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08 August 2006


It was a warm, windy day today, so I promised Tilda that we would go fly a kite. She got a kite for Christmas 2004 which her lazy parents had never actually taken her to use; of course, when I went to look for it, I couldn't find it anywhere. Either it was purged during the move, or I'll find it later.

We went to the toy store and had the choice between kites that cost $7.20 and $31 - I picked the $7.20 one. I had forgotten how hard it is to fly a kite that only has one string.

(I know that you can hardly see the kite in the movie, but you can at least see that the string goes up ... for a while.)

My other extravagance today was buying a banana for Tilda as a special treat. (Bananas have been expensive here since Cyclone Larry wiped out the banana crops, and Australia refuses to import them.) I think this is the first banana I've bought since prices went to about $12/kg, but Tilda enjoyed her $1.83 delight.