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  My name is Michael Kakulas. I live in Perth on the west coast of Australia.

I am a structural engineer by profession and like toying around with different gadgets and ideas. I am particularly interested in how the equipment and practises of old can be married with today's techniques and procedures, in such a way that the average person can make basic stuff at home just like (or even better) than what could have been done in the past.

The onset of industrialisation has meant that the manufacture of many basic tools are so technical and mass produced that the average person no longer knows how to make them simply and cheaply. Nor can they, since the equipment needed to make them like the commerically available ones are often too large and expensive for the average person.

The equipment manufacturers often target the commercial market and not the home market. But if they do target the home market then they are often scaled down versions of the commercial product sometimes using inferior materials to bring down the price. This often results in a technically advanced (in terms of the process) but inferior product.

So we almost need to "re-invent" the equipment and processes that people as recent as 100 years ago took for granted.

My first project around 6 years ago was wine making and the development of a simple but very effective wine press (click here for my Wine Press Plans).

Another idea which unfortunately did not lead very far was making olive oil at home (click here for my thoughts on a homemade Olive Press).

My most recent project has been the construction of a wood fired oven. Yes, I could have purchased pizza tiles to line my domestic oven to achieve somewhat similar results for pizzas, but I wanted to do more than just make pizzas. And yes, I could have purchased a prefabricated oven at around double the cost and half the effort - but I wanted to build it myself from scratch somewhat like it would have been built centuries ago.

I decided to develop plans for the oven tools due to the lack of readily available information on how to make them yourself at home. I hope you take advantage of them.


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Last Updated: 15 August 2009