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KITTO families of NSW



This tree is provided to family historians without prejudice. I have constructed most of my family trees using the data I have available, and in a few cases it is estimated as the best fit from available choices.  In this tree, most of the links have been proved through BMD certificate references, but there may be still some errors, so any help that you can give to confirm any line would be much appreciated by me and others searching in this family. More modern families also need your inputs, because as I can link modern families to each other, and thus it enables a focus on their common ancestry. The memories of one branch may not be complete, but yet may fill in gaps of another branch. Only by a concerted effort can we really define the true lineage. Help me to help you by sharing what you have.


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With special thanks to Elizabeth JACOBSEN who provided me with many, many indexes of data.

And the many other researchers and family members who have contributed to this set of trees


Walter KITTO


From Mevagissey, Cornwall =>

Adelong & Tumut, NSW



William KITTO

Elizabeth McMANUS

From Pragreen, Breage =>

Eaglehawk & Broken Hill, NSW





From Pragreen, Breage =>

American Gully, Eaglehawk, Bendigo, White Hills, NSW



Richard Polglase KITTO

Frieda May ASHBY

From Breage, Cornwall =>

Parkes & Condobolin, NSW



William James KITTO

Elizabeth Johns REED

From Cleator, Cumberland =>

Bulli, NSW



Ernest I KITTO


From Cardinham => St Stephens

=> Colorado => Parramatta






(1) Walter KITTO

b. 1833 bp. 21 Jul 1833 Mevagissey, Con, Eng. (son of Solomon KITTO and Jane Avery of Mevagissey, Con, Eng.)

m. 1858 Tumut, NSW (#2722/1858 NSW)

d. 4 Oct 1881 Shaking Bog, Tumut, NSW. (s/o Solomon & Jane, #10923/1881 NSW), timber felling accident near his homestead, aged 46 years

occ: labourer (16) at parents home in Mevagissey in 1851)

arr: between 1851 and 1858   m/to



b. 1840 Gunning, NSW  died as Elizabeth PETTS d. 11 Jun 1903 Tumut, NSW.



Elizabeth Margaret KITTO  b. 1858 Adelong & bp. 20 Mar 1859 Tumut, NSW. (d/o Walter & Hannah, #96-159/1858 NSW) d. 12 Jan 1866 Lacmalac, Tumut, NSW. (d/o Walter KITTO & Hannah, #6812/1866 NSW) of Diptheria aged 8 years



Jane KITTO  b. 1860 & bp. 24 Mar 1861 Tumut, NSW. (d/o Walter & Hannah, #12833/ 1860 NSW) d. 6 Jan 1866 Lacmalac, Tumut, NSW. (d/o Walter KITTO & Hannah, #6808/1866 NSW), of Diptheria aged 5 years



Hannah KITTO  b. 1862 Lacmalac & bp. 19 Oct 1862 Tumut, NSW. (d/o Walter & Hannah, #14105/1862 NSW) d. 5 Jan 1866 Lacmalac, Tumut, NSW. (d/o Walter KITTO & Hannah, #6807/1866 NSW), of Diptheria aged 3 years


The Sydney Morning Herald - Monday 26 February 1866

DEATHS FROM DIPTHERIA -Thursday's Tumut Times remarks -This prevailing epidemic is making sad havoc amongst the juveniles of our little community. In our obituary it will be seen that in one family that of Mr Walter Kitto, of Lacmalac - three have been already laid in their graves, and the fourth and only remaining child is now prostrate. In the town several children are suffering from throat inflections, and our medical men have to be constantly on the move . On Tuesday last Mr Keeran Claffey interred one of his children, who had fallen, a victim to this dreadful malady.


Solomon KITTO  b. 1864 Lacmalac & bp. 5 Mar 1865 Tumut, NSW. (d/o Walter & Hannah, #15440/1864 NSW) m. 12 Jul 1905 Tumut, NSW. (#7997/1905 NSW) d. 1946 NSW. (s/o Walter & Hannah, #27688/1946 NSW) occ: labourer in Tumut in 1930     m/to

Caroline Amelia McALISTER b. 1870 (d/o Robert MCALISTER & Sophia of Tumut) d. 9 Jul 1968 Altona Convalescent Home, Waverley, Sydney late of 104 Bondi Rd, Bondi. (d/o Robert & Sophia, #4109/1968 NSW) bd 11 Jul 1968 C.of.E, Tumut, NSW. (obit  Tumut 16 Jul 1968 & Sydney Morning Herald: 11 Jul 1968) aged 98 years, occ: wife in 1930, aged (95) living with daughter Eileen HINCHCLIFFE in Bondi in 1965, 3 chn  ü

Electoral Rolls:- Solomon & 2 brothers, all miners, at Adjunbilly (near Tumut) in 1901, Solomon & Caroline Amelia, lab & hd in Broughton St, Tumut in 1930, 1936, 1937, 1943, Solomon died 1946, Caroline alone in 1949, 1954, 1958, 1963, Caroline died 1968

KITTO – Caroline Amelia, died 9 Jul 1968, at Hosp, late of 104 Bondi Rd, Bondi, aged 98 years, m/o Bert, Eileen & Wilma, bd Tumut  (Sydney Morning Herald: 11 Jul 1968)




Herbert William (Bert) KITTO b. 1906 & bp. 28 Nov 1906 Tumut, NSW. (s/o Solomon & Caroline A, #39817/1906 NSW) m. 1937 Tumbarumba, NSW (#7861/1937 NSW) occ: carpenter in Tumut in 1930, of Carey Street, Tumut in 1965    m/to

Jessie Ann FLANNERY b. cc1906 d. 1971 Tumut, NSW. (d/o Thomas & Amelia Margaret #46042/1971 NSW)

Electoral Rolls:- Herbert William, carpenter, at Newtown, Tumut, NSW in 1930, 1936; Herbert William & Jessie Ann, carpenter & hd, at Carey St, Tumut, NSW in 1937, 1943, 1949, at 6 Carey St in 1954, 1958, 1963, 1968, Jessie died 1971, Herbert alone in 12/14 Carey St in 1980

1. John Maxwell KITTO b. 1938 NSW. m. c1960 NSW. d. 31 Jul 2007 Chapel Hill, Qld (late of Chapel Hill, formerly of Tumut in newspaper notices = Cooma, Tumut & Brisbane Courier Mail 3 Aug 2007) aged 69 years    m/to

Ruby Ann b. cc1938     2 chn  ü

KITTO – John Maxwell, died 31 Jul 2007, late of Chapel Hill, formerly of Tumut, aged 69 years, h/o Ruby, f&fil/o Colin & Melinda, Jason & Suzanne, Gf/o Jessica, Jackson, Caitlin & Emily, privately cremated (Courier Mail: 3 Aug 2007)

Electoral Rolls:- John Maxwell & Ruby Ann, carpenter & hd, at 12 Carey St, Tumut, NSW in 1963; at 197 Broughton St, Tumut in 1968; supervisor & hd, at 7 Gerelong Pl, Cooma North in 1980, 1984, 1989; add son Jason Christopher, at 32 Diamantina St, Chapel Hill, Qld in 2000; John died in 2007

. a. (1) Colin John KITTO b. c1960s NSW. (two Colin Johns)

…. m/to Melinda Jane b. c1970s

. b. Jason Christopher KITTO b. c1960s NSW.

……m/to Suzanne Myra b. c1970s

Children of the above two couples.

.…. ch Jessica KITTO b. c1990s Qld

.…. ch Jackson KITTO b. c1990s Qld

.…. ch Caitlyn KITTO b. c1990s Qld

.…. ch Emily KITTO b. c1990s Qld




Eileen Violet KITTO b. 1909 & bp. 1909 Tumut, NSW. (s/o Solomon & Caroline A, #9150/1909 NSW) m. 1928 Tumut, NSW (#3275/1928 NSW) m/to

George DUCK b. cc1909

Mr B. J. HINCHCLIFFE res: at Bondi, NSW.

HINCHCLIFFE (nee Kitto). - June 20, at Sanitarium Hospital, Wahroonga, to Mr and Mrs B. J. Hinchcliffe - twin daughters (Sydney Morning Herald: 25 Jen 1949)

. a. twin daughters HINCHCLIFFE b. 20 Jun 1949 Wahroonga, NSW




Wilma Alice KITTO b. 1911 & bp. 7 Mar 1911 Tumut, NSW. (s/o Solomon & Caroline A, #9995/1911 NSW) d. 19 Sep 1982 in hospital late of Tumut & Petersham, NSW. & bd. 23 Sep 1982 Rookwood, Petersham. NSW. (Sydney Morning Herald: 22 Sep 1982) aged 71 years, will 15 Oct 1982 NSW. occ: res: of Moore Park, Sydney in 1965. never married

Electoral Rolls:- Wilma Alice, shop asst, at Tumut in 1936, 1937; viewer, at 6 Duke St, Kensington in 1943; examiner at 236 Alison Rd, Coogee in 1949; clerk at 70 Arthur St, Randwick in 1954; at 29 Bishop Ave, Randwick and also at 653 Dowling St, Surrey Hills in 1958; at 1/653 Dowing St, Surry Hills in 1963; hd, at 2/33 Shaw St, Petersham in 1980; Wilma died 1982.

