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b. 30 Dec 1840 Kenner's House, South Petherwin, Cornwall, Eng.

            son of Thomas HONEY, farmer of South Petherwin, and Mary GOODMAN

            see internet file at HoneyFirst

m. 16 Apr 1875 "St Paul's", Port Adelaide, SA.

d. 24 Nov 1892 Woodville, Adelaide, SA.  m/to



b. 3 May 1855 Port Adelaide, SA.

            dau of Francis Reynolds, timber merchant of Port Adelaide, and Ann Revell

d. 22 Oct 1927 Railway Tce, Franklin, SA.




            first child of Richard HONEY and Mary Ann (REYNOLDS)

Ethel Rose HONEY b. 15 Mar 1876 Commercial Road, Port Adelaide SA. (#164/50 SA.) m. 4 Jan 1900 Woodville SA. d. 16 Sep 1947 Alton, Hampshire, Eng.  m/to

Harry Edward Augustus TWYFORD b. 4 Jan 1870 Trotton House, Wimbleton Eng. d. 10 Jan 1967 Sidmouth, Devon, Eng. (Knighted 1936, Lord Mayor of London 1937)

two children


Harry Richard TWYFORD b. 3 Oct 1900 Adelaide, SA. m. 17 Sep 1927 Frostenden, Suffolk, Eng.  m/to

Nancy Adler Kathleen GIRLING b. 27 Jan 1902 Frostenham, Suffolk, Eng.



Samuel Girling TWYFORD b. 1928 Warlington Surrey, Eng. m1. 1954 Walberswick, Suffolk, Eng.  m1/to

Gillian STONER b...

1. Gail Marian TWYFORD b. 1956 Halesworth, Suffolk, Eng. m. 1976 Sydney, NSW.

m/to Stephen MITCHELL b. 1955 Sydney, NSW.

…… a. Jodie Anne MITCHELL (twin) b. 1976 Sydney, NSW.

…… b. Kylie Marie MITCHELL (twin) b. 1976 Sydney, NSW.

…… c. Christopher John MITCHELL b. 1978 Sydney, NSW.

…… d..Nathan Stephen MITCHELL b. 1981 Sydney, NSW.

2. Nicholas John TWYFORD b. 1957 Southwold, Suffolk, Eng. m. 1978 Wanganui, NZ.

m/to Kay SEATOR b. 1956 Wanganui, NZ. (no chn by 1981)

3. Samuel Courtney TWYFORD b. 1959 Southwold, Suffolk, Eng.

4. Philip Stoner TWYFORD b. 1963 Auckland, NZ.

5. Timothy William Pelham TWYFORD b. 1969 Auckland, NZ.




second marriage of Samuel Girling TWYFORD

Samuel TWYFORD div. 24 May 1976 Auckland, NZ. and m2. 1977 Mt Kembla, NSW.  second m2/to

Vivian HIGHAM b. 1942 Farnborough, Hamps, Eng.

6. Benjamin Richard John TWYFORD b. 1978 Wollongong, NSW.




Thomas Nicholas TWYFORD b. 1931 Warlingham, Surrey, Eng. m. 1967 Pio Pio, ?  m/to

Josephine FARRELL b...

1. Adam Nicholas TWYFORD b. 1968 Pio Pio,

2. Catherine Anne TWYFORD b. 1969 Pio Pio,



Susan Mary TWYFORD b. 1933 Warlingham, Surrey, Eng. m. 1956 Frostenden, Suffolk, Eng.  m/to

Keith MARTIN b.

1. Jeremy MARTIN b. 1958 Beccles, Suffolk Eng.

2. William MARTIN b. 1960 Beccles Suffolk Eng.



Ennis Mary TWYFORD b. 3 Apr 1917 at Tenby Mansion, London, Eng. m1. 27 Dec 1941 Wimbledon, Eng.  m1/to

George William DOBSON (Captain) b. 24 Feb 1905 Liverpool, England d. 1970 Liverpool, Eng.



Frances Mary DOBSON  b. 1942 Wimbledon, Eng. m. 1963 Alton, Hamps, Eng.  m/to

Kenneth George HOBBS (deeded to MARSHALL) b. ...

1. Martin Aaton Richard MARSHALL b. 1965 Alton, Hampshire, Eng.



Ann Rosalind DOBSON b. 1944 Harpenden, Herts, Eng. m. 1968 Hawaii, USA. div.  m/to

Philip SERVITO b. ...   no chn



Richard James DOBSON b. 1945 Wimbledon, Eng. m. Storrington, Ssx, Eng.  m/to

Susan Ann Milton CHAPMAN b. 1947 Winchester, Hants, Eng.

1. Sarah Honey DOBSON b. 1974 Farnham, Surrey, England

2. James Richard Donald DOBSON b. 1977 Basinstoke, Hampshire, Eng.



second marriage of Ennis Mary TWYFORD

Ennis divorced and remarried m2. 19 Jul 1971 Alton, Hants, Eng. m/to.

