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  Do you own a wood fired oven, but don't have all the tools you need to get the most out of it? The plans available on this site will show you how to make six essential wood oven tools - a poker, shovel, scraper, brass brush, scuffle and peel.

Make these tools now and get ready for some serious cooking!

I built the following wood fired oven during June-July of 2004.

Wood Fired Oven

When I was building the oven, there seemed to be lots a great sites and information on how to make a wood fired oven, from free stuff to plans you could buy. What I couldn't find was information on what tools you needed and how to make them. After looking at numerous scratchy line drawings in various books (for wood ovens and open fire places) and from my own experience from having used my oven many times since it was finished, I have devised six must have oven tools (as shown on the right).

Yes, there are oven tools commercially available but they are expensive to buy and ship across the country and the world because by their nature they are large and bulky. Depending on what you have available around your home, all six tools will probably cost less than just the cost of one professional tool.

The plans available on this site will show you how to make the six tools quickly and inexpensively. Most of them only took a few hours to make once I had an idea in my mind (and some rough sketches) of what they should look like.

You do not need to be experienced in wood working or metal working to make the tools (I certainly have neither).


Oven Tools 

Click image to view the layout of the plans.

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Last Updated: 15 August 2009