KITTO – Wilma Alice (Aunty Sis), died 19 Sep 1982, at hospital, late of Tumut and Petersham, aged 71 years, d/o Sol & Caroline (dec), sis/o Bert Kitto & Eileen HINCHCLIFF & aunt of many, Fn 23 Sep 1982 Rookwood Cem (Sydney Morning Herald: 22 Sep 1982)


From the Tumut and Adelong Times, dated 12 January 1965, in the "About People" column ...

"Former well-known Tumut resident, Miss Wilma Kitto, now of Moore Park, Sydney, is back on holidays, staying with her brother and sister-in-law, Mr and Mrs Bert Kitto of Carey Street. Mrs Kitto Snr, now aged 95 years, is still hale and hearty and is living with her other daughter, Eileen (Mrs Hinchcliffe) at Bondi".

Sent from Sue PROSSER 11 Sep 2004



John KITTO  b. 1867 Lacmalac & bp. 5 May 1867 Tumut, NSW. (s/o Walter KITTO & Hannah, #16767/1867 NSW) d. 1 Mar 1873 Lacmalac, Tumut, NSW. (s/o Walter KITTO & Hannah, #7074/ 1873 NSW) accidental aged 6 years



Eleanor KITTO  b. 30 Jun 1869 Lacmalac & bp. 16 Jan 1870 Tumut, NSW. (d/o Walter KITTO & Hannah, #18718/1869 NSW) m. 1891 Tumut, NSW. (#7676/1891 NSW) d. 24 Aug 1940 Tumut, NSW.   m/to

Archibald McGILLIVRAY b. cc1869



Walter Macy KITTO  b. 1871 Lacmalac & bp. 29 Nov 1871 Tumut, NSW. (s/o Walter KITTO & Hannah, #18344/1871 NSW) d. 1 Mar 1873 Lacmalac, Tumut, NSW. (s/o Walter KITTO & Hannah, #7075/1873 NSW) accidental, age 16 mths



Amelia KITTO  b. 1874 & bp. 19 Jul 1874 Lacmalac, Tumut, NSW. (d/o Walter KITTO & Hannah, #20162/1874 NSW) m. 1896 Waverley, NSW. (#4105/1896 NSW) d. 31 Mar 1897 Tumut, NSW.    m/to

Charles J  COLEMAN b. cc1874 - likely no children



William KITTO  b. 1877 Shaking Bog & bp. 9 Apr 1877 Tumut, NSW. (s/o Walter KITTO & Hannah, #21487/1877 NSW) m. 19 Mar 1913 Adelong, NSW. (#8128/1913 NSW) d. 1953 NSW. (s/o Walter & Hannah, #16392/1953 NSW) occ: labourer of Queen St, Cootamundra in 1930    m/to

Mary Elizabeth  FULLER b. 1894 d. 8 Mar 1958 at home, 2 Carilla St, Burwood, NSW (d/o Robert & Alice in #1740/1958 Burwood ) bd. 10 Mar 1958 C.of.E Woronora Cemetery (Sydney Morning Herald: 10 Mar 1958) aged 64 years, occ: wife in 1930

Electoral Rolls:- William & 2 brothers, all miners, at Adjunbilly (near Tumut) in 1901, William & Mary Elizabeth, labourer & hd, in Mogo, NSW and also at Queen St, Cootamundra, NSW in 1930; at Banksia Rd, Caringbah, NSW in 1936, 1937; at Derby St, Murrumburra, NSW in 1943; with 3 sons, at 2 Carilla St, Burwood, NSW in 1949

KITTO – Mary Elizabeth, died 8 Mar 1958, at res 2 Carilla St, Burwood, aged 64 years, w/o William (dec), m/o William, Francis, Walter, Maud, Jack, Reima, Norman, Harold (dec), Mary and Dawn. bd. 10 Mar 1958 CofE Woronora Cemetery (Sydney Morning Herald: 10 Mar 1958)




William Robert KITTO b. 1913 & bp. 16 Nov 1913 Adelong, NSW. (s/o William & Mary E, #33061/1913 NSW) d. 26 Aug 1998 in hospital, of Ashfield, NSW. (death notice, Sydney Morning Herald, 31 Aug 1998) & bd. 2 Sep 1998 Woronora Cemetery, Sutherland, NSW. aged 84 years    likely m/to

Mary Martha b. 1919 NSW. d. 24 Nov 2001 at nursing home, of Ashfield, NSW. & bd. 29 Nov 2001 Woronora Cemetery, NSW. (death notice, Sydney Morning Herald, 27 Nov 1901) aged 82 years – no children  ü

Electoral Rolls:- William Robert, labourer, at Mogo, NSW in 1936, 1937, labourer, with 2 brothers, Francis John, no occ, & Walter, labourer, at Yathong Rd, Caringbah in 1943, with Francis in 1949, William alone, no occ, at 153 Victoria St, Ashfield in 1980, 1984, 1989

KITTO – William Robert, 26 Aug 1998, Ashfield Hospital, h/o Mary aged 84 years. bd. 2 Sep 1998 Woronora Cem, Sutherland

KITTO – Mary Martha, died 24 Nov 2001, nursing home, late of Ashfield, w/o Billy (dec), loved by Nellie & extended family, aged 82 years, bd. 29 Nov 2001 Woronora Cem (SMH: 27 Nov 2001)




Francis John KITTO b. 17 Jun 1916 & bp. 1 Oct 1916 Adelong, NSW. (s/o William & Mary E, #14980/1916 NSW) m. 1946 Kogarth, NSW. (#12429/1946 Kogarth) d. 1 Aug 2004 Southport, Qld (Qld Death Index)   m/to

Sylvia Lillian DODGE b. cc1920

Electoral Rolls:- Francis John, no occ, at brother William’s in 1943, 1949; Francis John & Sylvia Lillian, capper & hd, at 6 Clareville Ave, San Souci in 1954, with Sylvia, mother, brother John & wife(?) Shirley, at 2 Carilla St, Burwood in 1958, only Francis & Sylvia, labourer & hd, at 2 Carilla St, Burwood in 1963

Francis John, meat worker, with 2 bros Walter & John, at 259 Canterbury Rd, Revesby, NSW.

1. Peter William KITTO b. c1950s NSW d. 6 May 2004 formerly of Central Coast, NSW. (obit: Sydney Daily Telegraph, 11 May 2004).

likely m/to Deborah Ann b. c1950s NSW.

2. Rex Francis KITTO b. c1950s NSW.

likely m/to Joy b. c1950s NSW.

3. Steven Charles KITTO b. c1950s NSW.

4. (2) Colin John KITTO b. c1950s NSW. (two Colin Johns)

likely m/to Margaret Carmen b. cc1950s NSW.




Walter KITTO b. 1918 Grahamstown, NSW. & bp. 1918 Adelong, NSW. (s/o William & Mary E, #3399/1918 NSW) enlisted #NX 52315 Paddington NSW with NoK Mary KITTO m. 1955 Auburn, NSW. (#8407/1955 Auburn) died after 1972  m/to

Carmen Elaine STAPLEY b. cc1918

Electoral Rolls:- Walter, labourer, at brother William’s in 1943; labourer, with parents, at 2 Carilla St, Burwood, NSW in 1949; with mother in 1954, Walter & Carmen Elaine, labourer & hd, at 16 Ann St, Lidcomb, NSW and also at Lot 1a Marsden Rd, St Marys, NSW in 1958; centrifuge operator & hd, at 17 Turvey St, Revesby, NSW in 1963, 1968, 1972, Carmen alone, hd, with 2 children, Cheryl & Garry, in 1977, with 3 children, Cheryl, Garry, & Kevin, in 1980, with 2 sons Garry & Kevin in 1984, 1989, with only son Kevin in 2000

Walter, with 2 bros Francis & John, at 259 Canterbury Rd, Revesby, NSW in 1980

1. Cheryl Marie KITTO b. c1960 NSW.

2. Garry Richard Anthony KITTO b. c1960 NSW.

m/to Julie Lenore b. cc1960

3. Kevin Arthur KITTO b. c1960s NSW.




Maud KITTO b. c1920 NSW. m. 1938 Sutherland, South Sydney, NSW (#21987/ 1938 NSW) res: of Caringbah in 1948     m/to

Robert Henry MEEK b. cc1920




John Frederick (Jack) KITTO b. 1922 Sydney, NSW. enlisted #NX 121037 NSW with NoK Mary KITTO     m/to ???? wife or Francis daughter

Shirley Dawn b. cc1920

Electoral Rolls:- John Frederick, labourer, with parents, at 2 Carilla St, Burwood in 1949; with mother in 1954; John Frederick & Shirley Dawn, labourer & hd, with mother, brother & his wife in 1958;

John Frederick, no occ, with 2 bros Francis & Walter, at 259 Canterbury Rd, Revesby, NSW in 1980, with only brother Francis in 1984




Zelma Mary KITTO b. c1925 NSW. m. 1946 North Sydney, NSW (#13900/1946 Nth Sydney) m/to

Douglas Allan GLENN b. cc1925 of Taren Point in 1948




Norman Leo KITTO b. 1927 Cootamundra, NSW. m. 1950 Burwood, NSW, (#5529/1950 Burwood) d. 11 Aug 2006 Chester Hill, NSW (Sydney Daily Telegraph notice) bd. 16 Aug 2006 Anglican, Rookwood, NSW (ref: Rookwood) aged 79 years, occ: enlisted #NX 180438 NSW with NoK Mary KITTO     m/to