Robert Bruce HETHERINGTON b. Hamps, Eng. d. 28 May 1974 Eastbourne, Ssx, Eng.




     second child of Richard HONEY and Mary Ann (REYNOLDS)

Lionel Richard HONEY b. 13 Jun 1877 Woodville, Port Adelaide, SA. (#185/43 SA.) m. 16 Jul 1900 Guildford, WA. d. 23 Oct 1959 Bunbury, WA.  m/to

Roma Mary BRADDOCK b. 27 Jan 1878 Clare, SA. (d/o Robert Henry Alfred BRADDOCK, ref Gwen WATERS) d. 20 Jan 1971 Martindale Hospital, Applecross, WA.

(the BRADDOCK family is the family of Gwen WATERS of Mt Gambier)

six children


James HONEY b. 1901 d. ... (haemophilia)


Roma Mary (Molly) HONEY b. 2 Dec 1904 Maylands, WA. m1. 2 Dec 1927 Bunbury, WA.  m1/to

Murray Sevial HAWKINS b. ‑ Jan 1900



Elizabeth HAWKINS b. 1927 Bunbury, WA. m. 1956 Bunbury, WA.  m/to

Thomas John KERNOT b. 1929 Albany, WA.

1. John Richard KERNOT b. 1958 Perth, WA.

2. Susan Jane KERNOT b. 1960 Perth, WA.

3. Peter James KERNOT b. 1961 Perth, WA.



Richard John HAWKINS b. 1934 Bunbury, WA. not married



second marriage of Roma Mary HONEY m2. Aug 1955 m2/to

Eric Lyndsay MAGUIRE b. 1898 Sydney, NSW.

no children from this second marriage



Dudley Richard James HONEY b. 18 Jan 1907 Mt Helena, WA. m. 19 Jun 1934 Fremantle, WA. d. 3 Oct 1971 Gosnells, WA.

Evelyn Alice Alberta WOODING b. 17 Aug 1912 Collie, WA.



Judith HONEY b. 1934 Bunbury, W.A. m. 1958 Nedlands, WA.

Richard Cecil MORRIS b. 1933 Maymyo, Burma.

1. David Leigh MORRIS b. 1959 Cottesloe, WA.

2. Jane Ann MORRIS b. 1961 Cottesloe, WA.

3. Susan Lisa MORRIS b. 1965 Subiaco, WA.



Dicksie Anne HONEY b. 1936 Bunbury, WA. m. 19 Oct 1955 Perth Registry, WA.  m/to

Raymond Keith REYNOLDS b. 21 Mar 1927 Boyup Brook, WA. d. 31 Jul 1979 Auckland, NZ.

1. Karen Anne REYNOLDS b. 1955 Subiaco, WA.

2. Debra Rae REYNOLDS b. 1958 Subiaco, WA.



Jillian Rae HONEY b. 1944 Bunbury, m. 1963 Swanbourne, WA.

Murray Joseph REYNOLDS b. 1932 Pinjarra, WA.

1. Jonathon Murray REYNOLDS b. 1964 Elizabeth, SA.

2. Jacquelynn Alice REYNOLDS b. 1967 Mt Lawley, WA.

3. Peter Dudley Frederick REYNOLDS b. 1970 Northam WA.



Raymond James HONEY b. 1946 Bunbury, WA. m. 1968 Collie, WA.  m/to

Sandra Robyn EARL b. 1945 Collie, WA.

1. Lesa Ann HONEY b. 1971 Collie, WA.

2. Justin Raymond HONEY b. 1973 Collie, WA.

3. Lyndall Jane HONEY b. 1977 Collie WA.



Robert Henry HONEY b. 4 Feb 1910 Maylands, WA. m. 30 Jun 1934 "Queen of Martyrs", Maylands, WA.  m/to

Margaret Eleanor May CHOYCE b. 31 Jul 1912 East Perth, WA.



Isobel Robin HONEY b. 1935 Bulwer St, East Perth, WA. m. 1956 "St Hilda's", North Perth, WA.  m/to

Geoffrey Lewis VINCENT b. 1932 Kojonup, WA.

1. Susanne Jane VINCENT b. 1957 Subiaco, WA. m. 1978 "St Luke's", Maddington WA.

m/to Brett Hall McPHERSON b. 1956 Mt Lawley, WA.

….. a. Sarah Jane McPHERSON b. 1981, South Perth, WA.

2. David Geoffrey VINCENT b. 1958 Subiaco, WA.

3. Jenny Maree VINCENT b. 1961 Mt Lawley, WA. m. 1980 Thornlie, WA. 

m/to James Michael ROGULSKI  b. 1959 New London, Conn. USA



Brian Robert HONEY b. 1940 "St David's", Mt Lawley, WA. m. 1962 "St Peter's", Victoria Park, WA.  m/to

Judith Dawn WALTON b. 1943 Manjimup, WA.

