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James Bond MERRICK of Victoria




This tree is provided to family historians without prejudice. I have constructed most of my family trees using the data I have available, and in a few cases it is estimated as the best fit from available choices. In this tree, several of the links are yet to be proved, so any help that you can give to confirm any line would be appreciated by me and others searching in this family. More modern families also need your inputs, because as I can link modern families to each other, and thus it enables a focus on their common ancestry. The memories of one branch may not be complete, but yet may fill in gaps of another branch. Only by a concerted effort can we really define the true lineage. Help me to help you by sharing what you have. Ken STEWART < >



Other than the standard abbreviations and Chapman County codes I also use

(IGI reg) to designate source of IGI materials with "registers" source codes

(IGI) to show IGI materials with another source (not always reliable)

"c" before year date to show an estimated year

"cc" before year date to show I have used the spouse's date data as a rough guide

The (Qx 18xx #5c/xxx Whitehaven) details are the GRO reference numbers for certificates




James Bond (Brand) MERRICK

b.  13 May 1861 Brunswick, Vic.

son of Charles Barnes MERRICK, shoemaker of Brunswick, Vic. and Mary AHERN

of Youghal, Cork. (see MERRICK3 file)

m.  20 Aug 1881 Registry Office, Gore Street, Fitzroy, Vic. (#323/1881 Collingwood)

d. 30 Dec 1937 Hospital of Aged & Infirm, Royal Park, Melbourne, Vic. (s/o David MERRICK & Margaret AHEARNE, informant Hospital Staff, #11438/1937 Melbourne) bd. 31 Dec 1937 Necropolis, Springvale, Vic. aged 76 years

occ: potter (21) of Richmond in 1881, potter of Footscray & Kent Town, labourer (76) of Melbourne in 1937     m/to

Margaret O'MAHONEY

b.  12 Feb 1860 Queensberry Street, North Melbourne, Vic.

dau of Thaddeus Dennison MAHONY, general dealer of North Melbourne, and

 Jane STAFFORD of Church Hill, Donegal. (see MAHONEY2.file)

d. 11 Sep 1941 Melbourne Benevolent Asylum, Coburg, Vic. (d/o Thadius O'MAHONEY & Jane STAFFORD, informant Authorised Agent, #9056/1941 Melbourne) bd. 12 Sep 1941 Necropolis, Springvale, Vic. aged 80 years - nine children

occ: servant (21) of Fitzroy in 1881, home duties (80) in 1941




first child of James Bond MERRICK and Margaret O'MAHONEY


 no children but adopted Gloria, dau of James Merrick




            second child of James Bond MERRICK and Margaret O'MAHONEY

James Thaddeus MERRICK b. 1881 d. 1967 Vic. (#12831/1967 Vic)

Virginia DAVIS b. 1887 d. 1926 Vic. (#4573/1926 Vic) aged 39 years died in childbirth



James Alfred MERRICK b. 1907 Lithgow, NSW. (#4686/1907 NSW) d. 1965 Coburg, Vic. (#14928/1965 Vic) m/to

Janet Reid MCKENZIE b. 12 Oct 1909 d. 2010




Merle Margaret MERRICK b. c1931 d. 8 Dec 2008    m/to

Brian LEHENY b. cc1931 they had 5 children




Ian James MERRICK b. 1933

Brenda Ellen QUINN b. 4 Nov 1935 d. 24 Feb 2009

1. Lisa Jane MERRICK b.

2. Kelly Jean MERRICK b.

3. Rebecca Anne MERRICK b. 



Cornelius MERRICK b. 1909 d. 1914 Brunswick, Vic. (#12848.1965 Vic) aged 3 years



Reginald Keith MERRICK b. 1911 Vic. (#26196/1911 Vic)



Ronald Archibald MERRICK b. 1914 Brunswick, Vic. (#1181/1914 Vic) m. 1934 Vic. (#206/1934 Vic) d. 1976 Cheltenham, Vic. (#8146/1976 Vic) aged 62 years 

Amy Victoria Elizabeth HEATH b. 1913



Ronald James MERRICK b. 1935 d. 1983 Lowe..., Vic. (#16019/1983 Vic) aged 48 years

Mavis b. cc1935



Bruce Robert MERRICK b. 1944 d. 1995

Lorraine Leslie ROBINSON b. 1943

1. Wayne Robert MERRICK b. 1964 d. 1964 Vic. (#2057/1964 Vic)

2. Robert Neville MERRICK b. 1965

m/to Fiona Anne GLENCROSS b. 1966

....... a. Bryce Robert MERRICK b. 1992

....... b. Brodie Teagan MERRICK b. 1994

....... c. Dylan McLean MERRICK b. 1996

3. Kerry MERRICK b. 1966



Gordon Albert MERRICK b. 1917 Richmond, Vic. (#6856/1917 Vic) d. 1918 Carlton, Vic. (#4215/1918 Vic) aged an infant.