Ruth Fay GARLAND b. cc1927

Electoral Rolls:- Norman Leo, presser, with parents, at 2 Carilla St, Burwood in 1949, Norman Leo & Ruth Fay, presser & hd, at Lot 19, Nyora St, Chester Hill, NSW in 1954, 1958, at 16 Nyora St in 1963

1. Geoffrey Norman KITTO b. c1950s NSW. d. 25 Oct 1996 Doonside, NSW (Sydney daily telegraph notice) bd. 8 Nov 1996 Anglican, Rookwood, NSW (ref: Rookwood) aged 41 years   

m/to Jennifer Gay b. cc1950s

Electoral Rolls:- Geoffrey Norman, fitter, with parents in 1980, Geoffrey Norman & Jennifer Gay, eng asst & hd, at 20 Railway Rd, Marayong, NSW in 1984, Geoffrey with parents, and Jennifer alone at 20 Railway Rd, Doonside, NSW in 1989

2. Rodney Allan KITTO b. c1950s NSW.




Harold KITTO b. c1930 (?) NSW. d. 27 Dec 1948 accident, of 2 Carilla St, Burwood, NSW (s/o William & Mary Elizabeth, #2092/1949 Berry) aged 19 years

KITTO - Harold. 27 Dec 1948, result of accident, of 2 Carilla Street, Burwood, s/o William & Mary Kitto (late of Tumut), bro/o William, Frank, Walter, Maude (Mrs H Meek of Caringbah), Jack, Zelma (Mrs. D. Glenn, Taren Point), Norman, Mary (Mrs L Richards, Burwood,) and Dawn, aged 19 years. ADD – neph/o Mrs Sophia Northrop, Wollstonecraft, & cous/o Ken, Mary, Neta, Betty (deceased), Pat, Tom, and Kathleen. bd. 30 Dec 1948, Wornora Cemetery. (Sydney Morning Herald: 29 Dec 1948)




Mary KITTO b. c1932 (?) NSW. m/to

L RICHARDS b. cc1932 of Burwood in 1948




Dawn KITTO b. c1935 (?) NSW.


possibly Norman's wife was Joyce - child George ?? - Herald Sun - 11 January 2005

KITTO (nee SMITH) Lorraine Margaret passed away Jan 9, 2005. Wife of George, second daughter of Norman & Joyce (decd). Sister of Valerie, sister in law of Bill, stepmother of Julie & Mark, friend of Matthew & Mick. Ma of Laura and Luke, Aunt of James, Jenny & Gary.  Lorraine Margaret, dearly loved little sister of Valerie HAWKER, loved sister in law of Don (decd) and Bill CALLAGHAN. Precious aunt of James and Jenny and Gary. Daughter in law to Alma, sister in law to Tony.  Sister in law of Rod & Pat, Julie, Mick, Laura and Luke (Lorraine was Julie's step-mother) Thanksgiving Service for the late Lorraine Margaret KITTO of Tatura (near Echuca, Vic) ... at All Saints Anglican Church, Francis St, Tatura. Burial at Tatura Lawn Cemetery Wed. Jan 12, 2005

George KITTO - Shepparton golfer 2003 (google search)




John KITTO  b. 1880 & bp. 31 Jan 1881 Tumut, NSW. (s/o Walter KITTS & Anna, #25469/1880 NSW) m. 5 Mar 1913 Adelong, NSW. (#639/1913 NSW) d. 1955 Goulburn, NSW (s/o Walter & Hannah, #15728/1955 NSW)    m/to

Daisy Isabel KIRK b. cc1880 d. after 1937

Electoral Rolls:- John & 2 brothers, all miners, at Adjunbilly (near Tumut) in 1901, Daisy Isabel alone, hd, at Sheppardstown, NSW with John, labourer, at 141 Lambton Rd, New :Lambton in 1930; Daisy, hd, & dau Ethel, hd, at Sheppardstown, with John, miner, in Tumut in 1936; 1937, John, miner, at Albury St, Murrumburra in 1943, at Clark St Harden in 1949, John died in 1955




Ethel May KITTO b. 1910 Adelong, NSW. (d/o unknown & Daisy I, #35090/1910 NSW) m. 1941 Newtown, NSW. (#17834/1941 NSW.) m/to

John Raymond MCKENZIE b. cc1910

Electoral Rolls:- Ethel May, hd, with mother in Sheppardstown in 1936, at 209 Trafalgar St, Petersham in 1937




Ilma Margaret KITTO b. 1913 Adelong, NSW. (d/o John & Daisy I, #33055/1913 NSW) m. 1945 Coolamon, NSW. (#2186/1945 Coolamon) /to

William Lloyd BRILL b. cc1913

Electoral Rolls:- Ilma Margaret, hd, at Lockhart St, Adelong in 1936, teacher at Galore in 1937, student at Smith House, Barney St, Armidale, NSW in 1943




Victor John KITTO b. 1918 Adelong, NSW. (s/o John & Daisy I, #27694/ 1918 NSW) d. 13 Apr 1939 Burwood, Adelong, NSW. (s/o John & Daisy I, #13455/1939 NSW)




Leslie William KITTO b. 1920 Adelong, NSW. enlisted #NX 136650 NSW with NoK Daisy KITTO, d. 9 Apr 1983 Ballina, NSW (Lismore Northern Star & SMH: 11 Apr 1983) aged 62 years, 2chn ü    m/to

Dorothy May b. cc1920

Electoral Rolls:- Leslie William & Dorothy May, bus driver & hd, at 1 Mortlock St, Concord, NSW in 1949, at 17 Cheltenham Rd, Croydon, NSW in 1954, 1958, 1963, 1980, Dorothy alone, at 65 Northumberland Dr, Ballina, NSW in 1984; at 1/87 Crane St, Ballina, NSW in 1989, at 22 Catherine Cres, Ballina, NSW in 2000

KITTO – Leslie William, 9 Apr 1983, late of 85 (65?) Northumberland Drive, Ballina & formerly of Croydon, h/o Dorothy, f&fil/o Linne & Joe MORRIS, Judy & Des HUCKSTROM (Castle Hill), g/f Lara & Sasha, aged 62 years. Privately interred (SMH 11 Apr 1983)

1. Linne KITTO b. c1950s NSW

m/to Joe MORRIS b. cc1950s

2. Judy KITTO b. c1950s NSW

m/to Des HUCKSTRUM b. cc1950s




second marriage of Daisy Isabel KITTO (KIRK) m2. 1942 Tumut, NSW (#33697/1942 NSW) m/to

John Godfrey FRANKLIN b. cc1880



Stray Waverley

Edith Joyce KITTO b. c1920 NSW. m. 1948 Waverley, NSW. (#12961/1948 Waverley) m/to

Brian Donald LUSCOMB b. cc1920



second marriage of Hannah, following the death of Walter in 1881, m2. 16 Jun 1883 Tumut, NSW.

(#7156/1883 NSW)   m/to

James PETTS b. cc1862





from the research of Sue PROSSER < >
Hannah Hayden : 1840 - 1903

Spouse (1) : Walter Kitto

Spouse (2) : James Petts

Hannah Hayden was born Gunning, NSW in 1840.

She married Walter Kitto at Tumut, NSW in 1858.

Their children were:

Name: Born: Died: Age: Spouse:

Elizabeth Margaret Kitto 1858 Adelong NSW 1866 Lacmalac NSW 8 n/a

Jane Kitto 1860 Tumut NSW 1866 Lacmalac NSW 6 n/a

Hannah Kitto 1862 Lacmalac NSW 1866 Lacmalac NSW 4 n/a

Solomon Kitto 1864 Lacmalac NSW Caroline McAlister

John Kitto 1867 Lacmalac NSW 1873 Lacmalac NSW 6 n/a

Eleanor Kitto 1869 Lacmalac NSW Archibald McGilliveray

Walter Macy Kitto 1871 Lacmalac NSW 1873 Lacmalac NSW 2 n/a

Amelia Kitto 1874 Lacmalac NSW Charles Coleman

William Kitto 1877 Lacmalac NSW Mary Fuller

John Kitto 1880 Shaking Bog NSW 1942 Tumut NSW 62 Daisy Kirk


a.. DIPTHERIA : This prevailing epidemic is making sad havoc amongst the juveniles of our little community. In our obituary it will be seen that Wagga Wagga has not escaped, as the loss in the family of the Rev. Mr. Fox will mournfully testify. In our neighbour-hood, Lacmalac has had its full share, for in one family, that of Mr. Walter Kitto, three have already been laid in their graves, and the fourth and only remaining child is now prostrate. In town several children are suffering from throat infections, and our medical men have to be constantly on the move. On Tuesday last, Mr. Keeran Claffey interned one of his children, who had fallen a victim to this dread malady. It is an undoubted fact that in every case in Tumut where medical aid has been sought at the first symptoms of throat affection, no results have been fatal; but delays have proved dangerous in more that one instance lately. When once the malady attains a certain stage, it is not only difficult but very dangerous to combat with.

  a.. Hannah Kitto, 4 years , died 4 February 1866.

  b.. Jane Kitto, 5 years, died 4 February 1866.

  c.. Elizabeth Kitto, 8 years, died 17 February 1866.

  d.. Soloman Kitto, 2 years, survived.