1. Lindsay Brian HONEY b. 1963 Victoria Park WA

2. Roslyn Lee‑Anne HONEY b. 1965 Mt Lawley, WA

3. Bevan John HONEY b. 1968 Subiaco, WA.

4. Kylie Deanne HONEY b. 1970 Mt Lawley, WA.



Frank Ross HONEY b. 1943 "St Anne's", Mt Lawley, WA. m. 1966 "St Anne's", Belmont, WA.  m/to

Cherie Deanne LEE b. 1946 "St John's" Subiaco WA

1. Belinda Michelle HONEY b. 1968 "St John's", Subiaco, WA.

2. Natalie Francis HONEY b. 1970 "St John's", Subiaco, WA.

3. Vanessa Lee HONEY b. 1976 Mt Lawley, WA.



Lionel Charles HONEY b. 31 Mar 1911 Claremont, WA. m. 20 Dec 1939 Cue,       WA. d. 26 May 1973 Applecross, WA.  m/to

Teresa Iris (Tess) RYAN b. 7 Dec 1918 Canowna, WA.



John HONEY b. 1941 Big Bell, Cue, WA. m. 1962 Mt Lawley, WA.    m/to

Maxine BETHWAIT b. 1943

1. Andrew John HONEY b. 1964 "King Edward", Subiaco, WA.

2. Amanda Louise HONEY b. 1968 "St John", Subiaco, WA.

3. Alicia HONEY b. 1981 Subiaco, WA.



Julie‑Ann HONEY b. 1942 "King Edward's", Subiaco, WA. m. 1967 Applecross, WA.  m/to

Geoffrey William EVERETT b. 1943 Adelaide, SA.

1. Samantha Jane EVERETT b. 1970 Adelaide, SA.

2. Caroline Louise EVERETT b. 1971 Melbourne Vic.



Lysle HONEY b. 1946 Collie, WA. m. 1974 N. Ireland.  m/to

Jackie Gwendolyn TODD b. 1947 in (?), Down, NI.

1. Michael Lysle HONEY b. 1978 "St John's", Subiaco, WA.

2. Christopher Ryan HONEY b. 1980 "St John's", Subiaco WA.



Lynette Kay HONEY b. 1947 Collie WA. m. 1970 Applecross, WA.  m/to

Don Boddington SMART b. 1942 in (?), India.

1. Robert Boddington SMART b. 1972 Subiaco, WA.

2. Jane Louise SMART b. 1974 "King Edward's", Subiaco, WA.



Kay HONEY (twin) b. 1950 Donneybrook, WA. m. 1969 Applecross, WA.  m/to

Harley Vivian FENNER b. 1947 Geraldton, WA.

1. Therese Anne FENNER b. 1969 "St John's", Subiaco, WA.

2. Natalie Paula FENNER b. 1970 "St John's", Subiaco, WA.



FAY HONEY (twin) b. 1950 Donneybrook, WA. m. 1971 Melbourne, Vic.  m & div/to

Jeffrey James BRIGGS b...

1. Thomas James BRIGGS b. 1971 Melbourne, Vic.

2. Stacey BRIGGS b. 1972 "King Edward", Subiaco, WA.



Elizabeth HONEY b. 1958 Kalgoorlie, WA. m. 1980 Applecross, WA.  m/to

Brennon Vaughan LANGE b. ...



John Lisle HONEY b. 12 Jul 1917. John joined the RANVR in WA. in 1939/40, spent all his war service overseas in the Northern Hemisphere. As an M.T.B Naval Lieutenant just after the war, he was sent to New Guinea to bring home an M.T.B, but was killed     when the aircraft crashed in Rabaul on 20 Nov 1945 and is buried in Bitapaka War Cemetery, Rabaul. ( I have seen the grave )




     third child of Richard HONEY and Mary Ann (REYNOLDS)

Hilda Mary HONEY b. 17 Mar 1879 Woodville, SA. (#217/367 SA.) m. c1900 d. 3 Aug 1964 Perth, bd Karrakatta, WA.  m/to

Lewis Glanville NOTLEY b. 4 Nov 1873 d. 28 Jan 1949 Perth, WA.

two children


Lewis Richard Glanville (Bobs) NOTLEY b. c1903 d. 17 Mar 1970 Rockingham, Perth, WA. not married


Peter Glanville NOTLEY b. c1908 d. 1 Sep 1947 Perth, WA.




     fourth child of Richard and Mary Ann HONEY

Ruby Margaretta HONEY b. 24 Jul 1880 Woodville, Port Adelaide, SA. (#246/3 SA.) m. 1905 "St Margaret's", Woodville, SA. d. 19 Jul 1970 Adelaide, SA.  m/to

Richard Dawson TOLMER b. 3 Oct 1874 Hamhurst, Vic. par Alexander Tolmer, retired gentleman of Mitcham, and Jane Douglas. d. 18 Dec 1941 at his residence in Seacliffe, SA.

five children


Jean TOLMER b. 16 Feb 1906 Woodville, SA. m. 21 Sep 1929 Bendigo, Vic. d. 9 Mar 2007 Aus. aged 101 years   m/to

Victor James Duncan BOYLE b. 22 Aug 1899 Casterton, Vic. d. 1970 Banora Point, NSW.



