 AP John Morcombe Fiery display  
12/03/2016 MD 40 L John Wilson Bigger is not better [MVPS] KH
18/03/2016 MD 3 A Sarah Swain Push to save bushland KH
19/03/2016 MD 33 L Jay Shupe Dam pressures derive from poor planning  
29/03/2016 MD 9 AP Sarah Swain Fury at expansion block. [MVPS] KH
31/03/2016 MD 1 A Sarah Swain Fate of War memorial Park sparks anger KH
31/03/2016 MD 7 A Sarah Swain School expansion anger [MVPS] KH
08/04/2016 MD 14 L Peta Morris New families will require a school [MVPS] KH
15/04/2016 MD 14 L Pam Merlo Empower children to protect green space KH
16/04/2016 MD 31 L David Tribe Incompetence cause of classroom delays [MVPS] KH
20/04/2016 MD 5 A Sarah Swain Probe after land cleared [MVPS] KH
22/04/2016 MD 14 L Ray Cox Defending opposition to redevelopment KH
28/04/2016 MD 12 A Sarah Swain State wants to learn more on school upgrade [MVPS] KH
04/05/2016 MD 18 L David Tribe School must downsize [MVPS] KH
05/05/2016 MD 12 L Margaret Ritchie Irony of service remarks [MVPS] KH
07/05/2016 MD 28 L Ian Hills Emotion clouds facts [MVPS] KH
13/05/2016 MD 14 L Ellin Byrne Divided opinions on environmental views [MVPS] KH
31/05/2016 MD 3 A Robbie Patterson Public places land in limbo KH
04/06/2016 MD 8 N Dick Persson MVPS  
09/06/2016 MD 13 A Sarah Swain Expansion of school on agenda. [MVPS] KH
14/06/2016 MD 16 L Bel Maude School expansion plan safety failure [MVPS] KH
14/06/2016 SMH   AP Eryk Bagshaw Manly Vale Public School [MVPS]


18/06/2016 MD 8   Dick Persson Manly Vale Public School [MVPS] KH
23/06/2016 MD 10 AP Sarah Swain School plans under fire [MVPS] KH
24/06/2016 MD 14 L David Tribe Study for campus future very flawed [MVPS] KH
06/07/2016 MD 17 L Susan Byrne School doesn't get say [MVPS] KH
08/07/2016 MD 12 L Malcolm Fisher Redesign to save trees [MVPS] KH
01/07/2016 MD 20 L Peta Morris Call for modern space with plenty of room [MVPS] KH
19/07/2016 MD 16 L David Tribe Multistorey school is the right answer [MVPS] KH
20/07/2016 MD 20 L Nathan Lo School plans speak for themselves [MVPS] KH
21/07/2016 MD 13 L Susan Byrne Truth about school plans must get out [MVPS] KH
23/07/2016 MD 24 L Inessa Jackson School proposal in tune with nature [MVPS] KH
11/08/2016 MD 15 L David Tribe Change the DA and get the school built [MVPS] KH
08/10/2016 MD 5 A Robbie Patterson School bush compromise [MVPS] KH
12/10/2016 MD 18 L Malcolm Fisher School will be gutted [MVPS] KH
25/10/2016 MD 5 A Robbie Patterson Bush makes way for more classrooms [MVPS] KH
01/12/2016 MD 1 AP Sarah Swain Forest of the future KH
01/12/2016 MD 6-7 AP Sarah Swain & JM Residents get glimpse KH
10/12/2016 MD 5 A Robbie Patterson School crunch time looms [MVPS] KH
10/12/2016 MD 30 L Philip Skelton Costly switcheroo defys all logic KH
20/12/2016 MD 15 L Conny Harris Don't ruin eco school [MVPS] KH
21/12/2016 MD 1 AP Robbie Patterson Class war victory [MVPS] KH
21/12/2016 MD 9 A Robbie Patterson Green light for school's expansion [MVPS] KH
24/12/2016 MD 24 L Mal Fisher True nature revealed [MVPS] KH