.... Tumut & Adelong Times, February 1866.


a.. FATAL ACCIDENT : On Saturday morning last about 8 o'clock one of the most painful fatal accidents that had occurred in this colony took place at Lacmalac, which swept two young children belonging to Mr. & Mrs. Walter Kitto instantaneously into enternity. When the particulars of this painful catastrophe became generally known a feeling of deep sorrow for the bereaved parents ran through the community, and was manifested in every person who heard the sad story. It appears that the two children, aged respectively 6 years and 15 months, met their deaths in the following painful way:- Mr. Kitto and Mr. Day were engaged in threshing wheat with what is known as a "log machine", a large fluted wooden roller about two feet in diameter at the large end and about one foot at the other; the small end is fastened to a swivel which runs round a perpendicular shaft sunk in the ground in the middle of a circular threshing floor, and at the other is attached a pair of horses, the wheat is then spread over the floor and the horses walk round the circle and pull the roller after them to crush the grain out of the straw. This huge implement passed over the bodies of the unfortunate children and crushed them to death. Mr. Day was engaged in threshing the wheat, and the younger child was with his father in a shed continuous to the machine. The elder child asked Mr. Day to allow him to drive the horses round the floor and he gave him the whip and then walked into the shed where Mr. Kitto was engaged in observing a flock of cockatoos which were settling down in his corn paddock. Mr. Day heard the elder child call out "Whoa" to the horses, and saw him running into the centre of the ring in front of the roller. He instantly called upon him to retire, and shouted to the horses to stop, but the poor child took no notice, ran into the jaws of death, and was killed instantaneously. It appears, however, that the younger child went out  of the shed onto the threshing floor; the elder one saw the danger and called upon the horses to stop, at the same time making an effort to rescue him, and although called to retire, he was so intent on saving his brother, that he did not see his own danger, and while endeavouring to pull his brother away the log passed over both their bodies killing them on the spot.

The accident was heart-rending to see as the bodies of the poor children were completely flattened and their brains scattered over the threshing floor.

The grief of the father and mother was agonising to behold. The horses were exceedingly quiet. An inquest was held on the bodies, and a verdict of accidental death returned. On Sunday last, the bodies of the poor children were conveyed to their last resting place in the Tumut Cemetery, followed by a very large number of mournful friends. This accident has cast a gloom over the whole of the community.

  a.. Walter Kitto, 16 months, died 1 March 1873.

  b.. John Kitto, 6 years, died 1 March 1873.

.... Gundagai Times, March 1873.


a.. A DISTRESSING ACCIDENT occurred at Shaking Bog on Tuesday morning, which has cast a gloom over a large circle in the community. Mr Walter Kitto while working near his homestead, met with a sudden and violent death. When the news of this melancholy event reached town it was supposed that Mr. Kitto was struck by a tree, which he was felling, suddenly kicking, that is leaping back over the stump towards the spot where the axeman stood, but this version, it seems is incorrect. The following particulars were gleaned from a relative of the deceased who was one of the first upon the ground after the disaster took place. Mr. Kitto, it appears, intended to make an extension to his shed, and for the purpose he had felled several trees in a thick belt of timber close by. He told his son, a youth of about 17 years, to get the horses up, and when he cooed to come with them to draw in the logs, young Kitto says he heard a tree fall, but as the promised signal did not follow, he went to see and found his father lying dead with his skull beaten in, and the face covered with blood. The green tree which the deceased had cut down was only a few inches in diameter, but in falling its top had rested upon a very tall dead stump, in fact, a barrel of a tree which had lost its top. There was a lever near at hand which had evidently been used to clear the green tree, and, in doing so, the dead barrel broke off at the root, and in its fall struck the deceased upon the head, driving him several feet from where it rested upon the earth. Beneath the dead trunk of the tree lay the axe and hat of the deceased. Much sympathy is felt for Mrs. Kitto and the family in her sad bereavement. Some years back the afflicted woman sadly lost three of her children to dire disease, then two others were removed by a terrible accident, and now the husband and father has been stricken down. An inquest is to be held tomorrow, and the body in the meantime will be brought to Tumut.

  a.. Walter Kitto, 46 years, died 4 October 1881.

.... Gundagai Times, October 1881.


a.. DEATH : On Thursday, Death snatched away from earth and all she held most dear, another of the pioneers of Tumut in the person of Mrs James Petts, wife of Mr James Petts (late of Adjungbilly, but now of Tumut). Deceased was a kind, hospitable women, and a great favourite with all who knew her. She attended the late Mrs Stephen French during her fatal sickness, and Mrs Petts was unremitting in her attention to the wants of the patient. Doubtless in her enthusiastic acts of self-denial she did not take sufficient care of herself, and so caught the same affection, that dire complaint, pneumonia. Though carefully attended to by Dr Mason, and given all that loving hands could do, she passed away to the "great majority" at the ripe old age of 66 years. Mrs Petts leaves behind her a sorrowing husband, one sister (Mrs James Carr), two brothers (Messrs. John Hayden and Robert Hayden) and two sons by a former husband, to mourn the loss of a devoted wife, sister and mother. The funeral took place on Friday last, and was numerously attended. Mr H.W. Hoad acted as undertaker and Rev. T.E. Owens-Mell officiated at the grave. We tender the bereaved ones our deepest sympathy.

  a.. Hannah Petts, formerly Kitto, (nee Hayden), 66 years, died 11 June 1903.

.... Tumut Advocate, June 1903


a.. FIRE AT GRAHAMSTOWN : On Sunday last, at midday, the house and all contents of Mr Kitto were burned at Grahamstown. It is surmised that the fire started through a box of matches being left on the window ledge, and the window falling down ignited the matches. The fire ran over the paper lining of the house in a flash, and very little time was left to save anything. The sum of £7.0.0 in notes and a valuable piano was burned besides clothing, the house and contents. There was no insurance on anything. Great regret is felt for Mr. Kitto.

... Tumut & Adelong Times, 28 January 1916.

(Not sure which Kitto this house belonged to, but possibly Soloman Kitto)


a.. Noticed the following obituary in the Tumut and Adelong Times, dated 16 July 1968 (Tuesday)


OBITUARY. MRS CAROLINE AMELIA KITTO. As briefly mentioned in our last Friday's issue, the death took place last Wednesday (10 Jul 1968) at the Altona Convalescent Home, Waverley, of a former Tumut resident and a native of the town, in the person of Mrs Caroline Amelia Kitto, widow of the late Mr Solomon Kitto, at the great age of 98 years. Despite her advanced years, Mrs Kitto had enjoyed good health until two months before her death. For the past ten years she had resided with her daughter Eileen (Mrs Hinchcliffe) at Bondi. Deceased was the eldest of a large family born to the late Robert and Sophia McAlister of Tumut. On reaching woman's estate she married Mr Soloman Kitto and they lived at Tumut all their married life. Mr Kitto predeceased his wife by 21 years. The late Mrs Kitto was a staunch adherent of the Church of England. There is one son, Bert (Tumut), and two daughters, Elieen (Mrs Hinchcliff) and Miss Wilma Kitto (Tumut) surviving. There are seven grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. The sole surviving sister, and the youngest member of the McAlister family, is Alice (Mrs Norman Beegling of Tumut). The funeral took place at Tumut last Thursday leaving from the All Saints Church after a service conducted by the Rev S Willey for the Church of England portion of the Tumut cemetery. Funeral arrangements were in the hands of R G Beavan and Co and the pall-bearers were Messrs John Kitto, Jim Flannery, Bill Dowell and Jerry Raison.






(1) William KITTO  bp. 29 Oct 1831 and bp. 12 Mar 1832 Prahgreen, Breage, Con, Eng. (son of John KITTO and Mary Ann WEARNE) first marriage in Wisconsin, USA. m. 1851 Hazel Green, Grant, Wisconsin, USA. see second marriage     first m/to

Margaret CURTIS  b. 6 Apr 1833 Germoe, Con, Eng. (dau of William CURTIS and Ann KITTO m.4 May 1822 Breage) d. 28 Jan 1920 Butte, Montana, USA.

(Ann KITTO dau of James KITTO and Alice SAMPSON)


Mary Ann KITTO  b. 29 Oct 1852 Hazel Green, Grant, Wisconsin, Eng. m. 3 Jul 1869 Bloomington, Grant, WI.   m/to

Charles L OLMSTEAD  b. (son of Asa OLMSTEAD and Ruth?)

ten children


William Curtis KITTO  b. 10 Aug 1853 Hazel Green, Grant, Wisconsin, Eng. m1. 26 Jan 1874 Smelser, Grant, WI, USA. d. 19 Apr 1912 Jacksonville, OR, USA, bd. Jewish Section, Jacksonville, OR. occ: mining engineer  m/to

Marquita PINCH b. 9 Oct 1857 Hazel Green, Grant, Wisconsin, Eng. d.24 Feb 1888 Idaho Springs, CO, USA.

six children leading to a massive USA / Canadian family. See the Wisconsin files

(family of Lorne KITTO of Vancouver, British Columbia  < >)


second marriage of Margaret CURTIS m/to

Edwin RICHARDS  b. abt 1832, two known children, possibly more.



