Updated by Bryan Kilgallin, on 7 June, 2022.

I regularly revise the Digital Media and Photography pages.


I've won prizes with synthetic polymer paint!


Ball and firing range
I used Pencil2D software. I finished this animation on 13 November 2019.

Artist Statement

I had careers in science and business. So I taught and practised informatics.

My medium is digital. My computers run Linux. And I draw on a pen display. Painting software simply gives basic tools. Those aren't found in analog media. I added game backgrounds.

My art was therapy. I consider life drawing grown up. I depict life models in an art club. In an urban group, I sketch interiors and landscapes. And in an art club's digital work-group, I discuss that medium.

I'm a conscientious, abstract thinker. Experimenting varies results. My art explores technique and subject. It's more conceptual than realistic.

My colours are popular. And the audience is global.

Digital Media

Here are my recent digital paintings.


A technician made a CAD drawing of my project.






2003 Flowers of Hope and Vision Chapman Gallery
2004 Between Surreal and Serene ACT Legislative Assembly Gallery Painting
2005 Inspired By Nature Canberra Museum and Gallery
2006 Moments of In-between Belconnen Gallery Exhibition
2007 Mask Canberra Contemporary Art Space Manuka
2008 Our Dreams Belconnen Gallery
2008 Digital Photography Belconnen Gallery
2008-2009 Painting & Drawing Belconnen Gallery
2009 Alive & Well In Canberra Belconnen Gallery
2011 No Health Without Mental Health Belconnen Gallery
2012 Anything Goes Belconnen Gallery
2012 Opening Playing Field Studio
2012 Mindscapes Festival Art & Photography Competition Belconnen Gallery
2014 Mindscapes Festival Art & Photography Competition Belconnen Gallery
2015 Act Belong Commit Belconnen Gallery
2016 De Fence Belconnen Arts Centre
2018 Piece of Mind Belconnen Community Gallery
2018 Inside/Outside Belconnen Community Gallery
2019 Pigment of the Imagination Belconnen Community Gallery
2019 Making Tracks Belconnen Community Gallery
2020 Canberra Art Workshop M16 Artspace
2021 Canberra Art Workshop M16 Artspace
2021 Testamur 3 2021 M16 Artspace
2022 Canberra Art Workshop M16 Artspace

Mixed Media

The artwork is made from an assemblage of different forms.


In this medium, pigments are bound in drying oil. I used to occasionally paint a portrait in an A5 visual diary.


My recent activities were viewed through a camera.


Relief print
On Tuesday 14 February 2017, my art class was on relief printing. So I cut into expanded polystyrene. And the teacher printed sequentially in yellow, magenta and blue. My model was another art student. I hadn't done printmaking for years. So many of the effects were accidental!


This was outdoors, with pigments suspended in water.