24/12/2016 MD 24 L Kerry Foster Little planning for traffic around school [MVPS KH
24/12/2016 MD 25 L Judy Charnauld School expansion will destroy [MVPS] KH
12/01/2017 MD 11 A Robbie Patterson MP joins push for the Premier to protect park KH
14/01/2017 MD 34 L Mal Fisher True nature of the environment [MVPS] KH
14/01/2017 MD 34 L Keelah Lam Little care for wildlife KH
17.01/2017 MD 15 L Nathan Lo School's shoddy plan puts wildlife at risk KH
28/01/2017 MD 8   Dick Persson Concerns about school [MVPS]  
02/02/2017 MD 5 A Robbie Patterson New hope for reserve land [MVPS] KH
07/02/2017 MD 3 AP - Pool closure will leave elderly swimmers high and dry KH
07/02/2017 MD 15 L Asha Kovel Build smart, save bush KH
09/02/2017 MD 7 A Robbie Patterson Stokes clears way for ... school [MVPS] KH
09/02/2017 MD 11 L Peta Morris School with strong bushland connection [MVPS] KH
11/02/2017 MD 8 L Dick Persson MVPS KH
11/02/2017 MD 28 L Susn Byrne Hands off conserved public lands areas KH
21/02/2017 MD 15 L Stephen Varga Parents feel shut out [MVPS] KH
21/02/2017 MD 15 L Alyssa Aleksanian Bush bulldozing has nowhere good to go [MVPS] KH
28/02/2017 MD 5 AP Robbie Patterson Aquatic centre may stay [WAC] KH
01/04/2017 MD 3 AP John Morcombe Environment priority [MVPS] KH
11/04/2017 MD 15 L Malcolm Fisher Different view of school plan [MVPS] KH
21/06/2017 MD 4 AP Robbie Patterson $2.6m protest saves .35ha bush KH
24/06/2017 MD 1 AP Robbie Patterson Class War Costs $50m [MVPS] KH
24/06/2017 MD 7 AP Robbie Patterson Cost blowout on new school [MVPS] KH
01/07/2017 MD 27 L Malcolm Fisher New school plan hits environment hard [MVPS] KH
05/07/2017 MD 14 L Nathan Lo Project lesson in wasting resources [MVPS} KH
08/07/2017 MD 19 L David Tribe Buildings threat to Aboriginal claims [MVPS] KH
19/07/2017 MD 14 L Laurie Brimson Explain land decision [MVPS] KH
01/08/2017 MD 15 L Asha Kovel Watching destruction from classroom [MVPS] KH
03/08/2017 MD 5 A Robbie Patterson Plea to shift protest from near school [MVPS] KH
08/09/2017 MD 3 AP Robbie Patterson New risk to possums [MVPS] KH
12/09/2017 MD 13 L Joanna Murace Catchment group's efforts appreciated KH
27/09/2017 MD 18 L Irene Callahan Flowers won't save the possum colony [MVPS] KH
07/10/2017 MD 19 L David Tribe Death of nature area [MVPS] KH
28/04/2018 MD 26 L Malcolm Fisher New Battle Front  
09/05/2018 MD 5 AP Jim O'Rourke Scientists find toxin danger in Manly Dam KH
19/05/2018 MD 34 L Ray Cox Preserving respectfor Manly Dam KH
26/05/2018 MD 32 L M Bonwick Passion overflowing on dam project KH
26/05/2018 MD 32 L Ellin Byrne Keeping the peace KH
26/05/2018 MD 32 L Patricia Dowling Place of reflection KH
23/06/2018 MD 9 AP Louise Starkey Pond built to stop silt run-off in Mermaid KH
28/07/2018 MD 9 AP July Cross Playground upgrade 'disrespectful to dead'  
03/10/2018 MD 19 LP Kevin Collins Playground changes would be a dam shame  
03/11/2018 MD 16 AP Robbie Patterson Seniors living for Crown land site KH
Feb 2020 PLiv 8 AP - Land wars. Price on Manly Dam land KH

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