Christopher John BOYLE b. 1937 Adelaide, SA. m. 1962 Brisbane, Qld.  m/to

Judith Ann LOADER b. 1939 Brisbane, Qld.

1. Julianne BOYLE b. 1965 Brisbane, Qld.

2. Hayden Christopher BOYLE b. 1967 Brisbane, Qld.



Richard Alexander TOLMER b. 9 May 1907 Naracoorte, SA. d. 26 Oct 1931 Naracoorte, SA.


Gerald Douglas (Pat) TOLMER b. 14 Feb 1909 Naracoorte, SA. m. 1938 Adelaide, SA.  div. 1972  m/to

Mavis Brandenbury TONKIN b. 18 Dec 1912 Adelaide, SA.



Richard Gerald TOLMER b. 1939 Adelaide, SA. m. 1965 Adelaide, SA.  m/to

Suzannne Glastonbury GOODE b. 1941 Adelaide, SA.



Grant Alfred TOLMER b. 1942 Adelaide, SA. m. 1964 Adelaide, SA.  m/to

Yvonne Dolores KELLY b. 1941 Adelaide, SA.

1. Darryl Grantly Lloyd TOLMER b. 1965 Adelaide, SA.

2. Tiffany Kelly Jane TOLMER b. 1967 Adelaide, SA.



Kent Alexander TOLMER b. 1945 Adelaide, SA. m. 1971 Burnside, SA.  m/to

Pauline Rae BOUNDY b. 1946 Murray Bridge, SA.

1. Alexander John TOLMER b. 1980 Melbourne Vic.



Ashley Jane TOLMER b. 1952 Adelaide, SA.



Nellie TOLMER b. 16 May 1910 Naracoorte, SA. m. 24 Sep 1934 C/E Naracoorte, SA. m/to

Henry Haussen BEGG b. 28 Jan 1902 Semaphore, SA.



Richard Alexander BEGG b. 1936 Prospect, SA. m1. 1 Oct 1967 Adelaide, SA.  m1/to

Sandra Stuart HARVEY b. 1944 Adelaide, SA.

1. Hamish Alexander BEGG b. 1969 Adelaide, SA.

2. Nigel Strathearn BEGG b. 1970 Adelaide, SA.


second marriage of Richard Alexander BEGG

Richard divorced in 1972 and remarried 1978 Adelaide, SA. m2/to

Robyn Louise HEITHERSAY b. 1953 Adelaide, SA.




William John BEGG b. 1939 Adelaide, SA. m. 1963 Adelaide, SA.  m/to

Rosemary Jane CRAVEN b. 1944 Adelaide, SA.

1. Amanda Jane BEGG b. 1944 Adelaide, SA.

2. Victoria Anne BEGG b. 1967 Adelaide, SA.

3. Nicholas John Alexander BEGG b. 1969 Adelaide, SA.



Ruby Pamela TOLMER b. 17 Feb 1914 Naracoorte, SA. m. 27 Mar 1943 Adelaide, SA.  m/to

Alan William FEUERHEERDT b. 4 Mar 1914 Naracoorte, SA. d. 27 Sep 1943 Lae, New Guinea. - no children




     Fifth child of Richard HONEY and Mary Ann (REYNOLDS)

Harry Woodville HONEY b. 26 Jul 1882 Woodville, SA. (#288/113 SA.) m. 3 Aug 1911 "St Margaret's" Woodville, SA. d. 30 Mar 1933 Peterborough, SA.

Ethel Gladys MUSSON b. 31 Dec 1892 Liverpool, Eng. d. 9 Mar 1956 Westbourne Park, SA.

five children


Harry Musson Woodville HONEY b. 1913 Rosebay, Sydney, NSW. never married.


Roger Charles Woodville HONEY b. 1916 Rosebay, Sydney, NSW. m1. 1939 Adelaide, SA.  m1/to

Elizabeth DUDGEON b.1916 Port Augusta SA. d. 1960 Warrnambool, Vic.



Peter Woodville HONEY b. 1942 Newcastle, NSW. m. 1977 Melbourne, Vic.  m/to

Norma Georgina CAMPBELL b. 1934 Melbourne, Vic.



Anne Norelle HONEY b. 1945 Newcastle, NSW. m. 1969 Melbourne, Vic.  m/to

Robert Alexander PARR b. 1946 Bendigo, Vic.

1. Danielle Elizabeth PARR b. 1971 Brisbane, Qld.



John Woodville HONEY b. 1947 Newcastle, NSW. m. 1974 Melbourne, Vic. /to

Moira‑Anne CURRAN b. 1953 Melbourne, Vic.

1. Luke James Woodville HONEY b. 1977 Melbourne, Vic.

2. Paul Steven Woodville HONEY b. 1978 Melbourne, Vic.



Kristine Nancy HONEY b. 1954 Warrnambool, Vic. m. 1975 Melbourne, Vic.  m/to

Michael ROCKE b. 1952 Pearce, WA.



second marriage of Roger Charles HONEY m2. 1966 Melbourne, Vic. m2/to

Dorothy CORR b. 1934 Carlton, Vic.