(1b) William KITTO second marriage m2. 15 Oct 1868 Cavan, Sandhurst, Vic. (#3743/1868 Vic) d. 5 Jul 1907 Hebbard Street, Broken Hill South, NSW (#8251/1907 NSW), bd. 7 Jul 1907 Anglican, Broken Hill, Vic. (#14365 BH Register) aged 76 years, res: of Piper Street, Broken Hill in 1907, res: Eaglehawk 1863 –1876 (rate books/Eaglehawk Pioneer Register) occ: miner and traveller, silver miner 1907 m2/to

Elizabeth McMANNUS  b. 1846 Cavan, Irl. (d/o Michael McMANUS and Marie JOHNSTONE?) d. 8 Sep 1924 Broken Hill, NSW & bd. 9 Sep 1924 Anglican, Broken Hill Cemetery, NSW. (#14401 BH Register) aged 78 years

Electoral Rolls:- William, miner, of Eyre St, Broken Hill & Elizabeth, hd, of Piper St, Broken Hill, NSW in 1901



Elizabeth Jane KITTO b. 25 Apr 1869, Golden Square,  Sandhurst, Vic. (d/o William KITTO & Elizabeth MCMANUS, #11353/1869 Vic.) m. abt 1891 d. 2 Oct 1951   m/to

J A CLARK b. cc1869



Mary Maria KITTO b. 19 May 1873 Eaglehawk, Nerring Vic. (d/o William KITTO & Elizabeth MCMINNIS, #8931/1873 Vic.) bp. 13 May 1874 St Peters Eaglehawk, Vic. d. bef 1907


John KITTO  b. 10 Mar 1877 Bendigo, Vic. registered in 1877 Minindee, NSW. (s/o William & Elizabeth, #15047/ 1877 NSW) d. 28 Jul 1901 Broken Hill, NSW. (s/o William & Elizabeth, #8742/1911 NSW) & bd. 30 Jul 1901 Anglican, Broken Hill Cemetery, NSW. (#14352 BH Register) aged 24 years

Electoral Rolls:- John, labourer, at Barmedman, near West Wyalong in 1901



Thomas KITTO b. 17 Mar 1879 Peg Leg Road, Eaglehawk, Vic. (s/o William KITTO & Elizabeth MCMAINES, #8719/1879 Vic.), bp. 27 Aug 1879 St Peters Eaglehawk, Vic. d. 1881 Menindee, NSW. (s/o William & Elizabeth, #11149/1881 NSW) no age given



Florence M  KITTO  b. 20 May 1883, reg. 1883 Wilcannia, NSW. (d/o William & Elizabeth, #31453/1883 NSW) m. 1900 Broken Hill, NSW. (#938/1900 NSW) d. bef 1907 (William’s d. cert) m/to

Percival COLES b. cc1883


Elder sister of William (1831) above

(1) Mary (Martha) KITTO b. 15 Sep 1827 and bp. 23 Dec 1827 Pragreen, Breage, Con, Eng. (dau of John KITTO (1796) and Mary Ann WEARNE miner of Pragreen), m. 21 Aug 1847 or 20 Jun 1847 Callington, Con, Eng. (Q2 1847 #9/204 Liskeard), d. 12 Dec 1920 Mooroopna, Echuca, Vic. (#15789/1920 Vic, d/o John KITTS & Mary WEARNE) aged 93 years, m/to

John HEBBARD b. 1823 ? Breage, bp. 29 Oct 1831 Pragreen, Breage, Con, Eng. (son of a miner of Pragreen), d. 20 Aug 1886 (bd. as Joseph Henry) aged 63 years, arr: 1848 indentured miner to Burra SA. walked overland to Bendigo 1852, lived some years at Epsom then to Long Gully, digger in American Gully, Vic. in 1860, gate keeper 1886



John Henry HEBBARD b. 20 Jun 1849 Adelaide, SA. (#6/63 SA) m. 1872 Vic. d. 7 Oct 1905 Atkinson Street, Bendigo, White Hills, Vic. aged 56 years, res: Nerring, Maiden Gully, Long Gully 1876 –1894 (rate books/Eaglehawk Pioneer Register)  m/to

Sarah MATTHEWS b. c1854 (dau of John Pingr MATTHEWS and Mary Ann PIERCE) d. 8 Dec 1898 Fitzroy, Vic aged 44 years. occ: miner 1898 electoral roll, four children

second marriage of John HENRY m2/to

Annie LEAN b. 1866 Clunes, Vic. d. 22 Jan 1953 White Hills, Vic. aged 87 years.


William HEBBARD b. 1 Sep 1850 Burra registered in Adelaide, SA. (#9/97 SA) m. 1874 Vic. d. 1901 WA. (s/o John HEBBARD & Mary KITTO, #506/1901 WA) aged 50 years, res: California Gully 1876 –1882 (rate books/Eaglehawk Pioneer Register)  m/to

Janet Reid JAMIESON b. Paisley, Sct.  Seven children


Sarah Jane HEBBARD b. 30 Aug 1852 Adelaide, SA. (#6/66 SA) d. 1854 St Kilda, Vic. (d/o John HEBBARD & Mary KITTO, #2779/1854 Vic), aged 1 year


Sarah Jane HEBBARD b. 1854 St Kilda, Vic. (#4140/1854 Vic) d. 25 Jan 1870 Long Gully, Vic. (#2548/1870 Vic) aged 15 years


Mary Ann HEBBARD b. 28 Aug 1856 Epsom, White Hills, Vic. (#10080/1856 Vic) m. 1876 Vic.,   m/to

William KERBY


Thomas HEBBARD b. 1858 Epsom, Vic. (#8748/1858 Vic) occ: joined VIOR Cobden, Tent 28 Nov 1873  m/to

Elizabeth SPARGO


James HEBBARD b. 1860 American Gully, Vic. (#21885/1861 Vic) d. 4 Oct 1861 Epsom, Vic. aged 15 mths


James HEBBARD b. 1862 Epsom, Vic. (#18123/1862 Vic) m.1886   m/to

Olivia POPE b. (dau of Richard POPE)

(family of Jim WHITEHEAD < >)



Francis HEBBARD b. 1864 Epsom, Vic. (#18935/1864 Vic) m. 1887  m/to



Samuel HEBBARD b. 1866 Sandhurst, Vic. (#23899/1866 Vic) m. 1888 d. 1936 Cauldfield, Vic. (#3242/1936 Vic) bd. Fawkner, Vic. aged 69 years, occ: bootmaker 1898 electoral roll,

Martha Ann GARDNER b. bd. 1954 Fawkner, Vic. - three children Mary, Frank Furneaux (d.1979) and Beatrix

(family of Peter HEBBARD <>)



Amelia/Millie HEBBARD b. 1869 Sandhurst, Vic. (#11375/1869 Vic) m. 26 Dec 1890 d. 18 Dec 1894 Geelong, Vic. aged 25 years,   m/to

William James SMITHAM b. occ: ironmonger of Geelong.


Sarah Jane HEBBARD b. 1869 St Kilda, Vic. d. 1870 Vic. (d/o John HEBBARD & Mary KITTO, #2548/1870 Vic), aged 1 year





Electoral Rolls:- George Henry, at a Hut, Ramsay's Bush (now Haberfield), NSW in 1901


Mr. P. Robinson, divisional returning officer for the Barrier electorate; notifies, that in pursuance of the requirements of the Commonwealth Electoral Act and Regulations, a notification of objection was issued and posted by him on October 5 to each person under- mentioned. Mr. Robinson proposes to determine each of the objections at the expiration of 20 days, and to direct the removal from the roll for the Barrier division of the name of each person thus notified unless in the meantime he is satisfied that the objection is not good. The grounds of objection are that the   persons named do not live in the division, and have not lived in it     for at least one month. The names  are :-


Kitto, George Edwin, 55 Argent-street.

Kitto, Jessie Munrow, 55 Argent-street.  



from the research of Faithe JONES,  of


a. Found Dead. At about 6 o’clock last night, an old man named William Kitto (76) was found on the footpath in Hebbard St, South Broken Hill, lying apparently dead. Dr J.F.Bartley was summoned and pronounced life extinct. There was a slight mark on the deceased forehead, caused apparently by a fall. he was seen between 4 and 6 o’clock in an inebriated condition carrying a billycan full of beer. Deceased resided with his wife in Piper Street. For some time past he had been suffering from asthma and was attended by Dr Horne.    Barrier Miner, Broken Hill, NSW. Saturday 6 Jul 1907


b. I wish to tender my sincere thanks to the many friends and neighbours for their kindness and sympathy during my late sad bereavement; also for letters, telegrams and floral tributes.