Gloria MERRICK (DE ZOETE)  possibly b. 1926 Vic.

Ronald McLEAN



Maurice McLEAN b. c1948



son McLEAN


+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + +


second marriage of James Thaddeus MERRICK m. 1929 Vic. (#1603/1929 Vic)

James Thaddeus MERRICK b. 1881 d. 1967 Vic. (#12831/1967 Vic)

Levinia Deborah Rosewarne STEVENS b. cc1881 (d/o Peter & Mary STEVENS) d. 1955 Vic. (#289/1955 Vic)





third child of James Bond MERRICK and Margaret O'MAHONEY

Lillian Myra MERRICK b. 12 Mar 1883 Lithgow, NSW. m. 7 Jul 1906 d. 29 Feb 1970

James Humphrey O'LOUGHLIN b. cc1883 -  three children


James William O'LOUGHLIN b. 18 Nov 1907 Kalgoorlie, WA. m. 23 Mar 1935

Guildford, WA.     m/to

Winnifred May GADD b. 6 Feb 1909 West Guildford, WA. - three children



Barry James O'LOUGHLIN b. 1936  "Old Guildford Hospital", Midland, WA. m. 1959 Wembley, WA.    m/to

Robin Jeanette GREAM b. 1942 Cottesloe, WA.

1. Tracy Ralphine O'LOUGHLIN b. 1960 "King Edward Hospital" Subiaco, WA. m. 1977 "St Michael's Church", Cannington, WA.    m/to

Ross Leith BROWN b. 1957 Perth, WA.

2. (twin) James Phillip O'LOUGHLIN  b. 1965 Seymour, Vic.

3. (twin) Lynda Rose O'LOUGHLIN b. 1965 Seymour, Vic.



Janice Margaret O'LOUGHLIN b. 26 Oct 1940 Guildford, WA  d. 23 Nov

 1942 Guildford, WA.



Pamela Joy O'LOUGHLIN b. 1944 Guildford, WA. m. 1964 Wembley, WA.   m & div/to

Graeme Joseph RICHARDS b. 1940 Sydney, NSW.

1. Helen Leanne RICHARDS b. 1966 "St John of Gods", Subiaco, WA.

2. Rebecca Jane RICHARDS b. 1969 "St Josephs" Subiaco, WA.

3. Andrew Joseph RICHARDS b. 1970 "St John of Gods", Subiaco, WA.

4. Margaret Joy RICHARDS b. 1971 "St John of Gods", Subiaco, WA.

5. Paul Lawrence O'LOUGHLIN b. 1973 "St Anne's" Subiaco, WA.



Allen William O'LOUGHLIN b. 25 Dec 1910 m. 17 Dec 1938     m/to

Abbie Rae WINZER b. cc1910



James Robert O'LOUGHLIN b. 1939  m. 1960   m/to

Ysobel  THOMPSON b. cc1939

1. Allen James O'LOUGHLIN b. 1961

2. David Wayne O'LOUGHLIN b. 1964

3. (twin) Jacqueline Anne O'LOUGHLIN b. 1968

4. (twin) Stuart John O'LOUGHLIN b. 1968



Delis Pamela O'LOUGHLIN b. 1942  m. 1963   m/to

Ross HOWLETT b. cc1942

1. Julie HOWLETT b. 1964

2. Stephen HOWLETT b. 1965

3. Lynette HOWLETT b. 1966



Julie Rae O'LOUGHLIN b. 1944 m. 1975

John PRITCHARD b. cc1944

1. Matthew John PRITCHARD b. 1977



Allen Leslie O'LOUGHLIN b. 21 Sep 1947 Kalgoorlie, WA.  d. 21 Sep 1947

 Kalgoorlie, WA. died at birth.



