Sihaan Moon Shadow x Sihaan Moon Dancer

130205magsmoving.jpg - 18174 BytesMaggi T-May 2004
"Maggi T" is our first Leytesa bred Whippet and she possess an athletism that I want all the future Leytesa lines to carry. She is a boisterous character and loves to have fun. Carrying the nicknames of 'Mad Maggi' & "Battle Axe' you can get the general drift about her personality!

Though not particularly enjoying the show scene, Maggi T has been successful under local, inter state and international judges. Taking both class Group and In Show awards. She has only competed up to the age of 16mths.

Her body carries substance, showing power and strength, though not taking away the elegant outline that a Whippet should possess. Her head is of type, strong and lean. An alert, bright expression, complimented by a faultless ear carriage An elegantly arched neck flows into well muscled shoulders that carry correct angulations and a beautiful straight forelegs. With a broad, firm back continuing to flow into strong balanced hindquarters. When you watch Maggi T stretch out and gallop in an open paddock, you can only then truly appreciate why this breed is built the way they are. Flowing and with an effortless motion she has covered ground swiftly. Maggi T carries the traits of her ansectors, still currently racing and lurecoursing in New Zealand. We only wish that Western Australia could take up the sport, then her true attributes can be seen.

We are looking forward to breeding on with Maggi T's qualities in the future and we believe her strengths will improve the characteristics for what the Whippet is actually bred to do.....RUN!

Follow the link to Maggi's first daughter in the ring, Leytesa Ruff Dymond

Maggi's 2 Girls, Leytesa Ruff Dymond & Leytesa Bita Sweet

Leytesa Ruff Dymond @ 12wks Leytesa Bita Sweet @ 8wks



BIS/Aust Ch Sihaan Play It Again Sam
Sihaan Moon Shadow
Aust Ch Tancris Show Em How
Shenkhan Silver Moon (IMPNZ)
Sihaan Moon Dancer
Aust Ch Harroway Private Dancer

Dam, Sihaan Moon DancerSire, Sihaan Moon Shadow
Maggi T & her 2004 litter