Mrs E Kitto, Piper Street, South Broken Hill.       Barrier Miner, Broken Hill, NSW. Wednesday 24 Jul 1907


c. The late William Kitto, whose death occurred suddenly at Broken Hill South last week, was one of the Barrier’s earliest pioneers. He it was who discovered the Bobbie Burns Mine and the Apollyon valley District, and caused a commotion in Australian mining circles by the production of a sample of the first horn silver found on the then little-known Barrier field. That specimen assayed something like 15,000oz silver per ton, and was the means of bringing the late W.R. Wilson and other mining men from Melbourne. At that time Silverton was known as Umberumberka. Mr Kitto had been in the Barrier district dam-sinking for nearly 18 years prior to that. His daughter’s wedding was the first ceremony of this kind to be celebrated in the new field.      Barrier Miner, Broken Hill, NSW. Saturday 13 Jul 1907





                                                                                                            FROM CARDINHAM

(1) Ernest Inch KITTO b. 1877 St Stephens in Brannel, Con, Eng. (s/o John KITTO & Sarah of Cardinham family, Q3 1877 #5c/135 St Austell) m. 27 Apr 1911 Con, Eng. (Q2 1911 #5c/159 St Columb) d. 28 Nov 1931 St Columb, Con, Eng. (Q4 1931 #5c/92 St Columb) aged 54 years, (p) probate 9 Feb 1932 Bodmin, effects = £ 739/9/11, of Penhallow Street, St Columb, Con, to Evelyn Annie KITTO widow, occ: scholar (3) at home in 1881, scholar (13) in 1901, unmarr arr Ellis Island to Denver, CO in 1907, marr (33y 8m) arr Ellis Island with wife and son (6) on 11 May 1911, res  Newquay (nr Padstow) Con in 1911, in Paramatta, NSW in 1918, res of Penhallow Street St Columb in 1931.      m/to

Evelyn Annie DONNITHORNE b. 27 Aug 1886 Rejarrah, Crantock, Con, Eng. d. 28 Feb 1970 Con, Eng. (Q1 1970 #7a/528 St Austell) aged 83 years



Ernest B  KITTO  b. 1918 Parramatta, NSW. (s/o Ernest I KITTO & Evelyn A, #49095/ 1918 NSW)

not found in Aus or UK

This seems to be part of the above family



Nathan TAMBLYN b. 1844 Newlyn, Con, Eng. m. Q4 1872 #5c/156 St Columb to

Sarah WILLIAMS b. 1849 St Erme, Con, Eng. – nine children, 7 alive in 1911

1. William J TAMBLYN  b. 1889 St Enoder, Con, Eng.

... a. Mavis Hines KITTO b. 1905 East London, SAF. likely m. 1927 Parramatta,

......   NSW. (#4956/1927 NSW) occ: g/d (6) of Sarah LAMBLYN in 1911   

......   m/to Fred EDMONDSON b. cc1905






FROM GERMOE                                                        IN PEAK HILL, NSW


(28) James KITTO bp. 21 Nov 1867 Great Work, Germoe, Con, Eng. (Q3 1867 #5c/ 221 Helston) (see origins at James KITTO (1867) & Emma POLGLASE of Breage) m. 1889 (Q3 1889 #5c/283 Helston) bd. 24 Mar 1930 Waverley, NSW. (s/o James & Martha, #3968/1930 Waverley, NSW & SMH notices) occ: son (3) in 1871, tin miner (13) at home in 1881,  tin miner (24) in Boscreege in 1891, labourer in Bondi, NSW at home of son James in 1930    m/to

Emma POLGLASE b. 1861 Germoe, Con, Eng. d. 25 Dec 1928 at 21 Anglesea St, Bondi, NSW. (d/o Thomas & Sarah, #21714/1928 Waverley, NSW, w/o James in obit SMH) aged 68 years, occ: dressmaker (29) in 1891, head (40) own means in Germoe in 1901 - 4 children ü

Electoral Rolls:- James, miner, at McPhail (near Peak Hill), NSW in 1901

KITTO -December 25, 1928, at her son's residence,   21 Anglesea street, Bondi, Emma, dearly loved wife   of James Kitto, of Peak Hill, NSW, and loving mother of Tom, William, Lillie, and Richard, aged 68 years.

The Sydney Morning Herald - Wednesday 26 December 1928

James KITTO-The Relatives and friends of Mr and Mrs JAMES KITTO, Mr and Mrs WILLIAM KITTO, Mr and Mrs RICHARD KITTO and of Miss LILLIE KITTO are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of their dearly loved FATHER to leave our Parlour, 262 Oxford street Woollahra THIS (Monday) MORNING; at 10:30 for Botany Cemetery, Regalia at the graveside.  W CARTER, Undertaker Waverley Sydney Morning Herald: 24 Mar 1930


+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + +


first child of James KITTO & Emma POLGLASE

(1) James Thomas (Tom) KITTO b. 1889 Germoe, Con, Eng. (Q4 1889 #5c/182 Helston) m. 1921 Sydney, NSW. (#10031/1921 NSW.) d. 6 Jun 1967 Liverpool, NSW (s/o James KITTO, #18900/1967 Liverpool, NSW & obit: Sydney Morning Herald: 10 Jun 1967) privately cremated, occ: son (1) in 1891, son (11) in 1901, executor of father’s will in 1930    m/to

Emma POLGLASE b. 1886 d. 20 Aug 1963 Masonic Homes, Glenfield, Liverpool, NSW (d/o Joseph & Elizabeth Ann, #25926/ 1963 Liverpool, NSW) cr. 23 Aug 1963 Rookwood Crematorium (Sydney Morning Herald: 22 Aug 1963), aged 77 years

Electoral Rolls:- James Thomas & Emma, carpenter & hd, with father James, labourer, at 24 Anglesea St, Bondi in 1930, James & Emma with no father as James deceased by 1933; at 20 Rickard St, Bondi in 1936, 1937, James & Emma, joiner & hd, add Edith Joyce, at 8 Cox Ave, Bondi in 1943, add 4 children in 1949, parents with just son Thomas in 1954; James & Emma, joiner & hd, at 37 Stewart St, Paddington in 1858; both no occ, Masonic Homes Glenfield in 1963

KITTO – James Thomas, died 6 Jun 1967, h/o Emma (dec), f/o Edith, Phyllis, Ron, Jack & Jim. Privately cremated (Sydney Morning Herald: 10 Jun 1967)

KITTO – Emma, died 20 Aug 1963, at Masonic Homes Glenfield, aged 77 years, w/o James Thomas, m/o Edith (Mrs LUSCOMB), Phyllis (Mrs PEGG), Ron, Jack, & Jim, gm/o all their chn. cr. 23 Aug 1963 Rookwood Crematorium (Sydney Morning Herald: 22 Aug 1963)



Edith Joyce KITTO b. c1920 m. 1948 Waverley, NSW. (#12961/1948 Waverley)    m/to

Brian Donald LUSCOMB b. cc1920

Electoral Rolls:- Edith Joyce, milliner, at parents in 1943



Thomas John (Jack) KITTO b. 1924 NSW. d. 5 Dec 1972 Ryde, NSW. (s/o James Thomas & Emma, #70328/ 1972 NSW & Sydney Morning Herald: 16 Dec 1972) aged 48 years, never married

Electoral Rolls:- Thomas John, waiter, at parents and also waiter at Crossways, Marysville in 1949; at parents in 1954; waiter, alone at 8 Cox Ave, Bondi in 1958; steward, at 52 Edward St, North Sydney in 1963;



James Henry (Jim) KITTO b. NSW. m. 1951 Hornsby, NSW. (#1489/1951 Hornsby, NSW) d. 28 Sep 2002 NSW (obit: Sydney Morning Herald: 5 Oct 2002)     m/to

Beryl Jean JONES b. 2 chn, 2 g/chn ü

Electoral Rolls:- James Henry, audit clerk, at parents in 1949; James Henry & Beryl Jean, audit clerk & hd, at 107 Carlton Cres, Summer Hill in 1954; accountant & clerk, at 133 Victoria Ave, Chatswood in 1958, 1963

KITTO – James Henry, died 28 Sep 2002, h/o Beryl, f/o John & Ann-Louise, fil/o Rys, pop/o James & Amelia (Sydney Morning Herald: 5 Oct 2002) no funeral notice

A.  John Stephen KITTO b. c1950s NSW.

m/to Rhys Jane b. cc1950s

..... a. Amelia Jane KITTO b. c1980s

..... b. James Bryant KITTO b. c1980s

B.  Ann-Louise KITTO b. c1950s NSW. biog: asst to Hon GS Pearce, NSW Member in 2000, of Mosman in 2003



Joseph Ronald (Ron) KITTO b. 1924 NSW. m. 1950 Sydney, NSW. (#7963/1950 Sydney, NSW)     m/to

Leila Nancy WATT b. 1925 d. 28 Sep 2011 late of Lansvale, NSW & cr. 4 Oct 2011 Forest Lawn Crem, Leppington, NSW (Sydney Morning Herald: 1 Oct 2011) aged 86 years, 2 chn ü

KITTO – Leila Nancy, died 28 Sep 2011, Late of Lansvale, Beloved w/o Ron (dec) loving m/o Janice & Norm & mil of Glen & Cheryl, adored Nanna of Jason,  Andrew,  Simon, Veronica, & Samantha & g/Nanna of Tayla, Alice, Tiana, Hayley & Ryan, aged 86 years. cr. 4 Oct 2011 Forest Lawn Crem, Leppington, NSW (Sydney Morning Herald: 1 Oct 2011)

Electoral Rolls:- Joseph Ronald, grocer, at parents in 1949; Joseph Ronald & Leila Nancy, driver & hd, at 98 Kirrawa Ave, Cabramatta, NSW in 1954, 1958; at 24 Kurrara Ave in 1963; farm hand & hd, at Lot 15, Kelly St, in 1980, 1984; at 24 Kurrara St, Lansvale, NSW in 1989, 2000

A.  Janice KITTO b. c1950 NSW

m/to Glen b. cc1951


B.  Norman Allan KITTO b. 1951 NSW  first marriage

m/to Rita b. cc1951

..... a. Jason KITTO b. c1980s

 (likely)...... b. Andrew KITTO b. c1980s

...... c. Simon Allan KITTO b. 1981

(from Katrina KITTO, a KITTO workmate, email 21 Feb 2008)

 (likely)...... d. Veronica KITTO b. c1980s

 (likely)...... e. Samantha Leila KITTO b. c1980s

(1b) Norman Allan KITTO second marriage

m/to Cheryl Anne b. cc1951



Phyllis May KITTO b. NSW. m. 1951 Bondi, NSW. (#5807/1951 Bondi, NSW) m/to

Frank Edward PEGG b.