Alice Margaret O'LOUGHLIN b. 1915  m. 1940 first marriage m1/to

Mr  HALLIDAY b. cc1915



Dale HALLIDAY b. 1944 first marriage  m1/to

Jeff HOWARTH  b. cc1944 at Malta

1. Judith HOWARTH b. 1963

2. Karen HOWARTH b. 1964

3. Mark HOWARTH b. 1968

second marriage of Dale HALLIDAY m2/to




Robert HALLIDAY b. 1946  m/to


1. Rebecca HALLIDAY b. 1978



second marriage of Alice HALLIDAY m. 1958   m/to






fourth child of James Bond MERRICK and Margaret O'MAHONEY

Mary MERRICK b. ‑‑ May 1884 d. 3 Jan 1885 bd. Melbourne General Cemetery. died an infant






fifth child of James Bond MERRICK and Margaret O'MAHONEY

Doreen MERRICK b.c1889 m.15 Aug 1911 Adelaide, SA.

William WILSON b.c1890 son of William WILSON

three children



Doris WILSON b. c1912 m. 1936 Warrnambool, in NSW.    m/to

Austin RYAN b. cc1912



Dennis B RYAN b. 1939 Lithgow, NSW. m1. and m2.



Helen  B RYAN b. 1941 Lithgow, NSW. unmarried (?)



David RYAN b. c1943 at Lithgow, NSW.



Lorna WILSON  b. 1920 Melbourne, Vic. m. 1941 CofE, Coburg, Vic. m/to

Lloyd George COOPER b. 1916 Balranald, NSW.



(adopted) Myrna Anne COOPER b. 1941 Melbourne, Vic. m. 1962 East Ringwood Baptist Church, Vic. infants teacher. m. & div 1975/to

Juergen Helmut RAUCHFUSS b. 1937 Potsdam, Germany.

1. Sandra Frances RAUCHFUSS b. 1968 Box Hill, NSW.

m/to Peter DOIG b. cc1968.

……. a. Chelsea Paige DOIG b. 1996 Ferntree Gully, Vic

……. b. Shannah DOIG b. 1998 Ferntree Gully, Vic.

2. Shane Jergen RAUCHFUSS b. 1971 Box Hill, NSW. policeman



Claire Frances COOPER b. 1950 Melbourne, Vic. m. 1970 "St Edmunds RC Church" Croydon, Vic. primary teacher     m/to

Neil  John DUNCAN b. 1946 Melbourne, Vic. chartered accountant

1. Nerissa Marea DUNCAN b. 1976 Box Hill, NSW. occ: nursing /health gratuate 1998

2. Stephanie Lorna DUNCAN  b. 1981 Box Hill, NSW. student 1999 (Rotary exchange to France 1997)



Frank WILSON b. c1920 died in 1942, killed in the defence of Singapore





     sixth child of James Bond MERRICK and Margaret O'MAHONEY





     seventh child of James Bond MERRICK and Margaret O'MAHONEY






eighth child of James Bond MERRICK and Margaret O'MAHONEY

Ethel  Margaret  MERRICK b. 12 Feb 1894 Montague St, Footscray, Vic. m. 31 Mar 1915 "St Matthews Church", Kensington, SA. d. 22 Mar 1972 South Perth, WA. bd. Karrakatta Cemetery, WA.  m/to

Joseph  Frederick  William  KITTO  b. 17 Jan 1891 Baroota, SA. d. 6 Sep 1968 "Mosman Park Hospital", WA. occ: fitter and turner, Joyce Bros. furniture company works foreman. 

three children



Sylvia Maud KITTO  b. 10 Jun 1916 Kensington Gardens, SA. m. 18 Oct 1941 "Star of the Sea", Cottesloe, WA. d. 25 Dec 1996 Cottesloe, WA. occ: general store, Walpole, WA.   m/to

Francis Norman PARKER b. 18 Oct 1912 Albany, WA. d. Feb 1989 timber mill diesel engineer ‑ Swarbricks of Walpole & Bunnings



Marlene Gwinnith PARKER b. 1943 "Woodside Hosp." Cottesloe, WA. m. 1963 "Star of the Sea Church", Cottesloe, WA. occ: optical surgeon’s secretary in Footscray then Mornington in Vic. m/to & div.

Bruce Frederick COHEN b. 1943 Mt Hawthorn, WA. occ: constructions

1. Shandra Leigh COHEN b. 1964 "Osborne Park Hospital", WA. m. & sep/to

Barry LUDE b. cc1964.

……. a. Brad Ronald LUDE b. 1985 Adelaide, SA.

……. b. Melissa Paige LUDE b. 1987 Adelaide SA.  

2. Megan Jocelyn COHEN  b. 1966 "Osborne Park Hospital", WA. occ: police woman in Vic, airport security in NSW, wheat board estimator in Vic.