(child of previous marriage adopted the name of Honey)

Bernadette Honey b. 1963 Melbourne, Vic.



Ruth Mary HONEY b. 1922 Alton, Hamps, Eng. m. 1949 "St Columba", Hawthorne, SA.  m/to

Hugh Russell STONE b. 12 Mar 1912 Adelaide, SA.



Stephen Charles Alton STONE b. 1958 Adelaide, SA. m. 1990 m/to

Victoria Judith CAUGHEY



John Woodville HONEY b. 17 Apr 1925 Westbourne Park, SA. d. 30 Jan 1984 SA. never married


Nancy Margaret HONEY b. 1927 Westbourne Park, SA. m. 1962 "Pirie Street Methodist" Adelaide, SA.  m/to

Malcolm Frederick POTTER b. 1933 Adelaide, SA.



Mark Simon POTTER b. 1963 Adelaide, SA. m. 1990 Prince Alfred College Chapel, Adelaide, SA  m/to

Alana Tricia ROWE b. 1964 Adelaide, SA.

1. Ben Norman POTTER b. 1991 Adelaide, SA.




     Sixth child of Richard HONEY and Mary Ann (REYNOLDS)

Victor Gordon HONEY b. 13 Nov 1885 Woodville, SA. (#363/386 SA.) d. 21 Mar 1902 Killed in a shooting accident in New Zealand ‑ aged 16 years



     Seventh child of Richard HONEY and Mary Ann (REYNOLDS)

Roy Reynolds HONEY b. 16 Aug 1887 Woodville, Port Adelaide, SA. (#403/2 SA.) m. 14 Oct 1909 "St Peter's", Adelaide, SA. d. 21 Apr 1959 Adelaide, SA.  m/to

Gertrude Irene UNDERWOOD b. 26 Nov 1886 Adelaide, SA. d.5 Feb 1972 Adelaide, SA.

five children


Richard HONEY b. 7 Aug 1910 Alberton, Adelaide, SA. m. 20 Dec 1940 "St Chad's", Rosefield, Adelaide, SA. d. 26 Jan 1980 Adelaide, SA.

Jessie Letitia BROOKS b. 6 Nov 1910 Murray Bridge, SA. d. 16 Jul 1993 Royal Adelaide Hospital, Adelaide, SA.



Diana HONEY b. 1945 Adelaide, SA.



Miranda HONEY b. 1947 Adelaide, SA. m. in 1969 "Registry Office", Adelaide, SA. m/to

John Lyndon BARTON b. 1946 Adelaide, SA.

1. Benjamin BARTON b. 1969 "Calvary" Adelaide, SA.

2. Alison BARTON b. 1971 "Burnside", Adelaide, SA. occ: Adelaide solicitor

3. Christopher BARTON b. 1973 "Memorial" Adelaide, SA.



Hilda Margaret HONEY (Meg) b. 20 Jan 1912 Naracoorte, SA. d. 14 Mar 1914 Naracoorte, SA.



Helen Joyce HONEY (Joy) b. 17 Dec 1914 Naracoorte SA. m1. 16 Sep 1939 "St Columba's", Adelaide, SA. d. 28 Apr 1996 Noosaville, Qld. bd Noosa, Qld.  m1/to

Leslie Vyvyan NEWALL b. 23 May 1917 London, Eng. d. 7 Apr 1942 Werribee, Vic. (aircraft accident) no children

m2. 16 May 1946 "St Phillip's", Melbourne, Vic. m2/to

Roger Nepean KURING b. 20 Mar 1917 Melbourne, Vic.



Roger Nicol KURING b. 1951 "Calvary", North Adelaide, SA. m. 1974 "St Peter's", Adelaide, SA.,  m/to

Christine Mary BIDMEADE b. 1950 "Queen Victoria", Adelaide, SA.

1. Julia Kate KURING b. 1979 "Queen Victoria", Adelaide, SA.

2. Nigel Nicol KURING b. 1981



Simon Jonathan KURING b. 1952 "Calvary", North Adelaide, SA.



Mary HONEY b. 17 Aug 1919 Unley Rd, Malvern, Adelaide, SA. m1. 24 Aug 1940 "St Augustine's", Unley, Adelaide, SA. d. 3 Apr 1965 Subiaco, WA. m1/to

James Raymond CLOSE d. 1942 Narrabri, NSW. aircraft accident.



Meg CLOSE (b. as JOANNE MEG) b. 1942 Adelaide, SA. m. 1963 "Christchuch", Claremont, WA.  m/to

John Llewellyn REES b. 1935 Mt Lawley, Perth, WA.

1. David John REES b. 1964 "St John's" Subiaco, WA. m. 1991   

m/to Rose-Marie CVITAN b. 1967 "St John's" Subiaco, WA.

....... a. Nicholas David REES b. 1993 "St John's" Subiaco, WA.

....... b. Timothy John REES b. 1995 "St John's" Subiaco, WA.