Electoral Rolls:- machinist, at parents in 1949



+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + +


second child of James KITTO & Emma POLGLASE

William John KITTO  b. 1891 Germoe, Con, Eng. (Q1 1891 #5c/790 Helston) m. 1919 Peak Hill, NSW (# 2520/1919 NSW) d. 9 Jul 1970 Peak Hill, NSW (s/o James & Emma, #37257/1970 NSW, & h/o Alice Elizabeth, MIs, Peak Hill) & bd. Methodist, Peak Hill Cemetery, NSW. aged 79 years  occ: son (3m) in 1891, son (10) in 1901, likely in Peak Hill by 1919   m/to

Alice Elizabeth BARNES  b. 1896 (d/o Joseph BARNES of Peak Hill) d. 15 Jun 1977 Peak Hill, NSW.  (w/o William John, MIs, Peak Hill) bd. Methodist, Peak Hill Cemetery, NSW. aged 81 years

Electoral Rolls:- William John & Alice Elizabeth, wheelwright & hd, at Caswell St, Peak Hill in 1930, 1936, 1937, 1943, 1949, 1954, William & Alice, farmer & hd, and son Wellesley John, farmer, at Bogan Ville, Peak Hill in 1958, 1963, William & Alice, at 107 Euchie St, Peak Hill in 1968, William died 1970, Alice died 1977

(Barnes family is of interest of Max RENTON).

< >


Wellesley John  KITTO  b. 1921 NSW. d. 12 Jun 1971 Sydney, NSW. (s/o William John & Alice Elizabeth, #4038/ 1971 NSW, loving husband & stepfather, MIs in Peak Hill) & bd. Methodist, Peak Hill Cemetery, NSW. aged 50 years     m/to

Margaret Mary  b. 19 Jan 1926, d. 1 Jan 1999 NSW (MI’s Peak Hill Cemetery - Loving wife, mother grandmother & sister) bd. Methodist, Peak Hill Cemetery, NSW.

Electoral Rolls:- Wellesley John, farmer, at Boganville, Peak Hill, NSW in 1943, Wesley John, with (sister?) Isabel Yvonne, farmer & typiste, at Boganville, Peak Hill in 1949, 1954, Wellesley John, farmer, with parents, Margaret alone at Boganville, Peak Hill in 1963, Wellesley John & Margaret Mary, farmer & hd, at Boganville, Peak Hill in 1968, Wellesley died in 1971, Margaret Mary alone , nurse, at 55 Howard St, Peak Hill, NSW in 1980, 1984, 1989



Isabel Yvonne  b. c1925 NSW. m. 1949 Peak Hill, NSW. (#20868/1949 Peak Hill)    m/to

Robert John AGNEW  b. cc1925 (#20868/1949 Peak Hill)

Electoral Rolls:- Isabel Yvonne, typiste, at parents in 1949, 1954


 (connects to the POLGLASE research of Arthur French < >.


+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + +


third child of James KITTO & Emma POLGLASE

Lillie KITTO  b. 1892 Con, Eng. (Q3 1892 #5c/181 Helston) d. 1968 Glen-, Vic. (#8392/1968 Vic - d/o James KITTO & Emma POLGLASE) aged 75 years, not married, occ: dau (8) in 1901

Electoral Rolls:- Lillie, blouse finisher, at 61 Greens Rd, Glenmore in 1930, 1936, tailoress at 82 Gordon St, Paddington in 1937, hd, at 16 Corona Ave, Roseville in 1943, at 41 Anderson St, Malvern in 1949, at 5 Redcourt Ave, Armadale and also 8a Ercildoune Ave, Hawthorn in 1954, at 18 Bethela St, Highfield Pk in 1963, Lillie died in 1968


+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + +


fourth child of James KITTO & Emma POLGLASE

(1) Richard Polglase KITTO  b. 1893 Con, Eng. (Q2 1893 #5c/182 Helston) m. 1917 Peak Hill, NSW (#5810/1917 NSW) d. 8 Jun 1969 hospital Sydney, late of Mitchell St, Bondi, NSW (s/o James & Emma, #3057/1969 NSW & Sydney Morning Herald: 11 Jun 1969) cr. 10 Jun 1969 Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park, Sydney, NSW (online & ) aged 76 years     m/to

Freida May ASHBY  b. 1896 Eng. d. 3 Apr 1975 hospital Randwick, NSW. (#8446/1975 NSW) d/o William & Louisa ASHBY) cr. 7 Apr 1975 Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park, Sydney, NSW (online Sydney Morning Herald: 9 Apr 1975) aged 79 years, 3 chn ü

Electoral Rolls:- Richard Polglase & Freda May, labourer & hd, at Koohah, Orange St, Condobolin in 1930, at 16 Moore St, Bondi in 1936, 1937, add son Milton Richard in 1943; Richard Polglase & Freda May, blacksmith & hd, at 7 Martin Ave, Bondi in 1949, 1954, 1958, add dau Lorna May in 1963.

KITTO – Richard Polglase, died 8 Jun 1969, at hosp, late of Mitchell St, Nth Bondi, aged 76 years, h/o Freida, f/o Milton, Neville & Lorna, fil/o Laurie, gf/o Phillip, Geoffrey & Janette, bd.(?)  (Sydney Morning Herald: 11 Jun 1969)

KITTO – Freda May, died 3 Apr 1975, at hosp, of Randwick, w/o Richard, m/o Milton, Neville & Lorna, private cremation, (Sydney Morning Herald: 9 Apr 1975)



Milton Richard KITTO  b. 1918 Parkes, NSW. (s/o Richard P & Freda M, #14406/1918 NSW) m. 1945 Woollahra, NSW (#6076/1945 NSW) d. 4 Jun 2006 late of Good Shepherd Lodge, Mackay, Qld. (obit: Mackay Daily Mercury, 8 Jun 2006)     m/to

Beryl MCTAGGETT  b. cc1918

Electoral Rolls:- Milton Richard, engineer, at parents in 1943; Milton Richard & Beryl, toolmaker & hd, 52 Spring St, Bondi Junction, NSW in 1949; at 8 Salter Cres, Ryde, NSW in 1954, 1958, 1963; Milton only at 30 Heale St, Malanda in 1980; at 5 Kleim St, Planella (nr Mackay), Qld in 1988; at 1/62 Rae St, Mackey, Qld in 2000



Neville Wilton KITTO b. c1920 m.1939 Waverley, NSW (#16781/1939 NSW) m & div/to

Frances May WOOLLETT b.cc1920 divorced & remarried

A.  unnamed female KITTO b. 1939 Bulli, NSW. (d/o Neville Milton & Frances May, #18925/1939 NSW)

Electoral Rolls:- Neville Wilton & Frances May, labourer & hd, at 7 Seaview Tce, Thiroul in 1943; to second marriage of Neville in 1947

second marriage of Frances May KITTO (nee WOOLLETT) m. 1947 Bulli, NSW. (#22696/1947 NSW) m/to

William Clarence KITTO b.cc1920 origins uncertain



(1b) Neville Wilton KITTO second marriage m. 1947 Redfern/Glebe, NSW (#9810/1947 NSW) m/to

Lawrence Mary (Laurie) FLEMING b.cc1920

Electoral Rolls:- Neville Wilton & Lawrence Mary, engineer & hd, at 1 Pitt St, Waterloo in 1949, driver & hd at 156 Pitt St in 1954, 1958; at Lot 434 Chicago Ave, Maroubra, NSW in 1963; at 17 Chicago Ave, NSW in 1968, 1980, driver & hd, in 1984, at 44/31 St Kevins Ave, Benowa, Qld in 1988



Lorna May KITTO b. c1920s

Electoral Rolls:- Lorna May, clerk, at parents in 1963; clerk alone, at 2/16 Gillies St, Wollstonecraft, NSW in 1980, 1984, apparently unmarried.




Strays – Woollahra

Frederick Richard Keith KITTO b. c1920 NSW.

Electoral Rolls:- Frederick Richard Keith, surveyor at 344 Edgecliff Rd, Edgecliff, NSW in 1943



Gilbert George KITTO b. c1940 NSW.     m/to

Ann Eileen b. cc1940

Electoral Rolls:- Gilbert George & Ann Eileen, steward & clerk, at 122 Coxs Rd, North Ryde in 1963



Jeffrey William KITTO b. 1949. d. 29 Jul 1985, car accident in Istanbul, aged 36 years, Memorial Service in Woollahra, NSW. (Sydney Morning Herald: 10 Aug 1985)

Electoral Rolls:- Jeffrey William, no occ, at 102 Mill Hill Rd, Bondi Junction, NSW in 1984

KITTO – Jeffrey William, died 29 Jul 1985, in car accident in Istanbul, aged 36 years, Memorial Service in Woollahra




FROM CUMBERLAND                                                       in BULLI, NSW


William James KITTO b. 5 Apr 1876 New London, Yks, Eng. (s/o William KITTO & Mary Jane ROWE of Cumberland, Q2 1876 #9d/493 Guisborough) m. 23 Jul 1902 Louther Street, Whitehaven, Cul, Eng. (Q3 1902 #10b/1136 Whitehaven) d. 14 Nov 1954 at home, 1 Dumbrell Rd, Bulli, NSW (s/o William & Mary Ann, #30940/1954 NSW & h/o Elizabeth Johns, MIs) bd. 14 Nov 1954 Bulli Gen Cem, NSW. (Sydney Morning Herald: 15 Nov 1954) aged 78 years, occ: son (5) in 1881, baker 1891, arrived c1922 ship unknown

