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  The taste, smell, sights and sounds of rotisserie (or spit) cooked meat are second to none. In my opinion it out beats kitchen ovens, barbecues and even the Weber style outdoor ovens. Even though an enclosed charcoal barbecue will give you some of the flavour of a charcoal rotisserie, nothing satisfies all your senses like rotisserie cooked foods.

There are two sets of plans available on this site. One set will show you how to make a simple, inexpensive rotisserie large enough for a rack of meat, like a horizontal yiros (or gyros), two to three chickens or a turkey. I have been using this rotisserie for a number of years and it has never let me down. The second set includes plans for a full suite of accessories (some of these are shown in the image below) to make the most out of the basic version.

I originally made the rotisserie for myself and have since made similar ones for friends and family. Actually, the impetus for the plans was after these requests became too frequent and numerous. As the rotisserie is so simple to make once you know how, I decided to prepare these plans so they could make one for themselves.

Now you too can take advantage of them and make one for yourself as well.

Rotisserie (or Spit)

Click the image to see videos of the spit

Yes, there are numerous commercially available rotisseries but they are expensive to buy and ship across the country because they are generally large and heavy. Depending on what you have available around your home, you could probably make one for less than the cost of the shipping alone.

The plans available on this site will show you how to make a small rotisserie plus the optional accessories quickly and inexpensively. You don't need to be experienced in metal working - all you need is some basic handyman skills and these plans. Click here to see a sample layout of the two sets of plans.

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