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18 July 2006

Illness and coffee

Tilda and I have both been sick lately. She went to the doctor on Friday and got eye drops for conjunctivitis, and amoxycillin for a throat infection. The eye drops were quite a battle, but fortunately she only had to have them (3 times a day!) for 4 days. The amoxycillin went down much easier.

Today we went to the Book Shop Cafe in Camberwell, to have coffee/babycino and our favourite chicken and avocado focaccia. Before we went Tilda was quite proud of her ability to eat even large chunks of avocado, but apparently that was merely theoretical, as she picked the avocado out.

Here she is wearing one of the many new tops that have arrived in the mail, courtesy of Grandma.

And I got some native flowers from the market.