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More about the plans
About me
  My name is Chris Stamellos. I live in Melbourne on the east coast of Australia. Being of Greek heritage and living the Mediterranean lifestyle, I grew up cooking different types of meat over charcoal, either on a home made barbecue or a rotisserie spit (which consisted of a long thick dowel over a hole in the ground).

Having already built my own wood fired oven and brick charcoal barbecue, I had the urge to build a charcoal rotisserie. I'd seen large commercial rotisseries but I wanted a smaller version I could use at home or even take with me on trips away.

I searched barbecue outlets, but there was nothing suitable off the shelf and anything custom made would have been too expensive. Searching the Internet revealed very little in the way of a building your own rotisserie. So I went back to the drawing board (not literally!) and decided to design my own. My requirements were that it had to be quick to build, small and portable, and made from readily available materials.

Once I accomplished this, the next step was to ramp up my rotisserie passion, and design and build a whole suite of accessories.

Then after having built numerous spits and their accessories for myself, and friends and family, I decided to pull together everything I have learned and make these plans available for purchase so that anyone can make a rotisserie for themselves.

I hope you decide to take advantage of them.

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