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19 July 2006

Another new shirt

We had our typical slow start to the day, but obviously Tilda still needed a fairy skirt.
Then she put on another one of the new tops, and created something with Duplo that I had to come see. George had to come see too.

George was quite full of beans today because he didn't get a walk yesterday. I was reminded of why he should get a walk every day when we went to Ruffey Lake Park and he was slightly, um, inattentive to me. Very attentive to a guy on a skateboard, though.

Tilda got flowers yesterday too - jonquils, which are so smelly that they were banished to her room.

I got a New! Tape! Dispenser! today, which is much much easier to use than the cheap roll of tape I bought last, and so Tilda is finally able to access the sticky tape. She went nuts with bits of a KMart catalogue.