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I live in North East Victoria and also enjoy wine and woodwork. Your article on making a wine press is very interesting, I have decided to make a press for next years vintage…thank you very much for the article, it is great.

Stephen Burnett

I am preparing to build a wine press with your plans as a guide (for which I thank you)... I have some different ideas on how to put this press together and if they are successful, I will pass them on to you.

Zygmont Majeski


I wanted to thank you for putting up the page on the wine press... I was wondering if you thought about building a crusher. There's a description for one in winemaker mag. But no pictures and I can't make heads or tails of the instructions. There seems to be even less on the web about home built crushers.

Thanks again for the press info!

Frank Muller

By using your plans and with a few changes I made this press. Thank you for the plans and help from your web site.

Robert Malone
Sweet Home, Or. USA

G'day Mate,

Just saw your wine press on the net. That helps solve that problem… well done.

Rob Kennedy

Just wanted to thank you for putting all the information about your wine press on the internet. I live close to Sonoma/Napa California and have great access to grapes. I've made beer for many years and ran into a 300 lb's of free grapes this year. I had to start making wine and was able to borrow a press for the first batch and used your plans to make a press for the second batch. I made most of mine out of clear grain douglas fir as it is inexpensive and still very strong. I'm attaching a couple of photo's if you want to you can post them to your site.


Hello Michael

I have seen your impressive wine press design and wonder if you have heard of anyone using it to press oil from olives, or if you think it would do that.

John Severino


I was very impressed with the press and the amount of effort you have put into the documentation.

Happy pressing.

Jan Karpinksi


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Last Updated: 15 August 2009