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23 July 2006


It was another nice day yesterday, so we went to Ruffey Lake and George got to frolic.

Tilda was dragged along to my singing lesson today, so as compensation we dropped by the zoo, which was close by. We didn't get to see very much before it started raining (you can see raindrops in this picture) so we saw butterflies and an elephant, ate lunch under cover, and went home.

As I was writing this, Tilda and I were disagreeing as to whether she should be in bed, having previously made a bonus 3-story deal if she got into bed before 9:30, which she reneged upon once the stories were read. I decided to ignore her, and fortunately she decided to lie down on the nearest soft surface - George's bed. I'm not sure, but I think George is still up in Tilda's bed.