....... c. Jamison LLewellyn REES b. 1998 "St John's" Subiaco, WA.

2. Anthea Lucille REES b. 1966 "St Johns" Subiaco, WA. m1. 1990

m1/to Mark MACMILLAN b. 1963 Glasgow, Sct div 1993, no children

second marriage of Anthea REES m. 1994

m2/to Edward Joseph MULRENNAN b. 1964 Germany

....... a. Matthew Jayden MULRENNAN b. 1996 SJOG Murdoch, WA.
....... b. Daniel Michael MULRENNAN b. 1998 SJOG Murdoch, WA.
....... c. Sarah Joanne MULRENNAN b. 2000 Glengarry Hospital, Duncraig

3. Kristina Maree REES b. 1968 "St Johns" Subiaco, WA. m. 1993 Christchurch, Claremont, WA.

m/to Kingsley Shane MORISEY b. 1967 "St Johns" Subiaco, WA. m. 1993
....... a. Justin Kingsley MORISEY b. 1996 SJOG Murdoch, WA.
....... b. Kristian Eric MORISEY b. 1998 SJOG Murdoch, WA.
....... c. Joshua John MORISEY b. 2001 SJOG Murdoch, WA.
....... d. Andrew Michael MORISEY b. 2003 SJOG Murdoch, WA.

4. Michael Llewellyn REES b. 1970 "St John's" Subiaco, WA. m. 1999 Presbyterian Ladies College, Peppermint Grove, WA.

m/to Julie May WARREN b. 1976 "KEMH" Subiaco, WA.
....... a. Alana Anne REES b. 2001 SJOG Murdoch, WA.
....... b. Josephine Meg REES b. 2003 SJOG Murdoch, WA.



second marriage of Mary Honey m2. 27 Dec 1945 Unley, Adelaide, SA.  m2/to

Dudley Graham HANSON (Bill) b. 23 May 1912 Woodville, SA.



Jane Elizabeth HANSON b. 1946 "Tresillian" Nedlands, WA. m. 1970 "Christchurch", Claremont, WA.  m/to

Neil William MOORE b. 1946 Perth, WA.

1. Rhena Jane MOORE b. 1973 "St John's" Subiaco, WA.

2. Kristian Neil MOORE b. 1974 "St John's", Subiaco, WA.



Catherine Mary HANSON b. 1951 "St John's", Subiaco, WA. m. 1972 "Christchurch", Claremont, WA.  m/to

Graham Francis ATKINSON b. 1947 Wongan Hills, WA.

1. Lee‑Anne ATKINSON b. 1973 "King Edward" Subiaco, WA.



Elizabeth Ann HONEY b. 1928 Broken Hill, NSW. m. 1951 Mattingley, Hants. Eng.  m/to

Anthony Gerald BOMFORD b. 17 Jan 1927 Dehra Dun, U.P. India. (s/o Brigadier Guy BOMFORD & Audrey Edith BARCLAY, ref: Richard BOMFORD) d. 10 May 2003 aged 76 years



Richard BOMFORD b. 1952 Cambridge, Eng.



Mary BOMFORD b. 1953 Adelaide, SA.



Philip BOMFORD b. 1960 Epsom, Surrey, Eng.



Annabel BOMFORD (born as Margaret Anne) b. 1964 Canberra, ACT.

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     Eighth child of Richard HONEY and Mary Ann (REYNOLDS)

(1) Dudley David Goodman HONEY b. 8 Feb 1890 Woodville, SA. (#453/204 SA.) m. 4 Nov 1914 "St Peter's", Meckering, WA. d. 5 Oct 1955 Perth, WA.  m/to

Florence Muriel COMBLEY b. 25 May 1894 York, WA. (for origins see my COMBLEY file) d. 30 Sep 1970 Kelmscott, WA. - five children



Peter Richard HONEY b. 27 Dec 1915 Northam, WA. m. 10 Jul 1954 "Scots Church" South Perth, WA. d. 8 Dec 1991 Cranbrook, WA. occ. farmer of Cranbrook m/to

Jean Doris JONES b. 1926 Fremantle, WA.




Kathleen Judith HONEY b. 1949 Harvey, WA. m. 1971 Perth, WA.    m/to

Ray BARTON b. 1943 Melbourne, Vic.

1. Melanie Jane BARTON b. 1974 Wagga Wagga, NSW.

2. Richard Neil BARTON b. 1978 Adelaide, SA.




Richard Dudley HONEY b. 1955 East Fremantle, WA. m. 1996 Middle Swan, WA.     m/to

Julie M BOLTON b. 1956 Mt Lawley, Perth, WA.

1. Matthew Brian HONEY b. 1986 at Subiaco, WA.

2. Rachael Lauren HONEY b. 1996 at Subiaco, WA.

3. Richard James HONEY b. 1998 at Subiaco, WA.




Peter Robert HONEY b. 1956 Harvey, WA. m. 1985 "St Georges College", Crawley, WA.  m/to

Sandra Elizabeth McGIE b. 1957 Geelong, Vic.