3. Timothy Frederick COHEN  b. 1971 "Osborne Park Hospital", WA. occ: bank officer, premium wine retail sales in Vic



Gwenneth Margaret KITTO b. 16 Apr 1919 Kensington Park, Vic. arrived WA. aged 11 years  m. 22 Nov 1947 "Christchurch", Claremont, WA.   m/to

Henry Victor (Harry) PAGE  b. 16 Jun 1916 Katanning, WA. d. 2004 Bull Creek, WA. occ:  Brick manufacturer of Kojonup and Katanning, WA.



Vicki Elizabeth PAGE (twin) b. 1948 "King Edward Hospital", Subiaco, WA. m. 1971 Trinity College, East Perth, WA. occ: secretary   m/to

John Gerard  PUBBEN b. 1948 Helden, Holland. occ: bank officer

1. Lee John PUBBEN b. 14 Jun 1973 "St Johns Hospital" Subiaco,  WA.  d. 24 Apr 1993 Boyup Brook, WA. road accident.

2. Benjamin Henry PUBBEN b. 1978 Attadale, WA. occ: mine mechanic in 2004

3. Brock Andrew PUBBEN  b. 1981 Katanning, WA.



Leah Margaret PAGE (twin)  b. 1948 "King Edward Hospital", Subiaco, WA. m. 18 Oct 1972,  telephonist, receptionist  m & sep /to

Ross SKIPPER b. 1950 Subiaco, WA. occ: mechanic mining equipment, Argyll WA. South Africa & Leonora, Hotel Owner..

1. Britt SKIPPER b. 1973 Townsville, Qld.

2. Ryan Craig SKIPPER  b. 1975 "St Johns Hospital", Subiaco, WA. occ: barman in London in 2004



William Theodore PAGE  b. 1951 Katanning, WA. m. 1977  "St Johns Church" Albany, WA. brick manufacturer, yard manager, fuel depot manager, car salesman in Katanning 1998   m/to

Susan Elizabeth OLD b. 1955 Albany, WA. school secretary

1. Carrie PAGE b. 1981 Katanning Dist Hosp, WA. student 1998. lawyers clerk in Perth in 2004

2. Mitchell PAGE  b. 1983 Katanning District Hospital, WA. student 1998, actor in Perth in 2004



Josephine Ruth KITTO b. 10 Jul 1925 Shipster's Road, Kensington, SA. m. 1 Mar 1947 "Christchurch" Claremont, WA. d. 18 Jan 1990 Mount Hospital, Perth, WA.    m/to 

Thomas STEWART b. 24 Feb 1924 Bruce Rock, WA. d. 2000 Fremantle, WA. occ: Commonwealth Bank officer



Kenneth Frederick STEWART b. 1948 "King Edward Hospital", Subiaco, WA. m. 1971 Registry Office, Perth, WA.  occ: teacher, head of Mathematics in Geraldton, Scarborough & Mt Lawley    m/to

Penelope Jill HONEY b. 1950 "King Edward Hospital",  Subiaco, WA. occ: teacher, museum officer, library aid.

1. Lalla Karri STEWART b. 1975 "Osborne Park Hospital", WA. m. 2005 Swan Walley, WA. occ: teacher in Thailand 1997-1999, London 2000-2002, Melbourne 2003-2006, Perth 2007-

m/to Adam John BRYERS – 2 children

2. Lyall Jarrah STEWART b. 1978 "Osborne Park Hospital", WA. occ: computer technician / student 1998, computer technician 1999-

3. Roy Tuart STEWART  b. 1980 "Osborne  Park Hospital", WA. occ:  business student 1998, computer technician 2005-



Paul Thomas STEWART b. 1949 "King Edward Hospital", Subiaco, WA. m. in Cooroy, Qld. occ: mine site electrician, water board

Norilea McPAUL b. 1951 Cooroy, Qld. occ: nurse

1. Wayne STEWART b. 1972 Cooroy, Qld. occ: heavy duty mechanic 1998

m & div/to Jess  b. cc1972 

2. Neil Thomas STEWART b. 1974 Hedland, WA. occ: offshore oil well mechanic 1998

m/to Julia ELLIS  b. cc1974 d/o Trevor &

3. Donna Michelle STEWART b. 1977 Newman, WA. occ: laboratory technician 1998

m/to Christopher ROEVES b. cc1977 occ: quantity surveyor London, Perth WA.





ninth child of James Bond MERRICK and Margaret O'MAHONEY

William Charles MERRICK b. d. 1977 Kew, Vic. A professional ballroom dancer.

 not married