Chris A. Johnson
  • IT Support: My experience includes a high proportion of computer support. I have single-handedly maintained the computer systems of a college with over 20 full-time staff, 80 sessional lecturers and 1,200 students for over five years. My support experience now spans over 10 years.
  • Multimedia/Web and Database Design: My training is in the multimedia field, my recent experience is with php/mysql/mssql and web design. My strengths lie in interactive report building delivered via a web interface, though my competencies span a huge proportion of the web, database and multimedia fields.
Work Experience
  • 3 Years: Casual work for the IS Helpdesk at a local small goverment deparment. Part of a three-person team that supports roughly 120 PCs, half a dozen servers, cash registers, the telephone system and dozens of specialist applications.
  • 5 Years: IT Manager for an international educational institution. Responsibilities include all staff PC support (20 full-time, 80 sessional), 150+ PCs in student computer labs and database/web development (php/mysql) for the college and the other affiliated colleges in the group.
  • 2.5 Years: IT Manager for a property consultant company. I was solely responsible for the day-to-day running of approximately 60 PCs. I was also involved in developing and implementing all computing projects. I ran five servers; Windows NT, Novell & Linux. I was the company Webmaster. I developed an entirely new real estate sales and leasing database.
Computing Experience

The vast majority of my current work, spanning roughly five years, is casual desktop support. Prior to that I spent five years split three ways between staff support, student lab maintenance and database development. Please contact me for details.

I have grown up with computers. I used my first computer at the age of four and it wasn't just a Spectrum Z-80, it was a DEC mainframe. Because of this, technology is second nature to me. For example, in work with a real estate agency I developed an entirely new real estate database able to track properties, details of when they were for sale or lease, take a snapshot of their details when they were sold, record contact details of all parties involved, record valuations, create sign request forms and brochures, allow the company reps to record minor events like phone calls and other marketing efforts and even log keys in and out. At the time I left there were nearly 30,000 property records and almost 60,000 contact records in the database. It was designed from the beginning with a web interface, requiring me to code all the screens, including sale and lease brochures, in HTML. Before starting this project I had never developed a database before, nor had I even heard of the package used to create it. At only six months into the project I became the Australian expert for the work I was doing. I learnt php and mysql with a similar skill and to a similar level during my previous job. I pick up new technology very fast and will be able to familiarise myself with your systems or integrate with your team very rapidly.
Working Internationally

I am currently in the process of obtaining the right to work throughout the EU.
More Information

This web page is a cut-down version of my CV. To obtain my full CV, or for more details regarding my work please contact me using the contact information in the right-hand column of this page.

My current major hobby is photography. A few examples are below, more can be seen at