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18 August 2006

Picking up Tilda, and Snow White's unfortunate accident

I drove down to the Mornington Peninsula yesterday to pick up Tilda. I met up with them at the Arthur's Seat maze, which had a tiny petting zoo (one sheep, two ducks, and one goat, which tried to eat my jacket.) Tilda was very happy to see me and said that she'd missed me, but she and Elena had a great time together during their little holiday.

We were going to go for lunch at a winery near Red Hill, but decided their menu was a bit fancy given that Tilda was due for a post-reunion tantrum. (That didn't actually happen, but we did get a lot of baby talk.) So we drove to Monika and Maurice's favourite cafe in Flinders, and then to a playground in Sorrento, and back to the holiday house in Rye. And then Tilda and I drove home.

George turned 2 yesterday (his actual birthday is unknown, but it's around now, and August 17 was Oscar's birthday so it's easy for me to remember.) Today he celebrated by de-limbing Tilda's Snow White Barbie, which is the sort of thing he hasn't done for about a year. Tilda was quite upset, and I promised her we'd go get her a new Barbie after kinder. At Kmart she picked out a Barbie in a gorgeous long dress, despite my repeated requests for her to consider the younger, squatter Kelly doll.

Then she noticed the dressups. I told her she could choose between a Barbie or a dressup for herself, and she reasoned that her friend Ishika has lots of Barbies that she can play with when she visits. She ended up with a Sleeping Beauty dress.