1. Peter William Forbes HONEY b. 1986 at KEMH, Subiaco, WA.

2. Susannah Jane Claudia HONEY b. 1988 at KEMH, Subiaco, WA.

3. Emily Elizabeth Anne HONEY b. 1991 at SJOG, Subiaco, WA.

4. Sophie Alexandra HONEY b. 1993 at SJOG, Subiaco, WA.

5. Eliza Caroline Henriette HONEY b. 1995 at SJOG, Subiaco, WA.

6. Isabelle Nina Eleanor HONEY b. 1998 at SJOG, Subiaco, WA.

7. Alexander Robert Henry HONEY b. 2000 at SJOG, Subiaco, WA.




David John HONEY b. 1958 Mt Barker, WA. m. 1985 at Fremantle, WA.  occ: Production Manager at Alcoa Refinery     m/to

Robyn Elizabeth BURNS b. Perth, WA.

1. Elizabeth Rachel HONEY b. 1988 "St Johns", Subiaco, WA.

2. Catherine Alice HONEY b. 1990 "St Johns", Subiaco, WA.

3. Peter Richard HONEY b. 1993 "St Johns", Subiaco, WA.

4. David Lawrence Robert HONEY b. 1998 "St Johns", Subiaco, WA.

5. Michael John HONEY b. 2000 "St Johns", Subiaco, WA.

6. Rebecca Mary Rose HONEY b. 2005 "St Johns", Subiaco, WA.




Margaret Anne HONEY b. 1960 Harvey, WA. m. 1985 Bently, WA. to

Graham WITHERS b. – occ: engineer

1. Sarah Jean Honey WITHERS b. 1986 "St Johns" Wembley, WA.

2. Simon Richard WITHERS b. 1988 "St Johns" Subiaco, WA.



David Dudley HONEY (Beaver) b. 27 Dec 1917 at Nurse Bevan’s, Newcastle Street, Perth, WA. m1. Nov 1963 Bicton Uniting Church, Canning Hwy, Bicton, WA. d. 5 Aug 2003 Toodyay, WA.     m/to

Shirley May BULLOCK b. cc1917


second marriage of David Dudley (Beaver) HONEY m2. 17 Sep 1983 St Andrew’s, Barker Road, Subiaco, WA.

Sylvia Lyla WITHAM b. 1914. d. Jul 1996

no children from either marriage



Frederick HONEY b. 30 May 1921 at Nurse Bevan’s in North Perth, WA.  m. 17 Aug 1946 Perth, WA. div. 15 Nov 1985 d. 25 Aug 2000 Hollywood Repatriation Hospital, Perth WA. res. 45 Abernathy Rd, Cloverdale, WA. occ: accountant & farmer   m/to

Heather Lynette JOHNSTONE b. 1920 St Kilda, Vic. - two children




Susan Mary HONEY b. 1948  Subiaco, WA.  m. 1969 Claremont, WA. occ: maths teacher, B.Sc   m/to

John Arthur HART b. 1946 Perth, WA. occ: science teacher, B.Sc

1. Adele HART b. 18 Dec 1970 East Fremantle, WA d. 23 Dec 1980 Esperance, WA. aged 10 years (child ‑ died of asthma)

2. Alan John HART b. 1973 East Fremantle, WA. m. 2006 Taipei, Taiwan, occ: mechanical engineer, B.Eng    m/to

Chai Jin (Ingrid) TSAI b. c1975 Taipei, Taiwan (d/o James H.T. TSAI & Katie) occ: dentist

..… a. Nathan (Bieng Heur) HART b. 2007 Singapore.

..… b. Daniel HART b. 2009 Taipei, Taiwan.

3. James Arthur HART b. 1984 Esperance, WA. electronic lathe operator

4. Brendan John HART b. 1986 Rockingham, WA. mining engineer




Penelope Jill HONEY (Jill) b. 1950 "King Edwards" Subiaco, WA. m. 1971 "Registry" Perth, WA. occ: library aide, B.Ed   m/to

Kenneth Frederick STEWART b. 1948 "King Edwards", Subiaco, WA. occ: maths teacher, B.Sc, Dip Ed.

1. Lalla Karri STEWART  b. 1975 "Osborne Park Hospital", Perth, WA. m. 2005 Carilley Winery, Herne Hill, WA. occ: primary & ESL teacher/manager, B.Ed

m/to Adam John BRYERS b. 1969 Richmond, Vic. (s/o John Alexander BRYERS (b.1942 South Porcupine, Ontario, Canada, m. 1965 Bradford, Ont, Can. to Mary Jane COLLINGS b.1943 Toronto, Ontario, Canada) occ: teacher & University Recruitment Officer, B.Ed

..… a. Arissa Honey BRYERS b. 2008 "King Edwards", Subiaco, WA.

