"Australian Champion
R/up BIS/Multi BIG Aust Ch Taejaan Ina Tophat x Calahorra Silk Moth

Perth Royal 2005

Dominic on the move Feb 2005 @8.5mths
ELEGANCE...and SPUNK, young Dominic is stealing hearts and making his presence known.

This young fellow has very big shoes to fill. His pedigree is a combination of the two largests contributors to the Whippet world within Australia, even to be recognised internationally. Taejaan Whippets and Calahorra Sighthounds have been combined to produce this spritely young male.

Dominic hit the showscene early September 2004. Since then he has made is presence known. He has been taking Dog CC and BOB since the Minor class.We are very proud of the acheivments of this little fellow to date and are looking forward to him being campaigned throughout 2005

***DOMINIC wins OPP BABY PUPPY in SHOW at the 1st Whippet National Championship Show under Mr Magnus Hagstedt (class) & Mrs Mary Lowe (Gen Spec), both reknowned Whippet Specialists***
"Good proportions and rear. Balanced with excellent lines and length. Balanced angulation. Beautiful head and expressions. Moved well." (critique by Mr Magnus Hagstedt)

***DOMINIC wins Baby in Group at the 2004 Perth Royal under Mrs Moa Perrson (Sweden)***

***DOMINIC wins Best of Breed & Runner Up in Group from the Minor class under Mr J Hubbard (VIC)***

***DOMINIC wins Best of Breed & Puppy in Group at the Perth 2005 Advance Western Classic under Mr J Mitchell (USA)***

10 weeks of age
4mths of age
3mths of age


Multi BIS/Aust Grand Ch Taejaan Ina Beau Tie
R/up BIS Aust Ch Taejaan Ina Tophat
Sydney Royal BIS/Aust Ch Taejaan Ms Margarita
Aust Ch Calahorra Magic Dragon
Calahorra Silk Moth
Calahorra Tiger Moth

Strutter-Oct 2005Dam, Calahorra Silk Moth
LEFT - "STRUTTER", R/up BIS/Multi BIG Aust Ch Taejaan Ina Tophat

RIGHT - "AMBA", Calahorra Silk Moth