Elizabeth Johns REED b. 25 Mar 1877 Eng. d. 1968 Wollongong, NSW. (#d/o John & Jane, #42081/1968) bd. 6 Oct 1968 Bulli Gen Cem, NSW. (MIs Bulli) aged 91 years, 3ch, 2gch ü

Electoral Rolls:- William James & Elizabeth Johns, labourer & hd, with dau Elsie, hd, at 1 Dumbrell Rd, Bulli in 1930, no Elsie in 1936, 1937, 1943, 1949, 1954, William died 1954, Elizabeth alone 1958, 1963, Elizabeth died in 1968

KITTO –  William James, died 14 Nov 1954, at res: 1 Dumbrell Rd, Bulli, aged 78 years, h/o Elizabeth Johns, f/o Jennie (Mrs N THOMPSON), & Elsie (Mrs T SEAGRAVE) gf/o Mrs Olive CLARK & Helen SEAGRAVE, GGf/o Howard CLARK. Bd. 15 Nov 1954 methodist, Bulli Cemetery  (Sydney Morning Herald: 15 Nov 1954)



Jane Ann (Jennie) KITTO b. 17 Sep 1903 Cleator Moor, Cul, Eng. (Q4 1903 #10b/704 Whitehaven) m. Mar 1927 Bulli, NSW (#9257/1927 NSW) d. 31 Oct 1984 Billi, NSW. (w/o Norman, MIs Bulli) aged 81 years, m/to

Norman THOMPSON b. 18 Apr 1901 Egrement, Cul, Eng. d. 25 Nov 1959 Bulli, NSW. (h/o Jane Ann, MIs Bulli) aged 58 years


*(family of Olive CLARK of NSW.


Elsie KITTO b. 1906 Cleator Moor, Cul, Eng. (Q1 1906 #10b/737 Whitehaven) m. 1932 Bulli, NSW. (#10355/1932 NSW)    m/to

Thomas Hamilton SEAGRAVE b. 22 Apr 1907 Mexborough, Yks, Eng.

Electoral Rolls:- Elsie, hd, with parents at Dumbrell Rd, Bulli in 1930

A.  Helen Elizabeth SEAGRAVES m/to CAVENAGH


Mabel KITTO b. 1908 Cleator Moor, Cul, Eng. (Q3 1908 #10b/737 Whitehaven) d. 1909 Whitehaven (Q4 1909 #10b/420 Whitehaven) aged 1 year







William KITTO  b. c1829 or c1838 Penzance, Con, Eng. m. d. 23 Oct 1888 Campbelltown, NSW (#4547/1888 NSW & SMH notice), bd. 25 Oct 1888 Anglican, Rookwood, (erected by his brother Typhos, Sect AN/GG, grave #1357 Rookwood) aged 50 years, res: of Newtown, occ: manager of Tea Plantations in Assam, India, connected with Sydney Press, aged 59 years, formerly of Penzance Cornwall and Assam India (SMH notice 25 Oct 1888)




Thomas KITTO  b. c1840 d. 1865 Maitland West (Hunter Valley), NSW. (#4327/1865 NSW), aged 25 years, res: of Maitland West, possibly arrived 1859 on "Florence Nightingale"




William Alfred KITTO  b. c1838 m. 1877 Sydney, NSW (#1060/1877 NSW) possibly arrived 1854 ship unknown to South Australia,    m/to

Elizabeth SCOTT  b.




Elizabeth KITTO  b. m. 1884 Silverton (near Broken Hill), NSW. (#7320/1884 NSW)

Henry MENNER b.




Richard J KITTO  b. d. 1891 Kiama (Wollongong Coast), NSW (parents unknown, #7821/1891 NSW)




Herman KITTO  b.      m/to

Susan b.



Harry KITTO b. d. 1945 Randwick, NSW (s/o Herman & Susan KITTO, #27721/1945 Randwick)     m/to

May b.

Electoral Rolls:- Harry & May, scale mechanic & hd, at 433 Bourke St, Nth Sydney, NSW in 1930, Harry alone, mechanic, at 89 Bourke St, Darlinghurst West, NSW in 1943, Harry died in 1945




Possibly a brother, and/or possibly Robert James below.

Robert KITTO b. d.

Electoral Rolls:- Robert alone, labourer, at 72 Thompson St, Darlinghurst, NSW in 1937, at

225 Barcom Ave, Darlinghurst West, NSW in 1943






Robert James KITTO  b. 1900 (likely Qld) m. 18 May 1933 St James Church, Hobart, Tas. (Cairns Post newspaper)   m/to

Ada Louise WHELAN  b. cc1901 likely Hobart, Tas.

Electoral Rolls:- Robert James & Ada Louise, labourer (waterside) & hd, at 24 Lower Fort St, Darling Harbour, NSW in 1936; at 3 Milton Tce, Darling Harbour, NSW in 1937; at 24 Lower Fort St, Darling Harbour, NSW in 1943; at 87 Warwick St, Hobart, Tas in 1954, Ada Louise alone, clerk, at 176 Albert Rd, South Melbourne in 1963, at 18 Talford St, Doncaster, Vic in 1968, 1972, hd, at 109 Wimbourne Ave, Mt Eliza, Vic in 1977


WEDDING NOTICE. - Cairns Post (Qld) - Wednesday 17 May 1933

The wedding of Ada Louisa Whelan and Robert Kitto will take place at 7:00 p.m. on May 18, at St. James'. Church, Hobart, and afterwards at St James Hall.


Sydney Morning Herald – 15 Jan 1942 - CHARGE HELD TO BE DEFECTIVE

Ruling that the indictment was defective, Judge Nield discharged a jury and an accused man at the Quarter Sessions yesterday. Robert James Kitto, 42, wharf labourer, was charged with having attempted to damage a motor truck.





(likely) FROM  KENT                                                           in Sydney, NSW


(1) George James KITTO b. c1920s (possibly 1928, s/o Albert Edward of Kent) m. 1953 Redfern, NSW. (#26655/1953 Redfern)  first m/to

Vanetta June PRICE b. 1929 d. 24 Aug 1988 Huskisson, NSW (Sydney Morning Herald notice) & cr. 29 Aug 1988 Rookwood, NSW. (Sydney Morning Herald: 27 Aug 1988) aged 59 years, 2 chn ü

Electoral Rolls:- George James, machinist, at 5 Ivy St, Golden Grove, NSW in 1954; George James & Vanetta June, litho printer & hd, at 8 Ivy St, Redfern, NSW in 1958; at 8 Ivy St, Chippendale, then printer & hd, at 7 Dundee St, Green Valley in 1963; George James & dau Paula Kay, caretaker & no occ, at Reiby School, Briar Rd, Airds, NSW in 1980; George & Venetta, no occupations, at 53 Walton Way, Curng, NSW in 1984; Venetta died in 1988

KITTO – Venetta June, died 24 Aug 1988, at Nowra hosp, late of Huskisson, w/o George, m&mil/o Denise & John, Paula & Sam, Gm/o Kylie, Byron, Jamie, Tyson, David, sis/o Ivor. Cr. 29 Aug 1988 Rookwood, (Sydney Morning Herald: 27 Aug 1988)



Denise KITTO b. 1950s NSW.   

m/to John b. cc1950s



Paula Kay KITTO b. 1950s NSW.   

m/to Sam b. cc1950s

children of the above daughter’s families = Kylie, Byron, Jamie, Tyson, David






Rodney David KITTO  b. 1946 likely Vic. m. c1970 Vic. d. 6 Feb 2011 Vic. (h/o Patricia, fath/o Michael … & &, Herald Sun, 8 Feb) aged 65 years  m/to

Patricia Ann b. cc1946


Electoral Rolls:- Rodney David, driver, at 12 Nash St, Brunswick East, Vic in 1968, Rodney David & Patricia Ann, contractor & hd, at Lot 181 Bates Ave, Thomastown, Vic in 1972, 1977



Michael David KITTO b. c1970s Vic







Timothy James KITTO  b. 1952 Australia m. Dec 2002 Bks, Eng. (Dec 2002 #302/27 Wokingham, Bkm) m/to

Blue Gum Services Limited, Reading, Bks. (Business & Management Consultancy), (60) Director, It Consultant, 10 Jun 2003 – up to Present 17 Jul 2012 (comprising 9 years, 1 month, 7 days)

Katherine Joanna LOCK  b. 1974 England

(38) Company Secretary, No Function, 10 Jun 2003 – Present 17 Jul 2012 (9 years, 1 month, 7 days)

Electoral Rolls:- Timothy James, computer analyst, 8/9 Ellalong Rd, Cremorne, NSW in 1980; manager, at 16 Tulloh St, Willoughby, NSW in 1984



Lillian Elizabeth KITTO b. 2004 Bks, Eng. (d/o KITTO/LOCK at Oct 2004 #B28B/94 Reading Bks)












Robert Henry

Sutherland S.Syd













Zelma Mary


Douglas Allan

Nth Sydney







Mary Elizabethü






Phoebe Gordon








Samuel Harper Arth


Betsy Anne

Canterbury (NZ)





James Henry


Beryl Jean  ü






James Henry


Dorothy May






Phyllis May


Frank Edward ü






Mary Ann










Carmen ü








Elizabeth Jane






Freda May