Taejaan Ina Tophat"
Multi BIS/Aust Grand Ch Taejaan Ina Beau Tie x Royal BIS/Aust Ch Taejaan Ms Margarita

Showing style and charisma-Oct 2005February 2005-4.5yrs
"STRUTTER" processes the qualities of royalty. He carries a presence that is unmatched by any other member of Leytesa. Though saying that he has no interest in being the dominate dog. His temperament is one of loyalty and companionship, bordering on pure arrogance to all around him.

Strutter@Melbourne Royal 2004 Having come to Leytesa as a mature male, he took a period of time to settle in and then it was full steam ahead from there. Since then, finishing his Aust title, taking numerous group and show classes as well as competing on BIG & BIS levels. His pedigree speaks for itself. Strong bloodlines with sound movement and conformation on both Sire and Dam sides. This is evident by the awards and titles that both parents lines carry. Thus making Strutter a very valuable member of the Leytesa show and breeding teams.

Strutter Oct 2005 His body carries substance, showing power and strength, though not taking away the elegance or graceful outline that a Whippet should possess. His head is of true type, long, lean and perfectly tapered. An alert, bright expression, complimented by a faultless ear carriage, Strutter has a head structure that is hard, for any judge or competitor, to ignore . An elegantly arched neck flows into well muscled shoulders that carry correct angulations. Chest shows depth and with a broad, firm back continuing to flow into strong balanced hindquarters. When you watch Strutter move you can see how all the qualities come together, allowing smooth forward reach and strong drive.

We are extremely grateful to Molly Rule-Steele @ Taejaan Whippets for allowing Strutter to become a member of the Leytesa team. We would like to thank the team at Tanjaye Whippets who also had a hand in the decision.

Follow the link to Strutter's first Leytesa son in the ring, Aust Ch Leytesa Tay Lamayd

Strutters second Leytesa son, HUDSON and first Leytesa daughter,BRIDGET are due to be ringside late 2005. We have high hopes for them both.

Some of STRUTTER's memorable wins along the way....

***Best in Group under Hound Specialist, Mr P Thompson(WA)***

***Best in Group under Mrs P Hewitt(NSW)***

***Dog CC at 2004 Darwin Royal under Glenyse Acreman (VIC)***

***Best in Group & R/up Best in Show(All Breeds) under Dr MJ Bryne (WA)***

***Best in Group & Aust Bred in Show under Mrs S Brown (NSW)***

***Intermediate in Show under Whippet Specialist, Mr B Mitchell(WA)***

***R/up in Group under Mr R Cleland (SA)***

***Intermediate in Show (Speciality) under Sighthound Specialist, Mrs Mary Keast(Tas)***

***OPP Junior in Show & Dog RCC(Whippet Speciality) under Whippet Specialist, Ms Editha Newton (UK)***
"This dog has a topline & underline that shows no exaggeration. His angles are correct and they are finished off by correct give in pastern & pleasing short hocks. These are used to gait correctly in pprofile & all in all he presented a pleasing example of the breed"


R/up BIS/Aust/NZ Ch Noholme Beau Dene (IMP NZ)
Multi BIS/Aust Grand Ch Taejaan Ina Beau Tie
 Taejaan Rapt In Blue
Multi BIS/Spec BIS/Royal BIS Aust Grand Ch Taejaan Read My Lips
Royal BIS/Aust Ch Taejaan Ms Margarita
Spec BIS/Aust Ch Taejaan Tia Maria

Ezra - Perth Royal 2002Georgia winning BIS Sydney Royal 1997
LEFT - "Ezra", Multi BIS/Aust GRAND Ch Taejaan Ina Beau Tie

RIGHT - "Georgia", Sydney Royal BIS/Aust Ch Taejaan Ms Margarita