2. Lyall Jarrah STEWART b. 1978 "Osborne Park Hospital", Perth, WA. occ: computer technician

3. Roy Tuart STEWART  b. 1980  "Osborne Park Hospital" Perth, WA. occ: IT technician, B.Bus




Mary HONEY b. 1925 Kirrup, W.A. m. 1947 "St Mary's" West Perth, WA.  m/to

Herbert Hugo PEARSON b. 1916 Malvern Vic.

(The PEARSON family is the research of Bev BAXTER < bhbaxter@hotmail.com >)




David Alexander PEARSON b. 1947 Subiaco, WA.




George Herbert PEARSON b. 1948 Subiaco, WA. occ: teacher




Wendy Margaret PEARSON b. 1950 Subiaco, WA. m. 1971 Ardross, W.A.  m/to

Brian John GRAHAM b. 1946 Collie, WA. occ: teacher

1. Leanne Mary GRAHAM b. 1972 South Perth, WA. defacto/m

m/to Andy DOWNES b. 1971 New Zealand

….. a. Ari Jack GRAHAM b. 2001 Busselton, WA.


2. Benjamin John GRAHAM b. 1973 South Perth, WA. m. 2003 Yallingup, WA.    

m/to Tanya BLISS b. 1978 Perth, WA.

….. a. Joshua Marshall GRAHAM b. 2006 Busselton, WA.


3. Sam Bradley GRAHAM b. 1978 Manjimup, WA.


4. Jessica Kim GRAHAM b. 1981 Manjimup, WA. m. 2006 Margaret River, WA.

m/to Jabriel COLE b. 1977 Perth, WA.

….. a. Matilda COLE b. 2007 Busselton, WA.




Frances Anne PEARSON (Anne) b. 1952 Subiaco, WA. m. 1974 Manning, WA.  m/to

Philip Anthony O'MEARA b. 1951 Trayning, WA.

1. Matthew John O'MEARA b. 1978 Attadale, WA. m. 2005 Port Douglas, Qld.

m/to Amy BATEMAN b. 1978 Welshpool, Wales.


2. Christopher Paul O'MEARA b. 1980 Melbourne, Vic.

3. Kate Natasha O'MEARA b. 1984 Melbourne, Vic.

4. Joshua Anthony O'MEARA b. 1986 Melbourne, Vic.




Linda Helen PEARSON b. 1955 East Fremantle, WA. m1. 7 Jun 1975 Pasadena, USA. div. 1986  m1 & div/to

Malcolm Thomas McCULLOCH b. 1950


second marriage of Linda Helen Pearson m2. 1986 Canberra, ACT. m/to

Roland MAAS b. 1956 Baden Baden, Germany

1. Francine Anna Pearson MAAS b. 1988 Canberra, ACT.

2. Linus Oberon Pearson MAAS b. 1993 KEMH, Subiaco, WA.




Rosemary Joy PEARSON b. 1957 East Fremantle, WA.

m. 31 Dec 1982 Mt Pleasant, WA.      m & divorced    first m/to

David EMERY b. 1947 – no children of this first marriage


second defacto marriage of Rosemary Joy PEARSON    m/to

Murray WILKINS b. 1945

1. Lucy Jasmine WILKINS b. 1992 KEMH, Subiaco, WA.




John Christopher PEARSON  b. 1962 East Fremantle, WA. defacto m/to

Lisa TOOMATH b. 1980 Perth, WA.

1. Lily-Anniese PEARSON b. 1991 Kalgoorlie, WA.




Margaret HONEY b. 1928 Nurse Bevan's, North Perth, WA.

never married





     Ninth child of Richard HONEY and Mary Ann (REYNOLDS)

Charles St Clair HONEY b. 22 May 1892 Woodville, SA. (#502/74 SA.) d. Sydney, NSW. (Left home when a young man, lived in Sydney, and married late in life and had no children)



end of tree


The direct descendents of Richard Honey and Mary Ann (Reynolds) now (in 1980) number over 198, and are spread throughout the World.


Descendents ‑  First Generation =         9 children

            Second Generation =    30 grand children

            Third Generation =       59 g.g children

            Fourth Generation =     96 g.g.g children

            Fifth Generation =         4 g.g.g.g children


             TOTAL = 198 descendents (1980)


Each child of Richard and Mary Ann Honey has the following number of descendents in each generation.

                         Ethel Lionel  Hilda   Ruby    Harry          Victor  Roy    Dudley Charles

                         Rose Richard Mary Margaretta Woodville Gordon Reynolds David  St Clair

generation         I                                                           total

‑‑‑------------‑‑           I‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑-----------------------------------

            1st        I  1     1      1      1       1       1      1     1     1    9


            2nd      I  2     6      2      5       5              5     5        30


            3rd       I  6    16            7       6              11    13         59


            4th       I 13    38            10      3              11    21         96


            5th       I  4                                                          4

                        I ‑‑‑‑   ‑‑‑‑    ‑‑‑‑    ‑‑‑‑     ‑‑‑‑     ‑‑‑‑      ‑‑‑‑   ‑‑‑‑   ‑‑‑‑  ‑‑‑‑

                        I 26    61      3     23      15       1       28    40     1   198



                                                            end of file