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  What's the capacity of the rotisserie?

The length of the basic rotisserie if you follow the plans is 700mm (28"). This will be large enough for around 8kg (18lbs) of meat, a large turkey, or two to three chickens. However, you can make it larger to suit your requirements and is only limited by the materials and equipment you have at hand. The rotisserie has a height adjustment which you can change while it's cooking to alter the speed at which the meat is cooking.

If you purchase the accessories as well, you will be able to triple the capacity of the spit by using three spits at the same time. You will also be able to use the spit for individual souvlakia, a grill barbecue (with optional hood) and a whole lot more.

How much will the rotisserie cost to make?

The basic rotisserie will cost about A$80 (= US$60) which includes all materials and equipment. Some of the custom made ones cost around A$400 for a small one and up to A$1000 for a large one. My plans show you how to save even more money and for the rotisserie to potentially cost you next to nothing (except perhaps your time).

The accessories will cost about another A$150 depending on which you decide to make and this includes the cost of the three motors and three skewers.

How long will it take to make?

The first rotisserie took me a couple of weeks to develop, source the materials and build, but I can now make one in around 2-3 hours, once I have all the materials. I inlcude in plans the types of places where I went to source the materials (and some of them for free) to guide you along.

The accessories will take a couple of hours each or a total of around 10-12hrs.

What's included in the accessories package?

The accessories package includes full plans for:

  • Fire grate
  • Triple or double adjustable motor bracket
  • Grill and grill supports
  • Enclosed lid with handle and lock which also can double up as another rotisserie
  • Handle
  • Skewer holders and skewers
  • Wooden side tray
  • Wheels

Why should I make one?

The main reasons for me were to save money, to see if I could, because I couldn't purchase the size that I wanted, for the sheer joy of it and finally for the accolades from friends and family.

And if you needed one more reason, once you're friends see your rotisserie in action they might ask you to make one for them as well. You never know, you might even be a able to make a little money on the side.

What equipment will I need?

The rotisserie and accessories are very simple to make and need the minimum of equipment. The main peices of equipment you will need are:

  • Electric drill
  • Angle grinder or hacksaw
  • Welder (Optional for basic spit, but essential for most of the accessories)
  • Tin snips
  • And other minor tools and equipment
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