Bryan Kilgallin

Updated by Bryan Kilgallin on 4 July, 2022.

I'm retired in the Gungahlin district of Canberra, Australian Capital Territory.

Receiving an award for shooting
Receiving a shooting award


I've scored in the top 1% for visuo-spatial aptitude! Some of my acrylic paintings won exhibition prizes.


An offspring had demanded this. It's about my middle age. I cover employment, from education to breakdown.

Bullying at work caused that! I became obsessive-compulsive, and psychosocially disabled. Though I took computing and political courses, and qualified in public admin.

Supporters helped me resolve disputes and transition into retirement. So I developed a small network of friends with brain-issues, and settled in north Canberra.

Though I had returned to Canberra fit and smart! But I was hounded out of the public service, in a state of stress. Though I worked in management science, I preferred horticulture. And litigation with insurers, produced mixed results.

I rented low-density housing. In which, however, I experienced hassles. My hobbies have been technical and outdoors. Connecting with family and friends, I toured extensively overseas.

Shrewdly managing funds, I bought a home. Advisedly, it's a modest suburban house. Custom curtains adorn the bedrooms, one of which forms a study. My forthright manner--got me ejected from several clubs! Though I have put aesthetic interests into practice.

I have developed a calmer lifestyle. Because of psychosocial disability, I am single. I am now wise, though fat! And I have become less anxious.

Mental Health

Workplace bullying led to anxiety and depression.


I am rare and strategically capable.


I am inactive.


I walk, use a gym, cycle, and shoot.


This launches a program on the server, that time-stamps a text file.